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Welcome to Evol PC Gaming!

Welcome to Evol PC Gaming and home of Advanced Simulation Products.  For whichever you are here for, you will need an account to see and post on the forums or to make your purchase.  If you are here to purchase a A.S.P. product, please visit the store here.

If you are here for our State of Emergency mod for GTA V using FiveM, please visit this page for everything you need to know about the mod.  Any information or questions you may have can probably be found in the forums or using the search function in the upper right.  

If you have any questions about SoE, please use the help section of the forums, but search for your answer first.  Thank you and welcome to EPCG! 

New to SoE? Check out our FAQ

What is SoE?

SoE is short for State of Emergency.  It is a custom scripted server using FiveM for GTA V.  We are a strict and heavy RP server that our members take very seriously.  Make sure you know the rules before joining our server.


What can I do if I got banned?

Well, first off, you should've read our server rules before joining and followed them.  Next, if you feel that you were wrongly banned, you can apply your appeal here.  An appeal does not guarantee a reversal.  DO NOT PM admins about it, send emails begging to have it lifted, etc.  This WILL NOT help your cause, it will probably damage it, showing you cannot follow simple instructions. 

I have a complaint about a player that wasn't RP'ing or following server rules.  Who should I contact?

Simply go to the complaint section of the forums and use the proper section to file your complaint.  It will be reviewed and handled accordingly.

What are the commands?  What can I do?

Everything you could want to know about our server can be found here.  The Ultimate Players Guide is a great first place to go, that can be found on that page.

I've been arrested for a very long time (100+ minutes) or I feel as if my rights have been violated by law enforcement.  What can I do about it?

Take your case to court.  Be patient though, it takes time to get it scheduled so that everyone can make it.  The DA will be present and we suggest you hire a lawyer.  A Judge will hear the case and make a ruling.  This doesn't guarantee that you'll have your sentence shortened or that you will be released.  Also, it will cost you lawyer fees & court fees. More info at https://evolpcgaming.com/soecourt/

  • About us

    Evol PC Gaming is a PC gaming community, well known for our State of Emergency GTA V RP server.  We are a community of players from all around the world and that also play pretty much whatever game others are down for.  

    Advanced Simulation Products is a part of EPCG.  A.S.P. focuses on making game controllers for PC simulation games, specifically for different game genres.  You can customize your box by adding features such as a CB mic, back lighting, button/switch labeling, purchase different labeled faces to swap out for different games. Visit AdvancedSimulationProducts.com for more info.

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    Important Information

    Are you here to play on our SoE server? You MUST read our Guidelines and learn the basics before joining the server. Failure to do so will probably lead to you being kicked and/or banned from our servers. By clicking accept, you are stating that you have read the guidelines. Thank you and enjoy!