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Joel Jaeger's LifeInvader

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Name: Joel Jaeger


Date of Birth: 01/18/1994 (24 years)


Hometown: Nashville, TN


Education: Middle Tennessee State University, BS of Biology


Relationship Status: Single


Employment: Badda Bing (Security, Referee/Official, Driver)


Residence: 500 Del Perro Freeway



-Heavy metal

-Nissan Motorsports

-Yamaha YZF R-Series

-Honda Powersports

-Tennessee Titans

-Nashville Predators


-Badda Bing

-Sal's Italian

-Lando's Taco Truck

-Prestige Motorsports



-Track day on the CBR


-Car meets


Pet Peeves:

-People who drive like assholes

-Elitist bikers

-Colts fans

-"You're from Nashville? Who's your favorite country singer!?"






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June 4, 2018


  • Found a really good deal on a GTR. Feels good to be back in the saddle.
  • Sold the truck. I got about 12k less than I wanted for it, but it was to help Nikolai out so I can live with it.
  • Badda Bing hosted a small fight event. Got some great action shots to sort through and send off to Sal for the website.
  • Some dickbag trashed my GTR in the parking lot and cost me $7,500... I'm never parking it anywhere without line of sight again.
  • Sal bought a house the other day, and he had a housewarming party.
  • Went on a grocery run with a guy named John, seems like a cool guy.
  • Failed miserably at putting a grill together, but at least people liked the food.
  • Met some other cool people.
  • I don't know Isabella very well, but it's good to see Sal enjoying himself after the breakup.
  • Another guy came in the exact same outfit, Puck I think his name was. I'm pretty sure that makes us mortal enemies or something, I don't know.
  • Drank entirely too much beer and passed out in the middle of the party.


  • Got approved for my loan, waiting for the deal to go through so I can buy my dream house in Vespucci.
  • I need to buy a jetski and figure out how to get it to my garage when I get the house. Priority #1.
  • That housewarming was pretty great, I might have to have one for myself. Beach party included, of course.
  • Took the R6 out for the first time since the accident. Love that bike. Some residual leg pain, but it's hardly noticeable. Thank God medical marijuana is legal here, it's a life saver. Fuck opioids.
  • Sold the Mustang and the Cherokee. I'll miss them, but the money is nice and I'm going to have quite a bit of debt here shortly. Ended up losing $7000 of value between the two after some asshole decided the garage was a great place to show off his (shit) drifting skills. Luckily the cops showed up, if he had come back again I might have done something stupid. Ok, I would have done something stupid. Dude was about to get shot. Repeatedly.

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Posted (edited)

June 10, 2018


  • It’s been a pretty good week. 
  • Did some security work at Sal’s, it’s been pretty lively.
  • Sold off most of the cars this week, I’m probably just going to scrap the bikes since there’s no interest in them. 
  • We’re making progress on the Legion Square incident, I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out in court. I’m glad I’m able to be a part of it. 
  • I finally saved up enough enough money to sell my house and move to my dream house on Vespucci Beach! The one I was after got snatched up before I could get to it, but I got one down the street and ended up loving it. The GTR looks sexy as hell in the driveway of that house. 
  • The best part of it all is I put my nose to the grindstone and paid for it myself. No need for a loan or any debt anymore, that house is 100% mine!
  • There’s a really nice office, as soon as I get clearance from the government to start a business it’s going to be a great place to work out of. Now we play the waiting game. 
  • I’m going to get a beach party together next weekend to celebrate, I can’t wait. 
  • I had to miss another one of Nikolai’s car meets to make the last bit of money but it was totally worth it. 
  • Things are looking up!
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Posted (edited)

June 13, 2018


  • Another productive day in the city. I got the Bifta track down, I've got a little bit over a week to prepare but I've pretty much narrowed down all the dangerous areas and how to approach them. Sitting around 24 minutes as of now, but I'm hoping to get that down closer to 20 by the race.
  • I had an accident today, I survived but it didn't feel too great. I had to ride the R6 all the way from Paleto back home to Del Perro, that was not a pleasant experience.
  • I'm going to lose a few days of training from this injury, for sure. Gonna have to bust ass once I'm able again.
  • I'm trying to stay off opioids (fuck opioids), they tried to give me some Norco at the med center but I turned it down. Been downing ibuprofen religiously hoping that it doesn't tear my stomach open in the process.
  • I've been clean for about a month, but after my bike accident medical weed really helped with the pain. I'm debating taking it back up, I smoked a couple joints and it seemed to do the trick. Just have to make sure it stays medical, I'm not looking to relapse at this point. Looking over your back gets tiresome.
  • Apparently Sal is in another coma and another failed relationship, dude's had it pretty rough lately. I'll probably invite him over to the new house for a beer or something once he's moving around.
  • Speaking of the new house, I upgraded. I paid an extra $60k, but I got an actual driveway and a multi-level balcony. Totally worth it. I'm tempted to get a loan and try to move up again to Chumash, but we'll see how that goes. Making a left onto Del Perro from the driveway is NOT fun.
  • There's a gas station up the road that's pretty dead, it might be kind of cool to see about running it at some point.
  • Met a guy named Halt tonight, he seems like a good guy. Had a few beers on the new balcony. He says he's setting up a security business, so I can relate. I'm looking forward to seeing that play out.
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Posted (edited)

June 16, 2018


  • The beach party had to be rescheduled because our wonderful justice system decided to host a public execution at the same time. Typical.
  • I moved. Again. I think this is the one though, I'm really happy with it. I even saved about $10k compared to the last house, and in exchange for giving up a little bit of driveway space I got parking right beside the house, more street parking, and I went from a 2-level balcony to a 3-level balcony. There's also a stray cat that likes to hang around the back door. I'm about to have car shows so close I can walk outside in my bath robe (I probably won't, but I mean I could if I wanted to).
  • The business application fee is paid, now we wait to see if Yowl can make me the next out-of-touch-20-something-white-guy-tech-startup millionaire.
  • The Bifta is still in the shop. The race is one week from today, hopefully it comes out soon. I'm itching to hit the dirt again. It's going on 4 days without it, I need to train.
  • I sold the Deluxo. I only got about $2k above market for it, but it was taking up space and they just aren't selling right now so I'm ok with it. Now I just need to sell the Challenger and the garage cleanup will be complete. I had a buyer lined up to supposedly pay me $5k above asking, but I haven't heard back yet.
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