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Live Execution June 16th, 2018.

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2 hours ago, JAckh45 said:

If ya'll don't want to see it then don't!!!...
No one is saying you have to be there, no one is forcing you to witness it, no one is even suggesting you go there...
Stay the fuck away if you want... No one is going to lose sleep over who is and isn't there to watch!

The 19 year old adult requested it... and I for one will respect his wishes and watch his body fill with lead!
Maybe the individual sees a life behind bars, not worth living and wants to end it quickly... I don't see any problem with his decision at all... tbh I'd want to end my life as well if i knew there was no chance for me to ever see daylight again or breath fresh freedom! Its his decision as it was his decisions that led him into this position. 

Ya'll are up in arms over this but I don't see any of you protesting the EXTREMELY high violent crime our state is facing... Where is the outcry for safer streets?? Where is the sit in protests for getting drugs out of out city?! Instead we get protest for sitting in a park after hours.... like really??

I think this place needs to re-evaluate what gets its knickers in a bunch....

((satire, don't take this seriously.))


Well said, you read my mind!  It amazes me how quick everyone will grab their pitchforks and torches for this or a loitering law change, but when cops were getting killed 6 times a day that was fine.  Instead, the laws get changed to be more harsh and the backlash comes from the law change because the consequence was much more harsh.  This post has gone way off track as do most on touchy topics.  The funny thing is, we didn't have to post anything about it and just do it among the ones involved with the original RP and hardly anyone would've known about it.  



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Posted (edited)

There's no court session? Seems odd to have a public execution before a public trial.


Edited by KennyH

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Woah dudez... ur shooting some1??? Thatz crazee like 4real. Like u shulda dun the gas chamber but liek hotboxed it out with weed first. So he culd get high be4 he die and fly 2 heavun.


RIP Richard #ItsWeedBuyingSeason


-Tommy T. Twoshoes, ESQ

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