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Suggestion - Corporate Management Enhancements


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Describe your suggestion (Be as specific/detailed as possible): I've got a decent staff of minions flying about doing my bidding and the roster is only going to grow. As such I've started to experience some minor issues keeping track of who is doing what and in which aircraft etc. Looking forward I can see this being very time consuming to do 100% manually even with some kind of external spreadsheet.


1. Color coded messages in the activity feed: With a fleet of pilots actively flying around the activity feed can become full of aircraft failure messages and at a glance it is easy to miss a message about a pilot quitting. It would be helpful if such messages were colored differently or had some kind of icon to catch the eye as it is important to know someone quit and we now have an aircraft or even potentially an aircraft+crew stranded somewhere.


2. Organization of our staff/fleet: Would it be possible for us to create our own categories or groupings and label them however we choose for our planes/pilots? For example, create a jet and non-jet category or an exclusively cargo configuration group etc. Some sort of way for us to easily go to our staff page and quickly find what we are looking for without having to keep an external spreadsheet or notes. Right now our staff page is just a list of some basic information like pilot name/rank/location. It would be nice if we could group crews together or organize our staff based on the missions we have them and their aircraft performing.


3. The ability to have our AI travel in the same manner players do: At the moment the only way I can think of to get one of my AI pilots to a location is to have them either fly or be aircrew on one of my airplanes to said location. However, if one of my pilots quits and strands a plane at some random airdrome, sending out another plane with a pilot does me no good on getting it returned home. In an effort to retrieve one plane I have now stranded another. It would be great if we could just select one of our pilots to travel by air or bus out to the location, assign them to the aircraft and have them fly it home.


4. Aircraft purchase options: It would be great if we could purchase an aircraft off the salvage market and either have it spawn at our current airdrome like they currently do or have the option for it to spawn at one of our corporate offices. Similar to hiring a new staff member, we can choose where we want them to be based out of. I do not believe we should be able to select any ICAO and have the plane be sent there, only to one of our corporate offices. 

What type(s) of player(s) does this suggestion affect? (Pilots, Managers, CEOs,  Corps, etc.): Corporations/Managers


Why would this be a good addition to FS Enterprise?: It will make it easier for corporations and managers to keep track of their expanding operations and more convenient for them to handle certain aspects of both pilot and fleet management.

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  1. Something like that could probably be done, yeah.
  2. I thought it was possible to sort by assignment (even though it doesn't display the aircraft ID), but it's apparently not - that'll be fixed, at least.  
  3. You can already move AI between corp offices by clicking in the Location cell (but not the link itself)
  4. I've thought about it before, but it is only intended to be a fallback, and may be removed entirely in the future.
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2. It shows if they are a pilot or copilot, though it doesn't show for which aircraft. It would be nice if crews were somehow grouped together but for this point I was more asking if we would be able to organize our fleets based on deeper categorizations to more easily track what is what. For example if I have 3 different Beech 1900's and 1 is full cargo spec, 1 is full economy and 1 is a class mix I have to manually track all of that outside of Enterprise. When making ad-hoc jobs I would have to stop and check each plane individually to confirm the cabin layout prior to making a job for the crew. As the list of aircraft and crews grow this gets more time consuming to keep tabs on.


3. You can move them between offices but if I send an AI out 1,000mi away and they quit after they land I have no way to get that aircraft back unless I quick travel to the location and fly it myself. It would be more convenient if I could simply buy a bus or plane ticket for one of my minions on payroll to head out to that location and then assign them to the plane and carry on as normal. It also raises the concern for an aircraft with multiple crew losing one or more of the crew members, how do we get them home without jumping through a few hoops.

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