The following is an outline of the laws and fines that you may face while playing on our server.  If you're not familiar with these and you end up having to serve time and pay high fines, that's your fault.  These laws and fines may undergo a steady change until balanced nicely, so please check back often. Vehicle Law - the fines and jail times cannot exceed the outlined below.  Officers can use their discretion when issuing fines and jail times, meaning they may give less, but cannot exceed the maximum amount listed below: ALL FINES ARE THE MAX THAT CAN BE ISSUED.  Fines can also be stacked at officer's discretion.  Fines can also be stacked with misdemeanor/felony jail times & fines as well.  Emergency vehicles are not immune to traffic laws while normally driving.  If you see a traffic vehicle being driven unsafely, please contact that agency director/chief to report it. A law enforcement officer can now write the driver a separate ticket for each violation.  License points have been moved up to 15 points before an automatic suspension. 15 citations = automatic license suspension and will require a traffic court hearing to possibly have your license reinstated!   Traffic Laws: Broken Windshield - $175 Minor damage such as cracks that impairs the vision of the driver or if the vehicle if found to be without a windshield.   Excessive vehicle noise - $300 Any noise that is deemed excessive or unnecessary such as but not limited to revving of the engine repeatedly, honking when not appropriate or wheel spinning where the driver is in control of the vehicle.   Failure to use headlights at night - $200 Failing to use your headlights to be able to see safely in low light situations or allowing other vehicles to see you.   Failure to use signal when turning/changing lanes - $100 Failure to turn on your signal/blinker for the direction that you are turning Failure to use signal/blinker before executing a lane change.   Failure to yield right of way to traffic - $350 Failure to come to a complete stop before entering the main roadway. Intersections not marked with a stop sign, red light, or stop line, and entering the main roadway without stopping to yield prior, is considered failure to yield.   Failure to yield to emergency vehicle - $1000 If a driver does not pull to the side of the road and reduce speed when an emergency vehicle is active with lights and sirens. The driver must allow active emergency vehicles to pass   Following vehicle too closely (Tailgating) - $350 Situations in which one vehicle is following another vehicle so closely that even if the following driver is attentive to the actions of the vehicle ahead he/she could not avoid a collision in the circumstance when the driver in front brakes suddenly.   Illegal passing  - $750 Passing on the right-hand shoulder Passing by going into oncoming traffic, crossing a solid yellow line. Passing is only permitted on roadways such as 2 and 4 lane highways or on two-way roads where there are dotted lines and considered as a passing zone.   Illegal turn  - $200 Making a turn from an opposite lane.  Example left hand turn from the right-hand lane. Making a turn at an intersection that is marked that no turns can be made.   Illegal U-Turn - $250 Any turn around at an intersection that is marked that U-turns are not permitted. Turning around and changing the direction of travel in the middle of a roadway, such as crossing a yellow line to change direction.  A legal u-turn should only be performed at an intersection that is not marked against it.   Illegally parked vehicle - $200 Parking a vehicle in a fire lane or red curb and/or blocking access to a fire hydrant. Parking a vehicle in an unsafe manner that could cause damage to property or life such as on a sidewalk or in the middle of a roadway. Parking in a manner that impedes the flow of traffic Failure to park within marked lines in a parking lot   Illegally parked vehicle (Blocking Spawn) - $750 When you spawn a vehicle and don't move it, you are blocking the ability for another to safely spawn their vehicle.  This causes damages to all vehicles involved and is a nuisance.  You can also be banned for this as a repeat offender.   Impeding flow of traffic - $250 Intentionally going below the speed limit to impede the flow of traffic. Parking a vehicle that blocks lanes of travel. Using an object or your person to stop or impede the flow of traffic without justification.   Negligent Driving - $1000 Failure to maintain control of the vehicle to provide a safe roadway to their self and the others around them. If a person operates a motor vehicle in a manner that is both negligent and endangers or is likely to endanger any person or property. Distracted driving falls under this offense. Examples below: Usage of cell phone while operating a motor vehicle Motor vehicle accident as a result of radio use, eating, mobile phone use, anything that takes away from the primary responsibilities of the driver.   Reckless Driving - $3000 and max time of 10 minutes in jail. Reckless driving is driving with a willful or wanton disregard for the safety or the operation of a vehicle in which you show a willful disregard of consequences.   Running a red light - $300 You must remain stopped until the traffic control devices turn green. Right on red is permitted, after a complete stop and yielding to all oncoming traffic.  The driver may then continue turning right, using caution.   Running a stop sign - $200 All wheels must come to a complete stop before beginning forward motion.   The driver must remain stopped and yield to all oncoming traffic before continuing forward movement. In the event of a 4-way stop intersection, the first vehicle to arrive and completely stop is permitted to continue first, then in order, as they arrived and stopped.   Tail Light or headlight out - $150 If the vehicle's tail light or headlight fails to illuminate The lens of the tail light or headlight is broken   Traveling wrong way - $850 Traveling on the wrong side of the road Traveling the wrong direction on a one-way street.   Unroadworthy vehicle - $350 A driver's vehicle will be considered unroadworthy if the vehicle is found to be in an unsafe manner. Extreme damage - bumpers hanging off, flat tires, busted out lights, no windshield, etc. Bicycle usage on freeways and highways.   Speeding: 10-19 MPH over - $250 20-29 MPH over - $400 30+ MPH over    - $1000 and up to 10 mins in jail.   Commercial Vehicle Fine - $1000 When a vehicle deemed to be larger in size is involved in a traffic infraction an additional fine SHALL be applied. Vehicles included but not limited to an vehicle in size larger than a small van Large Heavy Hauling vehicles such as big rigs or dump trucks. Large passenger transport vehicles such as Bus’ and Coach Bus’ Large cargo vehicles such as box trucks. (Included but not limited to Go Postal truck   Speed limits: Inside the city or paleto and sandy- 35 MPH / 60 KPH On 4 lane highways - 70 MPH / 110 KPH 2 lane freeways - 55 MPH / 90 KPH All other roadways, the speed limit is the posted limits in game. As usual, these are subject to change, please make sure you check back often.