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Here's my proof btw.. Pic or it didn't happen right.
1st chicken dinner lol.

Needless to say I got a little excited.

And the second, got my arse carried so hard.... but still counts.

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6 hours ago, KennyH said:


Honestly its the first Early-Access game that hasn't disappointed me. Constant updates, really active and passionate dev team. The best part of this game in my opinion is the weaponry. Shooting feels really good. I've never had to deal with trolls, the queue is basically non-existent. Usually 1-5 seconds you are in a server. Solo is competitive and challenging, Squads and Duos with friends is a great time, going try-hard or just goofing around is a blast. It's definitely worth the money IMO.

I'm all about the teamwork, I was watching some vids and it looks like it benefits you to roll with a pack.  I could see being a lone wolf kinda fun as well.

3 hours ago, Zewk said:

I love it only thing I don't like is some of the noise and the occasional person not dieing after getting a round of buckshot to the face but I would recommend.

Yea, I noticed that or they get knocked out.  Then, there are guys going around getting one shot kills 300 yds out.

2 hours ago, PeriodPuddle said:

Honestly, I didn't expect it to be so much fun, longest wait i've ever had for a game is 1 minute and that's OCE servers early morning hours.
It's had a tonne of updates since early access and stability is pretty damn good now.

Once you start getting to grips with the strategy and get some squad members it's a riot to play, there's games inside the game if that makes sense, many ways to play it and tonnes of decisions to make. Early game, mid game, late game strategies, timing, landing, drive or not to drive, the list of things to think about goes on and you make these on the fly all game.
Sometimes your first game may take a few seconds to load textures and that's the only gripe, the lobby can be cancer as you would expect but easily muted.

Winning a game is the greatest feeling but even losing you can get a sense of accomplishment by managing to last as long as you did, winning multiple encounters, escaping a bad situation etc.

I recommend it.

I saw that some strategy comes into play and that's what started attracting me to it along with the teamwork.  Run and gun games are fun, but die quickly in the fun department - too much rinse and repeat.

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@J Kelly
Haha i'm sure @Harrison could carry all of us, but it is at it's best with a team.
Solo is still fun though.

The game is different everytime you play and they are adding vaulting and new maps so it'll just get better.
(Obviously testing the balance for new features will always be the battle, but their dev team seems pretty efficient)

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At first I was skeptical about this game, I thought it was going to be another "flavor of the month" kind of game. I seen a few of my friends had already been playing, so I caved and bought it. It was about 20 minutes into my first game, when I realized how much fun I was having. Though I didn't do very good my first few games, my first take left me wanting more.  It took a few games for me to understand the mechanics, (zeroing, scaling distance, bullet drop ect.) once I got those down, the game became much more enjoyable. Granted there are some things about this game that make me grind my teeth, like trying to jump over the smallest fences can be a bit annoying. Its an Early Access so keep in mind there are some bugs and problems. For the most part though they end up being more comical than frustrating.

Ive played similar battle royals games before, ARMA, Rust, H1Z1, and they all felt lackluster to me. PlayerUnknown's variation of this game type stands out quite a bit from the others. Whether its been solo, duo or squads, I've always been way more immersed playing PUBG than the other games. The feeling of paranoia, when you're creeping around house to house, scouring for gear. The excitement of rushing building with someone inside. Making it all the way to the end only to be stopped by the gas (LOL).

Playing the duo's and squads are fun. Playing with friends is probably the best part about it. Using teamwork, spotting, tracking, the communication, are by far the best features of this game mode. Playing with people from the lobby can be tough at times. Some don't speak (VOIP is the only form of communication). Others with wander off and do whatever they want. For the most part, playing with the lobby isn't too bad, but there are a few that "don't play well with others"

As of right now, I haven't played PUBG in about a month since I discovered SoE. I really enjoy the game, so I don't want burn myself out on it. Though as exciting this game is, the effect is wearing off because jumping into the same map over and over, doing the same process. It does get a bit repetitive, and I don't want lose all interest in playing, so I'm not as active as i used to be because I am waiting for the development team to release some updates that will change the meta, so to speak. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who enjoys the genre.

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Haven't gotten the time to play after the last seasons too much due to hunting.
And i don't really have a prntscreen of it :C
But, here's the stats from KDA.gg - https://kda.gg/player/sicknesswins/eu
26 games, 9 wins, 19 top tens - That's spread between Solodolo, Duo and Squad.

If anyone is down to play in like 4-5 hours, i don't mind playing SEA, AS, NA and so forth, all for fun right :) 

Steamname if anyone want to add me for some games : Roger Crunkle

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While i like the idea, it would be kind of unfair towards those who aren't really good at FPS games, nor play it :P 
But a tourney where we can maybe do some wager, if that's allowed? Where we all pitch in on a prize, where the "gov" don't put it out, would be cool? :) 

But seing it's a OOC activity, we'd have to hear what the right individuals have to say about it :) 

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