Hello everyone, As we've stated before, we'd like to have community meetings from time to time and it's hard to schedule with everything else we have going on with issues, complaints, bans, admin meetings, etc.  But it has been awhile and we'd like to hold one for all to attend. When - 11/4/17 @ 1 PM EST Where - TeamSpeak of course How long - 1 hour - the more people get off topic and start talking over each other, the less stuff we'll get to. What will be covered - Read this very carefully - if you have a question you'd like to have answered or a concern to bring up to talk about, please post it here in the thread and hold yourself to two questions or concerns to bring up.  We want everything organized and we'll go down the post as we go and call it out.  The more your peers want to talk over each other, cut each other off, etc, the less we're going to get to.  Questions or concerns will be brought up in the order found in this post.  Please do us all a favor and read the prior post before posting your question or concern.  If we have 10 of the same thing, we're wasting time reading it and will get to less.  I will start off with what the admins have to bring up to you guys and then we'll start rolling down the post and going through them. Who will be there - Hopefully all the admins, it depends on their schedule and commitments IRL.  Also, I reached out to the dev team to be here as well and I am hoping that all the PR staff will be present as well.  If not, hopefully some of each group will make it to relay the info back to the members of their teams. After this meeting is concluded, the admins have a meeting and any major issues brought up by you all, can be addressed at that admin meeting.