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Squad fps update

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For the squad players out there or those interested in Squad. First, if you are thinking of getting it, I would, it's great. However, I wanted to point out that they put out a hot fix today that majorly increased fps, I'm talking 20-30 fps increase even on dense maps. So if you struggled with fps before, it should be a lot better, haven't gone below 55 fps in game and it's rare that I do. It's mainly sitting at 60-80 when I used to get 45.

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haven't been posting in probably 3 months on this website, but I still snoop around from time to time if anyone asks where Mr. Black went, but I can confirm that my GPU doesn't run as hot playing that game as it used to. I'm always locked at 60fps since I'm running a 1080Ti and all that, but it would always be on full blast fans and coil whine was louder than a freight train's horn, now it's bearable.

9/10 game, would recommend to anybody out there.

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I bought Squad about a month ago and fucking love it. Still getting used to fps on PC as ive been on console for years but its still fun to play. I set it to not go above 60 fps as my monitor can only do 60 but never found a problem with it on there. Been running 4k on epic and it stays 60 the whole time. Pretty sure there is a big update soon too! Go to newb friendly servers at the start tho lol, im still on them now as i dont want to fuck people off

Also watch out for underarm grenades, i accidentally blew up about 4 of my team the other day right next to the server admin looooooooooool.

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