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The End of Sir Buzz Cottonmouth

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“Sir” Buzz Cottonmouth, a young man known for being loving, dedicated, and loyal has recently passed away.


Just a few hours ago,  Mr. Cottonmouth was admitted to the emergency room with a slit throat and multiple gunshot wounds to the head. He was in critical condition and entered surgery. He died just about an hour after being admitted. As our correspondents dig deeper into this case, they will report any findings. Buzz Cottonmouth’s passing was a tragedy, and nobody is able to figure out exactly HOW Buzz Cottonmouth ended up in the state he was in.

Buzz, only 24, loved to make new friends, drive fast cars, and explore the state of San Andreas. Buzz, although sporting more than a few handfuls or arrests, even befriended police officers-he mentioned in a private interview that he was good friends with one Officer Dwight Shrute and was very fond of Deputy Chief Rachel Jones. 

Cottonmouth was an avid supporter of Proposition 208, which fought to legalize medical cocaine. Buzz certainly was ambitious. He held many jobs and loved being with his friends. He was the head custodian for the McGill Brothers as well as a janitor at Los Santos Customs.

Mr. Cottonmouth’s last recorded words were quote: “Do you guys have a free liver here?”

It is beyond dispute that Mr. Cottonmouth and his infamous gumball soufflé will be missed.

Rest In Peace, Sir Cottonmouth.

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The passing of Khawaaja Buzz Cottonmouth is a sad day for all the people of the U.A.E.. Khawaaja Cottonmouth was the truest and noblest of subjects to His Royal Highness Crown Prince Malik ibn-Elshabez in his time as the ambassador to the United States, and thus was the first and only non-U.A.E. Citizen to receive the title of فارس (Knight)

Let it be known that this day will be celebrated henceforth as Khawaaja Cottonmouth Memorial Day. All loyal subjects of the emirates will take his example on how to be a true and loyal citizen.

Rest in peace Khawaaja, may your days in Alakhira be blessed.

- Crown Prince Malik ibn-Elshabez

(posted to Malik Elshabez's personal facebook on 2/18/2018)

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A word from Priscilla Cottonmouth: Thank god his gone, he was the creepy dead beat of the family and now the family will be happy that they don't need to baby sit every day



Thank you god for resolving a family issue XoXo Priscilla

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A Funeral Service will be held for Mr. Cottonmouth on Saturday, March 3rd at 2:00 PM EST. 

It will be hosted in the special event city. Please indicate below if you will be attending. 

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In one of those grand reflective moments, where you think to yourself, "I've made a huge mistake," I met Buzz in mid-December via Bleeter.

From the moment he told me his nickname of Psycho, spoke fondly of cocaine legislation and crime, and insisted on asking me every five minutes who my boyfriend was, I knew I was in for one of the strangest misadventures of my life. Little did I know that what should have been a calm and social fishing trip with strangers, would turn into us accidentally setting Grapeseed on fire. Thanks to Buzz, we were left stranded in the cold. The imminent chaos caused from the panicked locals made it difficult to regain order, until Officers Shrute and Benton arrived to help us.

This was a day I'd never forget, and it has, strangely enough, become a fond memory... I am never meeting strangers again on Bleeter, thanks to this encounter with Buzz, the Psycho.

- Sarah Smith


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Damn it welshman... Saturday is the one day I'm working this week... Shift starting at 8PM CET... You do the math on when that is xD

I wont be able to attend... But want you to know that I do want to :P

Julie Cobain will leave some flowers the day after for one of her best friends in LS, No matter how stupid he was or caused her some serious mental problem. No matter how much anxiety he brought he was still great.

Zyke does care about his little brother and will ensure that he is remembered, Eventhough the way he'll do it might be the end of him!

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14 hours ago, RyanGA said:

Lieutenant Parker @RyanGA, Sergeant Anderson @KennyH, and Trooper Noble @G.Noble would be attending as part of their ongoing investigation into the death of Buzz Cottonmouth.


7 hours ago, GamerJules said:

Deputy Chief Jones will also be in attendance.


Had nothing to do with this one.

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The funeral has been postponed, to continue setting up city arrangements. A date and time will soon follow. We really, really, really apologize for the inconvenience!

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Hooray! Everything’s in place now! 

The funeral will be held on Saturday, March 17th following the 6PM EST rapture. 

It’ll be on the event server.

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Pictures of the Funeral:











Thanks so much to everyone for coming. It meant allot both IC and OOC. Feel free to link your VODs, mine had issues.



"Only amateurs get forgotten."-Buzz

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