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Hockey Masked Murderer In Custody

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Hockey Masked Murderer In Custody


(3/10/2018) The Blaine County Sheriff's Office's latest press release states that the killer known for his signature use of a machete as a weapon while wearing a hockey mask is in custody. There had been rumors for weeks of a killer in the Sandy Shore area stalking street prostitutes with a long blade but so far, the BCSO has not said whether there is a connection to the one they have in custody.

It all started two days ago around 2pm when BCSO Deputy Henry Davidson spotted a person on the ground unconscious in the parking lot of Larry's RV Sales on Route 68. That person ended up being Jamie Williams, the security guard for that dealership, who was pronounced 65lDZ9i.pngdead at the scene from a slash to the backside from a large bladed weapon. Near the body, the deputy stated a Crown Victoria taxi was found parked and idling. After running the plate, Davidson called the registered owner, a Jason Vorheeze who answered but did not say anything.

Moments later, while the deputy was still on the phone, a large man appeared in the alley behind the Fleeca Bank shopping center walking towards Larry's RV dealership in dark clothing with a hockey mask covering his face and a machete in hand. Despite Davidson's command to stop, the man slowly continued advancing. Davidson drew his weapon and started walking backwards while continuing to demand the man to stop with no change in the suspect's advance. Davidson called for backup and exchanged his sidearm for his taser and took the suspect down with one shot to the chest.

Once in custody, that day's Watch Commander Undersheriff Ruff arrived on scene and the two found blood on the bladed weapon and clothing, and verified the subject they had was the owner of the taxi, Jason Vorheeze. Mr Vorheeze did not speak, nod, or show any signs that he understood them during interrogation either at the scene or after being brought to the Sandy Shores Sheriff's Office. After removing his clothing and mask for evidence, a frightening sight was detailed in the report. Vorheeze appeared to have various scars and burns from head to toe, a missing ear and tongue, and mutilated groin area. A mental specialist was brought in who after a short evaluation agreed this subject should be held for mental evaluation. During this time in Sandy maximum security, deputies witnessed Jason flexing his arms which at one point distorted the cuffs and nearly broke them.

3wRnfky.jpgThe Undersheriff then decided to activate the county's TAC unit, fully restrain Mr Vorheeze in straight jacket and shackles, and wheel him out to a waiting armored car for escorted transport straight to Bolingbroke State Prison which arrived without incident. Jason Vorheeze is charged in the murder of security guard Jamie Williams and is scheduled for mental evaluation on April 13th at Crusade Medical. Weazel News will continue to report new developments in this bizarre case.

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12 minutes ago, Neon2K said:

Too bad Jason didn't wait until next month to start his killing spree.

Since when did a pesky padded room stop Jason?

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Yeah when I saw him in the alley I got pretty spooked, though I managed to come to my senses and taze him instead of shooting him. Pretty eerie feeling you get around him... 

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33 minutes ago, Alexus Nightingale said:

Whew thank god Desire dodged that bullet! or should I say long blade machete! LuL

John would cry if Desire dies!

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