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Can't put hands up


I'm not entirely sure if this is where I should ask this, but here I go.

I can't actually put my hands up in game, when I press Z nothing happens. I think it may be due to the fact that I use an AZERTY keyboard and not a QWERTY one (I currently live in France). I was wondering if this is an already identified bug? If there is another way to put your hands up (I.e. a command)? Or if a second key option could be setup? Preferably one that is common to both keyboard configs.

That's really it,

Best Regards,


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Well, in any case I found a solution. Pressing down on my controller's D-Pad puts hands up (also opens K menu, but I can just close that by pressing K on my keyboard) so I just keep my controller right next to my keyboard and press that when I need to put my hands up.

However, it would be nice if a command could be added (I've seen some servers use "/hu" or a button in the k menu) for those using keyboards that are not QWERTY..

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49 minutes ago, BroCrafter14 said:

Feels a bit more.... Extreme. But it works I guess, thanks. 

I don't think it's too much to ask for a command for it either, though. 

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