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Blaine County Sheriff's Office
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  1. mart1nG

    Doctor Redwood Shot

    Noooo My favourite doctor! You treated our little Nichole so beautifully, she didn't cry and was even smiling. Ill send you some flowers. Get well soon! - Tommy Lee Wyatt @Alexus Nightingale
  2. mart1nG

    The Funeral of Jonny Laz

    Tommy Lee Wyatt will attend
  3. mart1nG

    Bye guys/Gals :/

    Denied from BCSO side. You will have to continue.
  4. mart1nG

    The Passing of Jonny Laz

    Rest in Peace Jonny! May you race to your heart's contents in heaven now. - Corporal A.Schmitz
  5. mart1nG

    Your best SoE Memories?

    And I will continue to almost catch you!
  6. mart1nG

    BCSO Press Release - June 18th, 2018

    What? Are you serious? No. Why was I not on duty with him??? I'm crying right now... No I can't lose another brother. No Cain was more than a brother he was like a father to me. I just can't even react to this right now. Why was I not there to help him???? In deep sorrow Corporal A.Schmitz T49 I will never forget you, Sheriff.
  7. I dont know who you talking to but I aint police. Im a business owner. And I didnt insinuate that you knew something, Im saying you acting all high and mighty upon pure hindsight. You wanting the whole police force to abandon the city, my business, other peoples business, and the county for one execution, that was poorly planned. - TOMMY LEE WYATT, NOT PART OF BCSO!
  8. If I understand this correctly Weazel News would've wanted to have the whole police force including LSPD/SASP/BCSO present at the prison, leaving county and city and their citizens completely without any protection of law enforcement for one criminal and his unneeded execution? Sounds like Weazel news is trying to act like they knew all along what would happen while in reality they are just acting high and mighty from their hindsight. And they got shot for getting into the middle of it on their own accord? Haha well if y'all criminals y'all dumb criminals News agencies are scum anyways - Tommy Lee Wyatt
  9. I'd rather want to know why he wasn't at the prison in the first place, where was he held? Why do the prisoner transport the day of the execution? That just screams bad planning.
  10. mart1nG


    K9 Lucky is donating his favourite toy to K9 Maverick in hopes he gets better soon.
  11. mart1nG

    PRESS RELEASE - Grubers' Alcoholica Joins Team MBI

    Grubers' Alcoholica sounds like a AA meeting
  12. Forum Name: mart1nG Character Name: Frank Delfino Character Phone Number: 36388 Desired Pilot License: Rotary-wing License (Private) OOC: This is going to be the character that will receive the "free" license of my cop character.
  13. Forum Name: mart1nG Character Name: Alexander Schmitz Character Phone Number: 20119 Desired Pilot License: Rotary-Wing License (Private) I am, even though currently not part of the BCSO Air Division anymore, still Copilot certified and wish to rejoin the Air Division as soon as I can. Therefore I want to be ahead of the curve and already take my flight training. (OOC: Will be paying in full to get a license for a second character for free)
  14. mart1nG

    In Loving Memory Of Casey Ogden

    /me salutes Wonderful work with the video
  15. mart1nG

    Thanks to the BCSO

    OOC: going 140 through the city in a stolen cruiser without being in a chase and running a civilian over is not really outsmarting us
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