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  1. 6 minutes ago, Deadspin said:

    We did the Logistics car deliveries on NDG and the players loved it. Bringing in flatbeds with cars on them (using mod 3500 trucks with BigTex gooseneck trailers, etc) to drop off for the customers or dealers. 

    But no, with the sheer amount of vehicles in GTA's vanilla pool, you could easily pull the top cars out and some of the more showy muscle cars and make people have to go through a player dealer to get them with ease. There would be plenty left over for them to use as placeholder cars while their character either waits for a dealer to be available or puts together the last couple thousand they need to buy what they want and mod it.


    inb4 We CaNt CoPy AnOtHeR sErVeR


    This is the way. I don't care if another server has it. It increases the RP opportunity here with the people I'm engaged with. 1.0 importing was the same, inefficient flatbed runs but it was for the aftermarket cars based on request. Limit the inventory, create the demand, let the dealerships get up and running, let's do this.

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  2. 18 minutes ago, Deadspin said:

    Chargers doing 190 and climbing Chiliad like it's nothing, which is what the state of LEO vehicles was when I left SOE originally. 

    That is not the case now, the playing field is much more level at the moment.
    Actually a lot of things are tilted towards crims, imo.

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  3. I'll be honest, the engine sound of the Audi R8 in 1.0 was really great. I enjoyed certain aftermarket vehicles because it really fit the persona of the character, it made sense. I'm not familiar with the vanilla arsenal of vehicles at all, but that's a me problem.


    I agree with the sentiment of keeping 2.0 vanilla for the performance of the server alone. My concern is on the business side of things. If we were to keep vehicles vanilla, there does need to be a managed sense of exclusive vehicles. We can't eliminate Importers and we can't have it "wild wild west" for car dealers - my 2c.


    My answer is yes, but modified. Sure, keep it vanilla - that would include emergency services although I anticipate you'll get pushback there because some prefer the vehicle realism which I understand.


    Don't forget about what rallies around vehicles:

    - Importers

    - Car Dealers

    - Mod Shops

    - Used car sales

    - Refreshing available vehicles


    Vehicles really push the economy, keep the money flowing - which could impact closed economy taxes assuming we get to that point.


    I like the idea though.

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  4. 6 minutes ago, GhostDaGhost said:

    @kewtz I suggest going into Canary mode of FiveM and see how it is there too. Also! FiveM just implemented an experimental fix for input lag. Find this underneath the settings in the FiveM main screen before connecting. You'll need to restart FiveM for this.




    I enabled this 2(?) weeks ago and I'm on the stable release, things seem to be just fine.
    I've been fishing a lot and doing lottery tickets with minimal issues, much better than before. I think we can consider this closed.

  5. Server (PUB1/PUB2/PUB3/EVENT):  2.0

    Date/Time (EST): 7:43am EST

    Detailed explanation of bug: 
    Small Mouth Bass are missing from the vendor sales list.


    What were you doing before you experienced the bug?:
    Selling fish


    Steps used to reproduce the bug:
    1. Go fishing
    2. Catch small mouth bass
    3. Go to a fishing vendor and try to sell them
    4. Don't profit


    Estimated priority (LOW/MED/HIGH): Low

    Attach citizenFX log below: N/A

  6. Describe your suggestion (Be as specific/detailed as possible): 
    The current fish markets are difficult to access without a car, and a car isn't always accessible.

    It would be nice to have a fish market (to sell your catch) in the city limits, a location closer than the pier, ideally.

    What type(s) of player(s) does this suggestion affect? (Civ, LEO, EMS, criminal, business, etc.):

    Civ, mainly.3

    What other changes might this require? (Prerequisites, new laws, new rules, etc.):
    Development time, otherwise no changes are required.

    Why is this feature needed/wanted by people?:
    Quality of Life suggestion

    What would this suggestion add to RP on the server?:
    Ideally, you may run into other fellow fishers, as the other locations are more spread out.

  7. Server (PUB1/PUB2/PUB3/EVENT): 2.0

    Date/Time (EST): 7:46AM EST

    Detailed explanation of bug: 

    When going to any type of shop and pressing F2 followed by Browse Store, nothing happens - meaning no shop window in the top right appears.
    I tried at multiple shop types and relogged. While it may be coincidental or unrelated, I'm not able to sell drugs to locals.



    What were you doing before you experienced the bug?:

    Trash bin searching and trying to sell drugs to locals.


    Steps used to reproduce the bug:

    1. Go to store

    2. Press F2

    3. Click Browse StoreCitizenFX_log_2021-04-20T114415.log

    Estimated priority (LOW/MED/HIGH): HIGH

    Attach citizenFX log below:https://evolpcgaming.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=21833

  8. I did a full reinstall of GTAV, FiveM and I'm running everything "vanilla" - no mods.

    The loading screen typing lag is gone, this is good.

    My frame rates are up by 3x with all settings at High.


    However, I'm still experiencing the same laggy mini-game referenced in the YT video in the original post.

    For me, I am unable to complete mini-games since I press 'e' but between the bar lag and when the key press registers, I'm too late.


    Let me know what else I can try.

  9. 6 minutes ago, Major said:

    Can you elaborate on this please? What new textures are you speaking of and what/where were they exactly. If it is a set of textures causing issues, it would be easier to track down if we know which ones.


    Additionally, I request anybody else please come forward if you're having the above issues so we can see a pattern. Nothing was changed UI wise (On the login UI at least) since before alpha, so if multiple people have this issue, it's related to a different part of the code/client.


    It was parts of the new MRPD where I experienced frame drops.
    I don't recall if that was my old PC or the new one (to eliminate hardware issues) - I would ignore that comment.


    My main concern is around pressing a key and getting a 1-3 second delay. This persists on the login screen (you can see it in the video, I mouse over my name and the highlight shows up after the fact...).


  10. Server (PUB1/PUB2/PUB3/EVENT): alpha.soe.gg

    Date/Time (EST): 3/24 around 8:30am EST

    Detailed explanation of bug: 

    I can explain better via TS if need be.

    When Alpha launched, the server was running very well. I think all of us experienced some lag related issues where there were some new textures. On my PC, everything was running very well. I was pleased with the performance.
    To start, I just built a high-end PC, humble brag but it's highly unlikely that my hardware is causing this issue. At some point between the Alpha launch, and a few -days- after, the "mini game bar", the one used for hotwiring / hot dog making and probably some other items, that bar changed. The "original" bar had smooth movement throughout the progress of the bar and reacted near instantly when hitting the designated button, 'E'.

    Then the bar changed. The new (read: current bar) has a harsher contrast and is jumpy or "laggy" throughout the progress of the bar. In addition, the pressing of the designated character seems to be late in the reaction, so if there's a smaller gap in the "safe zone", you miss the target.


    To add, I noticed on the login screen, there was definitely a delay in typing in my username / password. I typed in the credentials and the characters would show up 2-3 seconds later. It's hard to demonstrate this reliably in a video but I assure you it's there. In the video - pay attention to the password as that's where you can see a few characters flow in than instantly 4 characters show up.



    What were you doing before you experienced the bug?:
    General gameplay


    Steps used to reproduce the bug:

    See detailed explanation

    Estimated priority (LOW/MED/HIGH): Medium

    Attach citizenFX log below:


  11. Server (PUB1/PUB2/PUB3/EVENT): Alpha

    Date/Time (EST): 4pm EST

    Detailed explanation of bug: 
    I started the taxi job. After picking up an AI customer, the drop off point was Vespucci Garage.

    Once I arrived at the yellow dot (the drop off point), I received a message that I was Off Duty from the job and my customer has died.


    What were you doing before you experienced the bug?:

    Executing the taxi job


    Steps used to reproduce the bug:

    Start taxi job, pickup AI customer, drop AI customer off at the designated point

    Estimated priority (LOW/MED/HIGH):


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