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  1. 3 hours ago, Stillian said:

    "I need a lawyer to come in-game as one is being requested at Mission Row PD" - Also no, it has an immediate effect on on-going RP that otherwise would have developed differently.

    I'm biased, but I disagree with this point, everything else I fully agree with.


    tl;dr - if a suspect is caught and asks for DoJ assistance, it's my opinion that it is not a significant change to the outcome based on how our system works. Therefore, we should be permitted to have a method in requesting legal assistance / DoJ.


    First, let's address the OOC portion of this suggestion in the first place.
    1. The DoJ pool is substantially smaller than the LEO pool, on a good day we have one member online at any given time. These characters exist (generally speaking) for support. I can't tell you how many of the 100 hours on Magistrate White have been standing idle. It's not entirely fun, as the DoJ side isn't permitted to introduce much drama (no corruption), and a host of IC restrictions that I'll address separately.
    2. Our current structure when it comes to DoJ involvement doesn't change the outcome significantly. The end result remains the same and we contribute more RP than simply shipping the suspect off to BB. We know our current process isn't ideal, but it's what we have. The most our current public defenders will be able to accomplish is a small reduction to the time/fine, and possibly an appeal after the fact - all of which is via more RP.

    From the IC perspective:
    1. As mentioned above, DoJ characters are there for support. We cannot introduce or be a part of any form of corruption as to maintain integrity in the office. Therefore, Magistrate White has to purposefully avoid most situations. He's aware of quite a lot due to conversations with the public defenders. If he is "on duty", it's standing idle at the court house waiting. Candidly, there are times I'm available but would rather spend my time being active versus idle in a game, therefore a page asking if I'm available seems suitable - because I'm supporting ongoing roleplay and not necessarily changing the outcome. If I dismiss a charge, that's roleplay, not an out-of-character injection to change an outcome. With our system, 99% of the time, suspects will go to jail unless the arresting officer deems otherwise. The DoJ rarely changes and certainly can't "undo" that.

    2. DoJ shouldn't be seen as "swinging the balance" one way or the other. If the criminal is caught, the outcome is there, however there is a set of roleplay that follows that given circumstance. We should do what we can as a community to offer the roleplay that follows.


    Calling for LEO backup serves a very different purpose, it's to gain manpower with the intent (generally) to change the outcome of the active scene. By the time that the DoJ would be involved, the scene is over, and we are serving to support roleplay as an outcome of the scene. Everything is under control, status quo, etc...


    Otherwise, I agree with the "no" sentiment.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Deadspin said:

    To bring about IC consequence to IC actions, as right now there really isn't any consequence. 


    There is a law:


    Failure to Pay State Debt - Failure to State Debt is punishable by a court sentence.  
    A person is guilty of failure to pay state debt when: 
        He/She has over $100,000 owed to the state. 
        This shall only be charged when an LEO creates a warrant for it, and that warrant is signed by a judge. For the hold to be lifted, the subject must contact the signing judge to arrange a re-payment plan, and a court order shall be issued stating the exact date by when a person must have met the conditions of the court order. 


    Forcing players to pay state debt in turn removes an element of DOJ RP around state debt.
    Obviously we don't have data but I suspect that a significant enough percentage does pay state debt. Maybe a dev can pull data and remove names to show that.

    I do agree that the garnishment should be higher, but I wouldn't support 100%.

    Maybe @Deadspin - if you don't mind, can you explain the problem statement with this suggestion? I get the point of the request, but I don't easily recognize the problem that prompted the suggestion.

  3. Same. 3080 / Ryzen 9 5900x


    Here's where I saw some notable performance dips:

    From the North: Starts around Elgin/Del Perro Fwy


    - Vespucci/Power area is pretty bad (baseline for me is ~150fps, dropping between 20-50 here)

    - Outside PDM facing Adam's Apple was rough.

    - Innocence/Carson area, some dips of 50% (70ish fps for me)

    - Glass Heroes facing Innocence

    - North on Innocence merging onto Calais, was up to 150fps again just sitting and will drop down to 60

    - Huge fps drop N on Palomino between Vespucci and San Andreas Ave

    - Portola / South Blvd Del Perro


    I can get more data if you need it.


    The odd thing is, I can't get a low framerate to "lock", it seems to be the worst while driving. Stationary performance isn't bad. I can't look at a specific area and say that's where the issue is.

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  4. Describe your suggestion (Be as specific/detailed as possible): 
    The only boat dock I saw on the map is the Alamo Sea in Sandy. Technically...you can get out of the sea using the river along Cassidy Trail but it's not realistic at all. You can get out but can't get back in. OR you use the waterway through Zancudo - which we could consider problematic with lore because it's designated as a nature reserve. It's also difficult to get in/out with the wrong type of boat.

    I propose we have a few other boat docks outside of Alamo Sea. I would suggest
    - Vespucci Beach area

    - Lighthouse area

    - Paleto area

    What type(s) of player(s) does this suggestion affect? (Civ, LEO, EMS, criminal, business, etc.):
    Everyone who enjoys boating.


    What other changes might this require? (Prerequisites, new laws, new rules, etc.):
    None, likely.

    Why is this feature needed/wanted by people?:

    Quality of life, better accessibility.

    What would this suggestion add to RP on the server?:
    It might if things are more accessible.

  5. I see the pros. This would be a seemingly harmless quality of life rule change. 

    The con to me is much more harmful. I see this type of change as something that puts SoE lower on the serious scale and more on the entertainment scale. 

    Our serious roleplay does have many elements that hinge on realistic elements. Culturally, abandoning this serious aspect of driving could be detrimental to near everyone’s overall behavior. 

    I hate to be “that guy”, it just seems like ignoring the function of a traffic light is a stones throw from disregarding all traffic laws completely, which puts us on par with cops I see on NoPixel. No offense if you came from there. I don’t prefer that style of relaxed traffic laws. 

    It starts to blur lines of what is or is not FailRP in my mind. I vote no. Comply with traffic laws or accept potential consequences. 

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  6. 24 minutes ago, KennyH said:

    supervisor checking a locker can be accomplished through RP by "Alright deputy, locker inspection, empty it out!" as well


    Similar thing happens for fishing, while "ignoring" other illegal items. "Show me your catch."

    Didn't vote because #notacop

  7. Server (PUB1/PUB2/PUB3/EVENT): Beta

    Date/Time (EST): 10:35am EST

    Detailed explanation of bug: 
    I purchased the Suntrap boat today. The purchase price reflected in Core and the boat spawned immediately after purchase.
    Upon pushing "F" or "L", the boat didn't respond. My character did not attempt to get into the boat. I was able to confirm my character could get into other boats upon pressing "F", just not my boat.
    I requested the boat be reparked, which was done. Upon spawning the boat again, same symptoms, I was unable to use "F" to get into the boat.

    Attached is the F8 readout and CFX file.


    What were you doing before you experienced the bug?:

    Purchased the boat and attempted to get into the boat to pilot it.


    Steps used to reproduce the bug:

    1. Purchase the Suntrap boat

    2. Press "F" to get into the boat, character does not get in the boat.

    Estimated priority (LOW/MED/HIGH): Med




  8. 2 minutes ago, EgoViking said:

    If it's for a business and it's integral to that business' operation then yes. The assumption should be that the business stays open forever with regular RP happening in that spot. If they close the repair spot should go too. 


    Yeah this is the tricky part, and a different conversation all together.

    The CoC could say no to that request and it's dead, and the workaround would be a forum suggestion (like this one), in which devs decide.


    Historically, if shops close, the repair circles to get revoked from what I've seen.

  9. 8 hours ago, coolmilne said:

    Why did you not make the suggestion and use all this information in support of the suggestion in the first place instead of kewtz? 


    Suggestions normally benefit the community, not just a business.

    I would rather see the devs spend time on things that benefit everyone, not just one business that may decide to close up in 3 months - so I made the suggestion thinking of the community, not just J&K Rally and Racing.


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  10. Describe your suggestion (Be as specific/detailed as possible): 
    Redwood Lights should have a repair spot, it's probably that vehicles will be wrecked there. It will also make it consistent with other state owned tracks (Vinewood, Zancudo) as they have a repair spot.
    Yes, Redwood Lights could limp the vehicle to 68/Joshua in some instances, but it seems to make sense to have a spot at the track itself.

    What type(s) of player(s) does this suggestion affect? (Civ, LEO, EMS, criminal, business, etc.):
    Mainly Civ using the track.


    What other changes might this require? (Prerequisites, new laws, new rules, etc.):
    If anything, a premium to repair at this track. If I recall, Vinewood track repairs came at a premium.
    Higher prices might encourage someone calling a tow. If tow isn't available, there is the backup of repair.

    Why is this feature needed/wanted by people?:

    Mainly a QoL request, and to make it consistent with other tracks.

    What would this suggestion add to RP on the server?:

    Potentially with tow involvement, but realistically it won't add lasting RP.

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  11. 6 minutes ago, GhostDaGhost said:

    @kewtz I suggest going into Canary mode of FiveM and see how it is there too. Also! FiveM just implemented an experimental fix for input lag. Find this underneath the settings in the FiveM main screen before connecting. You'll need to restart FiveM for this.




    I enabled this 2(?) weeks ago and I'm on the stable release, things seem to be just fine.
    I've been fishing a lot and doing lottery tickets with minimal issues, much better than before. I think we can consider this closed.

  12. Server (PUB1/PUB2/PUB3/EVENT): Beta

    Date/Time (EST): Around 1230pm EST?

    Detailed explanation of bug: My phone was ringing a lot, was getting a lot of phone calls because of my high popularity.
    For some reason, I would answer the call and say "Hello, this is Brandon" and the person on the other end would talk - but my phone was still ringing.

    I tried "Hello" on the next phone call just in case but that didn't make a difference.


    What were you doing before you experienced the bug?: Receiving a phone call while standing in/around the Court House


    Steps used to reproduce the bug: Stand in/around the Court House, receive phone call, answer it. Be confused.
    I did a non-scientific survey and a few other users did experience the same.

    Estimated priority (LOW/MED/HIGH): High

    Attach citizenFX log below:

    CitizenFX_log_2021-05-05T163528.log CitizenFX_log_2021-05-05T164254.log

  13. Server (PUB1/PUB2/PUB3/EVENT): Beta 2.0

    Date/Time (EST): 4:35pm EST

    Detailed explanation of bug: When trash bin searching, sometimes un-used scratch off tickets are recovered.

    When attempting to use the tickets, you receive an error "You must be near a 24/7 or LTD store".

    I then went outside a 24/7, and attempted to use the ticket again and received the same error message.

    I then went inside the same 24/7 and attempted to use the ticket and received the same error message.

    I went to a different 24/7 and received the same error message.


    What were you doing before you experienced the bug?: Searching in the trash bin.


    Steps used to reproduce the bug:

    1. Acquire unused scratch off ticket from the trash bin

    2. Go outside of or in a 24/7 store

    3. Attempt to use the acquired scratch off ticket from the trash bin

    Estimated priority (LOW/MED/HIGH): MED

    Attach citizenFX log below:

  14. I did a full reinstall of GTAV, FiveM and I'm running everything "vanilla" - no mods.

    The loading screen typing lag is gone, this is good.

    My frame rates are up by 3x with all settings at High.


    However, I'm still experiencing the same laggy mini-game referenced in the YT video in the original post.

    For me, I am unable to complete mini-games since I press 'e' but between the bar lag and when the key press registers, I'm too late.


    Let me know what else I can try.

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