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  1. LSPD Applications - CLOSED

    Recruitment for the LSPD is currently OPEN!
     Los Santos Police Department Application Requirements.
    In Character:
    You must be at least 21 years old. You must have a clean record (no arrests). If accepted, you will be required to attend Academy & follow our training program to completion within a reasonable time frame. It is recommended you try to get a ride along either before or during your application process, but is not required.  
    Out of Character:
    Must have been playing on SoE for a minimum of one (1) month. Must be 18 years of age and/or demonstrate significant maturity as expected in a law enforcement position. Must not have any open player complaints against you. Put time and thought into your application and character RP. Low effort applications will be immediately shredded.  

    Position: LSPD Recruit

    Number of places: 5

    Applicants: 14


  2. SACL Lab Technician I

    The San Andreas Crime Lab is now taking applications for the position of Lab Technician I. This is a paid position within the Crime Lab that is responsible for the safe handling of, processing of, and documentation of any forensic evidence submitted by the Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff's Office, San Andreas State Police, and/or any other law enforcement or judicial agencies within the lab's service area. A detailed list of responsibilities can be found below:
    Conduct forensic analysis on all evidence submitted, including: Blood samples Ballistic evidence Gunshot residue Fingerprints Notify the responsible officer and/or agency of any findings in a timely manner. Safely handle and store all forensic evidence and samples. Respond to law enforcement requests for forensic evidence collection. Write detailed analysis reports, as necessary, for any forensic evidence involved in a case going to trial. Testify in court, as necessary, for any case going to trial. Maintain a high level of confidentiality and professionalism. Help ensure lab facilities remain functional and usable at a moment's notice.  
    As a lab technician, you may be called on to respond to law enforcement scenes for forensic evidence collection. Lab technicians will be authorized to operate a vehicle owned by the state during these calls. Due to this, all potential applicants must have a valid San Andreas Driver's License and must, throughout employment, maintain a clean driving record*.
    All potential applicants should have, at minimum, a bachelors degree in forensic sciences, biological sciences, or a related field ((All IC of course)). Training on specific lab equipment and it's usage will be provided upon employment. All potential employees must attend and pass mandatory training prior to assignment within the San Andreas Crime Lab.
    All potential applicants will go through a mandatory screening and background check, which will include traffic citations, criminal background, and associations. By applying for this position, applicants agree to let the San Andreas Crime Lab request and analyze these background check factors. 
    A full list of requirements can be found below:
    Must be 21 years of age or older ((16 years of age or older) Must have a valid SA driver's license and clean driving record. Must have no felony convictions on record. Must be willing to dedicate ample time to assigned duties.  
    If you're interested in this position and meet the qualifications, please be sure to apply today! Please reach out to Lab Director John Major for additional details (( @Major )).
    ((We're primarily looking for non-LEOs and/or people looking to be involved in the criminal justice system without necessarily becoming an LEO or joining the courts. If you fit that build, please apply!))

    Position: SACL Lab Technician I

    Number of places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 6


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