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  3. 2. It shows if they are a pilot or copilot, though it doesn't show for which aircraft. It would be nice if crews were somehow grouped together but for this point I was more asking if we would be able to organize our fleets based on deeper categorizations to more easily track what is what. For example if I have 3 different Beech 1900's and 1 is full cargo spec, 1 is full economy and 1 is a class mix I have to manually track all of that outside of Enterprise. When making ad-hoc jobs I would have to stop and check each plane individually to confirm the cabin layout prior to making a job for the crew. As the list of aircraft and crews grow this gets more time consuming to keep tabs on. 3. You can move them between offices but if I send an AI out 1,000mi away and they quit after they land I have no way to get that aircraft back unless I quick travel to the location and fly it myself. It would be more convenient if I could simply buy a bus or plane ticket for one of my minions on payroll to head out to that location and then assign them to the plane and carry on as normal. It also raises the concern for an aircraft with multiple crew losing one or more of the crew members, how do we get them home without jumping through a few hoops.
  4. Something like that could probably be done, yeah. I thought it was possible to sort by assignment (even though it doesn't display the aircraft ID), but it's apparently not - that'll be fixed, at least. You can already move AI between corp offices by clicking in the Location cell (but not the link itself) I've thought about it before, but it is only intended to be a fallback, and may be removed entirely in the future.
  5. Describe your suggestion (Be as specific/detailed as possible): I've got a decent staff of minions flying about doing my bidding and the roster is only going to grow. As such I've started to experience some minor issues keeping track of who is doing what and in which aircraft etc. Looking forward I can see this being very time consuming to do 100% manually even with some kind of external spreadsheet. 1. Color coded messages in the activity feed: With a fleet of pilots actively flying around the activity feed can become full of aircraft failure messages and at a glance it is easy to miss a message about a pilot quitting. It would be helpful if such messages were colored differently or had some kind of icon to catch the eye as it is important to know someone quit and we now have an aircraft or even potentially an aircraft+crew stranded somewhere. 2. Organization of our staff/fleet: Would it be possible for us to create our own categories or groupings and label them however we choose for our planes/pilots? For example, create a jet and non-jet category or an exclusively cargo configuration group etc. Some sort of way for us to easily go to our staff page and quickly find what we are looking for without having to keep an external spreadsheet or notes. Right now our staff page is just a list of some basic information like pilot name/rank/location. It would be nice if we could group crews together or organize our staff based on the missions we have them and their aircraft performing. 3. The ability to have our AI travel in the same manner players do: At the moment the only way I can think of to get one of my AI pilots to a location is to have them either fly or be aircrew on one of my airplanes to said location. However, if one of my pilots quits and strands a plane at some random airdrome, sending out another plane with a pilot does me no good on getting it returned home. In an effort to retrieve one plane I have now stranded another. It would be great if we could just select one of our pilots to travel by air or bus out to the location, assign them to the aircraft and have them fly it home. 4. Aircraft purchase options: It would be great if we could purchase an aircraft off the salvage market and either have it spawn at our current airdrome like they currently do or have the option for it to spawn at one of our corporate offices. Similar to hiring a new staff member, we can choose where we want them to be based out of. I do not believe we should be able to select any ICAO and have the plane be sent there, only to one of our corporate offices. What type(s) of player(s) does this suggestion affect? (Pilots, Managers, CEOs, Corps, etc.): Corporations/Managers Why would this be a good addition to FS Enterprise?: It will make it easier for corporations and managers to keep track of their expanding operations and more convenient for them to handle certain aspects of both pilot and fleet management.
  6. I think there were 3 of the King Air planes that didn't have the runway. I added that info in and should be good now.
  7. Describe your suggestion (Be as specific/detailed as possible): This is a suggestion for the addition of more corporate job offers. I've no idea how many we aim to have in play but I would assume more than are currently present and I would assume not limited only to North America. That being said for this round I put the focus on a more executive/corporate theme with all of the aircraft being high performance turboprops based at airports within the United States and Canada. Below I will list the airport ICAO and the skyvector link so you can verify that the runways do meet the requirements for the aircraft according to what is listed in Enterprise. For each airport I listed the aircraft that I am suggesting which are capable of utilizing the airport within the runway constraints. I am not suggesting all of the listed aircraft be put in at each airport, simply providing options from the chosen theme which are suitable. (Note: at the time of compiling this suggestion we do not have the runway data for any King Air series planes on the website. I have already looked these up and added them onto the spreadsheet for Kelly to update whenever he has time) KRNT Renton Municipal Airport https://skyvector.com/airport/RNT/Renton-Municipal-Airport: King Air C90GTX/C90B/B200/B350, TBM 900, Epic E1000, PC-12, Cheyenne II, Piper Malibu 500TP S50 Auburn Municipal Airport https://skyvector.com/airport/S50/Auburn-Municipal-Airport: King Air C90GTX/C90B/B350, TBM 900, Epic E1000, PC-12, Cheyenne II, Piper Malibu 500TP S05 Bandon State Airport https://skyvector.com/airport/S05/Bandon-State-Airport: King Air C90GTX/B350, TBM 900, Epic E1000, PC-12, Cheyenne II, Piper Malibu 500TP 61S Cottage Grove State Airport https://skyvector.com/airport/61S/Cottage-Grove-State-Airport: King Air C90GTX, TBM 900, Epic E1000, PC-12, Piper Malibu 500TP KRDM Roberts Field https://skyvector.com/airport/RDM/Roberts-Field-Airport: King Air C90GTX/C90B/B200/B350, TBM 900, Epic E100, PC-12, Cheyenne II, Piper Malibu 500TP C56 Bult Field https://skyvector.com/airport/C56/Bult-Field-Airport: King Air C90GTX/C90B/B200/B350, TBM 900, Epic E100, PC-12, Cheyenne II, Piper Malibu 500TP KCDW Essex County Airport https://skyvector.com/airport/CDW/Essex-County-Airport: King Air C90GTX/C90B/B200/B350, TBM 900, Epic E1000, PC-12, Cheyenne II, Piper Malibu 500TP CZMT Masset Airport https://skyvector.com/airport/CZMT/Masset-Airport: King Air C90GTX/C90B/B200/B350, TBM 900, Epic E1000, PC-12, Cheyenne II, Piper Malibu 500TP KMKY Marco Island Exec Airport https://skyvector.com/airport/MKY/Marco-Island-Exec-Airport: King Air C90GTX/C90B/B200/B350, TBM 900, Epic E1000, PC-12, Cheyenne II, Piper Malibu 500TP KBIH Eastern Sierra Regional https://skyvector.com/airport/BIH/Bishop-Airport: King Air C90GTX/C90B/B200/B350, TBM 900, Epic E1000, PC-12, Cheyenne II, Piper Malibu 500TP What type(s) of player(s) does this suggestion affect? (Pilots, Managers, CEOs, Corps, etc.): Anyone who meets the type rating requirement and is looking to have a steady job as a corotate pilot. Why would this be a good addition to FS Enterprise?: The corporate job offers already exist within Enterprise. I am simply providing suggestions to add towards this feature.
  8. Please copy the following template when making a suggestion for FS Enterprise. Start a new thread and paste the template and fill out the information. This will help keep the information organized for us to review. If you do not use the template, we will delete your post and you will have to create another using the template. Post Title: [SUGGESTION] Short description of suggestion here Copy & Paste this template into a new thread: Describe your suggestion (Be as specific/detailed as possible): What type(s) of player(s) does this suggestion affect? (Pilots, Managers, CEOs, Corps, etc.): Why would this be a good addition to FS Enterprise?:
  9. FS Enterprise is a plug-in that is being worked on for X-Plane 11 (and will include X-Plane 12 when able) that brings a multiplayer aspect to the game for virtual pilots and business simulation fans. So, not only can you use this for X-Plane and have a virtual pilot career, but you could also own or help run a virtual business without having to own X-Plane. The main focus of this plugin is to bring more to the sim than just flying from point A to B. Also, to bring the flight sim community together to mold the virtual world through player driven corporations and the economy. Other programs or sites that offer something along this line, seem to be single player focused or lacks in certain areas such as focusing on GA flights with little airliner type of play. With FS Enterise, no matter what your style is, we want this plugin to be your go to. Features of FS Enterprise (Some are already done, others are planned or being worked on: Your pilot starts at rank 0. You're pretty much a student pilot and limited to what aircraft type and MTOW that you can fly. You have two ways to start: Easy Mode - you're able to fly anything that you can afford to buy or rent. You're not tied to the rank in order to fly larger planes. This is so you don't have to work your way through your career to get to the bigger planes. This may come in handy if you only fly airliners. Be aware though, you may not find many airliners for rent since they'll be owned by player corporations. Hard Mode - You start at rank 0, student pilot. You can only fly single engine piston planes with a max MTOW of 3307 lbs. As you increase in rank, you'll have the ability to move to bigger and faster planes with higher MTOW. There are ~240 aircraft that you can rent or own. You need to own the plane for X-Plane in order to fly it in the game. We use real world data for each plane to get accurate specs, so they may vary slightly depending on where you get your information. The plugin is website driven. This means you can manage your fleet, buy goods, etc., while not having the game open. In short, check it anywhere at anytime. Built in chat system on the website that allows you to chat globally, only to your corp members, or at the aerodrome you're currently at. Always find a flight to take. The system generates jobs for you or you can take a job provided by a player. A player may need an aircraft ferried or is in need of product transportation. Depending on how much cargo/pax that you're taking, load time of your plane will vary. You can start to load your plane from the site and finish up in the game. This gives you time to load in your flight plan or get your clearance from ground if flying on Vatsim. All airports within X-Plane is available to fly from/to with your pilot character. Wherever your character is determines where you fly from. There are alternate ways of travel, but it will cost you some money to do so. Planes have conditions for the airframe, avionics, engines, landing gear, electrical, fuel, and anti ice. As the conditions lower, your chance of a random failure increases. Take care of your plane and your plane will take care of you. The more flight hours you have will also effect the conditions accordingly. So, stay up on maintenance and engine overhauls and fly the plane the way it was meant to be flown. A bad landing could cost you or a big bill for the corporation that you're flying for. Players will gain skill points for every hour flown. Skill points can be used to increase production, lower exporting cost, cheaper construction cost, earn more on flights. There are more skills that we will be adding, so more on that when it happens. Players can start their own corporation. What you focus on is up to you. You can run a virtual airline hauling cargo or pax. Hire other players to manage your business. You can assign titles and roles for each player, along with assigning what aircraft they're able to fly. With the permissions system, you can allow a player to set permissions for other player employees (think of it as a manager type of position), manage the corp bank accounts, manage salaries, AI pilots, setup scheduled & ad-hoc flights, purchase aircraft, buildings, and goods, the ability to repair a plane, and access corporation goods. You can also set the CEO of the corporation. You'll want someone with a fair amount of skill points in the right categories, depending on your focus, to increase your profits. You can open factories to provide resources or parts to repair and build planes for other player businesses or sell them to the "system" to make money. Anything from simple resources such as steel all the way to parts needed to repair or build planes. Open an aircraft manufacturing operation. The new planes in the world will be produced by players. Along with that, each plane made by a player will be listed with the manufacture to show where it came from. On the note of manufacturing, parts and planes will have different tiers of quality. The corporation that is producing them will have a reputation based on their quality. So, if you put low quality parts into the plane, you may experience failures more often. You'll also be able to own stores at any location to generate residual income, but you have to keep it stocked up with whatever it is that you decide to sell there. Open a FBO and provide fuel services, repair facilities, earn ground fees, flight gates that produce jobs for player pilots to take, parking/hangars for player planes and more. Any business type that you decide to do will most likely involve using other players services. That is the intent anyway. For example, having a FBO that provide JetA and Avgas will require you to have fuel shipped to your location. If you don't have the right factory setup and producing your own fuel, then you'll have to buy it from another player. Then, you may have to pay another pilot to fly it in if you are unable/unwilling to. It will vary depending on what your goals and how your network is setup. Make money on the stock market. The stock market is made up of player corporations that list their business as public. Be careful though! If you set too many shares for sale, another player could buy you out. Raise money for your corp by selling shares and gamble your money by buying shares or other player corps in hopes they turn a huge profit for you. There's even more planned, but details are still being worked out. You can produce and/or move illegal items around. Be careful though, customs randomly checks your plane when you land. If you get arrested, your pilot is out of commission for a little while. AI is being built in. There are already system generated jobs and each location has a supply and demand that changes every few days. You'll be able to hire AI pilots to help you move your fleet around, but they don't come cheap. Also, your AI aren't perfect pilots and could wreck your plane just as easily as a player pilot. You'll have to keep them happy with their pay and benefits packages that you choose. If they're not happy, they'll quit on you and leave you high and dry. AI might turn out to be more reliable to fly daily routes and generate revenue, but they won't come cheap. If you go the manufacturing route or another business option that requires buildings, be prepared to spend some money on land and construction cost. The buildings aren't magically there and will take a few days for them to be built. Also, there isn't an infinite amount of land to be purchased, so buy what you can at the location you're interesting in because they could be sold quickly at hotspots. Shop the salvage market. You can find beat up planes to purchase for yourself, your corp, or to fix up and sell to other players. You'll find some in very poor shape or a very high amount of hours. So, be prepared to put some money into your purchase. The planes could also come missing important equipment like autopilot or IFR equipment, so you'll have to have that installed somewhere if you want it. You could make good money flipping planes or you could lose big time on some. These planes are generated by the system and rotates as other players buy planes or 24 hours have past. You can have multiple bank accounts. You could use one for plane purchases, one for real estate purchases. It's really up to you how many you have and what they're used for. You'll also be able to assign what account each plane uses for maintenance and repairs. So, if you want to track each plane's expenses, you could make an account for each plane if you'd like. You just have to transfer some funds in there to cover the bills. Totally up to how you manage your money. There are probably some features that I may have missed or ones that are still in discussion. This post will be updated with new features as we progress or plan to implement. Most features are free to play but some features will be a paid for or subscription base to help fund ongoing development. *All working features and planned features are subject to change.
  10. To all who read this | I actually reached out to the admin team about my server violation. I did not, in fact, commit this instance of FailRP and or "poor" RP. The instances in which they talked to me about in private were not a problem at the time they happened and they have done nothing to aid in my understanding of my bans nor to assist me in resolving them.

    It's incredibly disappointing. It's not just insulting, but a spit in the face. I waited, and still have been, for months. I refuse to message them again since my last update message to them was met with a distancing "it is not in my hands. It's in this ones." and I am not reaching out to this third admin just for an update. It's their job to moderate; not mine. I shouldn't have to run through hoops for a ban I received during my break from the game.

    I had been playing for around a month when the ban took place. It was a few days after I took my break, only to be met by it a month later when I came back. Ever since this has been a disappointing and very unfruitful development.

    I am a nobody on here. I am not whitelisted. I am not a known streamer. Thus, I feel as though I am forgettable and disposable but what feels to be an archaic and disconnected admin team. I used to have really good quality interactions with both staff and members since 2017. But this year? Nothing but strife, turmoil, and worst of all radio silence.

    So that is the state of this profile if you come by. If this profile still exists by the time staff sees it? Then congratulations. This post wasn't made out of spite, despite my angry words and disappointed feelings. I loved this place. But now? I feel abandoned and exiled for an issue no one properly explained to me and didn't give me a timely or fair chance to defend myself and have this violation removed.

    Maybe one day I will RP on here again... but right now? It looks to be impossible now and into the foreseeable future.

    Thanks for the memories and all this server was and may become. But, at least for now, there seems to be no place for me any longer in these halls. That's all there is to it and that is all there is left to be said. If this situation evolves, gets handled, or is righted? I will happily apologize for any harsh words I slung in this post and acknowledge the effort put in. But I have doubts at this point that it will come to pass. 

  11. Twelve gaming related ornaments. Each ornament has a red hanging rope with snap fastener. 


    Size: Varies from 2 to 4 inches

    Material: Frosted Acrylic

    Color: Clear/ Frosted


    Ornament shapes included in set:

    • PC Tower
    • Headset
    • Flight Yoke
    • Steering Wheel
    • Shifter
    • Monitor
    • Joystick  
    • Mouse
    • Game Controller
    • Game Chair
    • ASP Faceplate
    • WASD keys


    Available for a limited time.

    12.00 USD
  12. Places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 6

    The San Andreas Crime Lab is now taking applications for the position of Lab Technician I. This is a paid position within the Crime Lab that is responsible for the safe handling of, processing of, and documentation of any forensic evidence submitted by the Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff's Office, San Andreas State Police, and/or any other law enforcement or judicial agencies within the lab's service area. A detailed list of responsibilities can be found below: Conduct forensic analysis on all evidence submitted, including: Blood samples Ballistic evidence Gunshot residue Fingerprints Notify the responsible officer and/or agency of any findings in a timely manner. Safely handle and store all forensic evidence and samples. Respond to law enforcement requests for forensic evidence collection. Write detailed analysis reports, as necessary, for any forensic evidence involved in a case going to trial. Testify in court, as necessary, for any case going to trial. Maintain a high level of confidentiality and professionalism. Help ensure lab facilities remain functional and usable at a moment's notice. As a lab technician, you may be called on to respond to law enforcement scenes for forensic evidence collection. Lab technicians will be authorized to operate a vehicle owned by the state during these calls. Due to this, all potential applicants must have a valid San Andreas Driver's License and must, throughout employment, maintain a clean driving record*. All potential applicants should have, at minimum, a bachelors degree in forensic sciences, biological sciences, or a related field ((All IC of course)). Training on specific lab equipment and it's usage will be provided upon employment. All potential employees must attend and pass mandatory training prior to assignment within the San Andreas Crime Lab. All potential applicants will go through a mandatory screening and background check, which will include traffic citations, criminal background, and associations. By applying for this position, applicants agree to let the San Andreas Crime Lab request and analyze these background check factors. A full list of requirements can be found below: Must be 21 years of age or older ((16 years of age or older) Must have a valid SA driver's license and clean driving record. Must have no felony convictions on record. Must be willing to dedicate ample time to assigned duties. If you're interested in this position and meet the qualifications, please be sure to apply today! Please reach out to Lab Director John Major for additional details (( @Major )). ((We're primarily looking for non-LEOs and/or people looking to be involved in the criminal justice system without necessarily becoming an LEO or joining the courts. If you fit that build, please apply!))
  13. Places: 5

    Applicants: 14

    Recruitment for the LSPD is currently OPEN! Los Santos Police Department Application Requirements. In Character: You must be at least 21 years old. You must have a clean record (no arrests). If accepted, you will be required to attend Academy & follow our training program to completion within a reasonable time frame. It is recommended you try to get a ride along either before or during your application process, but is not required. Out of Character: Must have been playing on SoE for a minimum of one (1) month. Must be 18 years of age and/or demonstrate significant maturity as expected in a law enforcement position. Must not have any open player complaints against you. Put time and thought into your application and character RP. Low effort applications will be immediately shredded.
  14. *Limited Stock*


    This product is for a replacement/additional faceplate only!


    Shipping on additional faceplates will take 1-2 weeks before shipping.


    Enjoy the look of the U.S. Flag on your Heavy Hauler. We only have a limited stock for the time being, so get them while they last!



    25.00 USD
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