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We are currently experiencing an issue with our server provider (OVH). This is allowing limited to no connection to the servers. This is a worldwide issue that they are having currently and is nothing to do with our end. All we can do at this time is be patient and wait. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. We will provide updates as they come!

Rules updated for Text RPers


Community Meeting - Nov 4, 2017 @ 1 PM EST!  Visit this post for all the information on it 


Welcome to Evol PC Gaming!

Welcome to Evol PC Gaming and home of Advanced Simulation Products.  For whichever you are here for, you will need an account to see and post on the forums or to make your purchase.  If you are here to purchase a A.S.P. product, please visit the store here.

If you are here for our State of Emergency mod for GTA V using FiveM, please visit this page for everything you need to know about the mod.  Any information or questions you may have can probably be found in the forums or using the search function in the upper right.  

If you have any questions about SoE, please use the help section of the forums, but search for your answer first.  Thank you and welcome to EPCG! 

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    • J Kelly

      New members, please read this!!   03/02/17

      To all new members - welcome to EPCG.  This is the home of State of Emergency and our members play many different games.  Please take time to look over the forums and become familiar with the different sections.  General chat about SoE belongs in the SoE General chat, help belongs in Help section, etc.  DO NOT PM an admin to discuss your SoE server ban or questions about "How do I play this?"  All info can be found by taking 5 mins to use the search function in the upper right or going to the perspective forums and look for your answer.  Can't find the info?  Post your concern in the proper forums.  We have a public relations team if you must contact our staff, this is where you start.  If they cannot answer your question or address your concern, the PR member will forward it to the correct person. As to ban appeals - this is a community.  I can assure you that if your first post on the forums is a ban appeal, this does not look great.  It shows that your not here for the community and to meet new people, make friends, and contribute.  Your viewed as a fly through player and you won't make a great impression on the community when they see this.  Be active here and you'll find plenty of friendly gamers that play a variety of games.  Chances are, you'll find new friends to game with and enjoy your games that much more. EPCG has a solid admin team behind them and we do our best to address all issues in a timely manner.  With that said, please keep in mind that we have jobs, family, real life, and we'd like to enjoy our gaming time as well.  Please use the staff chain of command, starting with the Public Relations team.  You can save yourself from getting banned by reading and knowing our forum rules and our SoE server rules.  Failure to read this will ultimately lead to your perma-ban without question.  Another thing that will help you succeed in remaining here is common sense.  If you have none, you might as well leave now before the members chew you up and spit you out.  This is a mature group of players and respect is expected to the members and staff.  We work hard to bring you a one stop place for your PC gaming time!  

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  2. Please vote, in the poll above, for which map should be put on the server... I compiled a list of the possible vanilla maps as well as some of the best modded maps available (In terms of detail, number of plots, multiplayer compatibility, quality, etc.). If you have another map not mentioned here, please post the link below so I can add it to the poll above!
  3. Today
  4. In order to create a proper farming environment for all players, a couple settings have been enabled on the server. Please read the following: Password Protection: The server will be protected by a password, which will be handed out to those who are interested and trustworthy Require 1+ month time on EPCG website or a PM request sent to me regarding why you are interested in joining Server Pause: If there are no farmers on the server, everything will freeze until another farmer joins the server This prevents an exceeding amount of changes while players are offline International Matchmaking: This allows players from all around the world to be able to see and connect to the server, so we can accept all EPCG players Saving Interval - 30 Minutes: This will ensure that any progress made on the server will be saved every 30 minutes, and can be restored if needed In the event of a server crash, we will never lose more than 30 minutes of work Expansions: All DLCs and expansions are currently disabled, to ensure all players are able to join with the default game We may have a free extension pack in the future if requested Server Slots - 8: 8 server slots should allow for enough farmers at one time, but can always be expanded a bit as necessary Game Language - English: Seeing as the EPCG default language is English, the server's language will also be English Client-side language can still be set, but server-streamed items will be in English
  5. Hello Farmers, I am happy to announce that we now have a working Farming Simulator 2017 server up and running... I am currently doing some testing on it to make sure it's ready to release, but I will share the IP on the 19th, at the server start event... The guidelines of the server can be found HERE along with the configuration settings of the server. Happy Farming! -Nick
  6. Do some jobs pay well then other jobs?

    wait, is that per 5 minutes? cause if so I'm working doing the wrong job!
  7. Do some jobs pay well then other jobs?

    bus pay $825 every 5 minutes taxi pay 250 for 5 min and whatever you may get for the rides. tow pay you 50 pr 5 min and 1000 for impound and whatever you charge for private tow roadside assistance. the go postal pay you pr parcel and is calculated by distance traveled if I'm not mistaken. you can also rob banks not sure what pay this gives but the longer you stay I've heard the higher pay and risk. rob players for what they got in cash or do drug runs pay based on how many cops are online.for a high payout. there is also possible to get a load of other jobs if you just make the job yourself. private security etc
  8. Do some jobs pay well then other jobs?

    Coach driving seems to be the best for consistent / relatively quick money at $500 a stop. Tow truck driving can also be profitable on a busy night, and sometimes the LEO's give a bonus.
  9. Do some jobs pay well then other jobs?

    Want money don’t become a tow truck driver, Want good RP be a tow truck driver
  10. EPCG Secret Santa

    Last day to sign up, I will hand out everyone secret santa tomorrow.
  11. Do some jobs pay well then other jobs?

    I think it's actually $835... either way on the guide
  12. Do some jobs pay well then other jobs?

    I think the coach bus 875 are every check?
  13. Do some jobs pay well then other jobs?

    I thiiiiink he's refering to the coach buss.
  14. Yesterday
  15. until
    Noticed that this club is super tiny and has nothing going on, thought id make an event and maybe we could get a server started that we could check in on once a week or every other week or something along those lines. With enough people, we could farm the hell out of our land
  16. Do some jobs pay well then other jobs?

    What job makes $400 every cheque?
  17. Weird issue with browsers & Co.

    I've just gotten confirmation that the second person on my internet is also having this issue meaning our suspicions got confirmed... Our router is fucked.
  18. Do some jobs pay well then other jobs?

    Money doesn't in reality mean anything buddy, it's all about the rp
  19. Do some jobs pay well then other jobs?

    Time, some people have been on this server pushing a year plus, not only this but people with that kind of money are probably into drugs...which are very profitable. Risk vs reward, those people you see just figured it out/know how to save(unlike me)....my most expensive car I think is 130,000 or 160,000 I don't remember, but all of my cars combined are well over a million. Money takes time, just have to be smart and patient with it.
  20. Do some jobs pay well then other jobs?

    Here ya go
  21. In the server I have a job making 400$ every cheque but I see people driving around $60k - $1m cars and I only drive a $12k car so I'm wondering how they got so much money.
  22. Weird issue with browsers & Co.

    Go into your browser and do the following: Settings > Advanced Settings > Change Proxy settings > Settings. Then make sure that the 'Automatically detect settings' option is ticked. That SHOULD fix it if its what I think it is.
  23. So... I've been having this weird issue lately.. I can't open webpages... Or well, I can't open most webpages unless I manually put https:// infront of the URL. This is pretty worrying because it actually stops discord from updating among some other thing (Like my steam library updates for some reason). Anyone got any ideas what's happening?
  24. EPCG Secret Santa

    I'm in !!!
  25. Does SoE Support Lambda?

    As stated, any kind of mod menu is not allowed and will not work on the server. Since this is an RP server, you must get everything in-character, using money. This includes houses, cars, transportation, etc... In addition, you cannot see people on the map to prevent metagaming!
  26. Does SoE Support Lambda?

    No, if you try to get on the server with a mod menu, it won't run at all.
  27. Does SoE Support Lambda?

    Does state of emergency support lambda? Or is it "illegal" on the server?
  28. Last week

    -3 from Donald Trump Photo ??? :Moderator:

    -3 from Donald Trump Photo ??? :Moderator:

    COME ON!

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