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    • I've spent many hours deep into the handling file getting information about the vehicles we can purchase in hope to help others decide on what vehicle they would like to purchase.
      It was actually a lot of fun for me to make and gave me keen intel in what cars are good value for money and what cars are complete garbage... There is definitely some work that needs to go into the servers handling file still as ALL cars are still registered as RWD vehicles... as well as some vehicles being too slow/fast/expensive for what they are... but that is not something I can decided and will leave that to the admins, however I hope they can use this as a quick reference guide to see what visual changes need to be done in future.

      I will note there are 3 vehicles I wasn't able to find in the handling file... unsure if they are simply named something else or if they have default handling... thous vehicles are : 
      Hakuchou (bike)
      Sovereign (bike)
      Nightshade (muscle)
      Also while I feel that these statistics are pretty accurate for most cars, a car I know from personal experience isn't correct here would be the Mustang as it says in the handling file it's top speed is 194mph... when in game I find its 170mph down hill at best... So I will just say there may be a few others like this in the guide but as for the majority its all there.
      • 13 replies
    • Hi all!

      Make sure that you connect to the new hostnames (pub1.soe.fun pub2.soe.fun and pub3.soe.fun). No need to specify port

      We will be switching around things very soon and if you continue to connect to the old ip:port, it will stop working

      • 12 replies
    • The Vanilla Unicorn has had a tough reputation recently. Knife wielding strippers and belligerent customers. No more of that, not under the management of Barry "Smooth Cheeks" Oakley and George "Smitty" Smith. We're here to provide a location that can be enjoyed by anyone, not just people after titties. Since this location is quite nice looking, we're looking to host some nice parties for whoever decides to throw them there. There are benefits to hosting your events at the new Vanilla Unicorn, and we're going to show them off by hosting a grand opening party.

      Here's some of what we offer our guests for the night and future event hosts:

      Security service. Coordinating with us, your event will have security in order to keep the riff raff away. This includes a bouncer with a list of approved party goers and security guard(s) on the inside. This comes free of charge when you rent out the club for your event. Your vehicles will also be safe.

      Luxury limousine service. Don't want to leave your car outside? Plan on getting very drunk? This can be used to pick up or drop off party goers around the whole of Los Santos and its surrounding towns. Tip them well if you need to be picked up or dropped off in the middle of nowhere! The drivers will not carry more than 100$.

      Waiter/waitress service. If your party wants one, we'll look to hire a waiter/waitress to serve food and drinks. This person will make sure the party goers are looked after and report any incidents to security and/or the club managers. These gentlemen or ladies will be earning most of their money through tips, so please tip them well if they do a good job.

      Prices for the grand opening:

      You can reserve your tickets for 300$ ahead of time. Your name will be added to the list for prompt entry.

      • 44 replies
    • I've added a new plugin that you can mark yourself away.  You can choose how many days you'll be gone and a reason why you're away.  Of course, don't go into personal details if you don't want to.  

      You can use this by clicking your name in the upper right, go to Account Settings, then on the left you'll see Member Away.  Simple and easy to use, but let's us know you're still around.  This will be especially useful for PD/EMS players so command knows what's going on.  Members, I encourage you to use this as well.  
      • 2 replies
    • We have formulated a system that will make punishments more uniform and consistent. We obviously can't name out every single thing in here as it would be 10 pages long but everyone should read the rules. Things such as FAIL RP is so broad that we can't cover every single one. Please note, that offenses CAN stack against you.If you FAIL RP multiple times in a given scenario or over time then it could possibly stack on you given the circumstance
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