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Welcome to Evol PC Gaming!

Welcome to Evol PC Gaming and home of Advanced Simulation Products.  For whichever you are here for, you will need an account to see and post on the forums or to make your purchase.  If you are here to purchase a A.S.P. product, please visit the store here.

If you are here for our State of Emergency mod for GTA V using FiveM, please visit this page for everything you need to know about the mod.  Any information or questions you may have can probably be found in the forums or using the search function in the upper right.  

If you have any questions about SoE, please use the help section of the forums, but search for your answer first.  Thank you and welcome to EPCG! 

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    • Inventory 2.0 is live!
      The commands you want to remember is simple, take your time to learn how to navigate.

      /inv or hotkey F7 to bring up the new Inventory UI.
      Escape to get out of the Inventory UI or use F7 again (togglable) to close it
      Double Left clicking the item uses the item.
      Double click the sandwich icon to eat/use the sandwich.
      Double click the slimjim (cops) to use the slimjim on a car.


      Drag drop to the hands Or Right click the icon to have it automatically move to the hands

      Split a stack easily by moving the stack to the hands and then clicking the button split, you can change the split amount by changing the number in the Amount field.

      To merge all those items, just drag or right click them to your hands to get one neat stack again.


      To drop an item, move it or right click the item to the hands then select the amount and then press the drop button.
      A prop of the item will be put down on the ground with an animation and as you can see, you press G to pick it up.



      You have to sit INSIDE the car in any seat to be able to see your car inventory.
      /inv or toggle F7
      You can drag from/to your inventory or SHIFT Right click on the item in your inventory or the cars inventory to move the item in between.
      Item will stay in your car until you remove it from your car, so if you stash a donut in the car and park your car, that donut will still be in there when you take out the car.

      While inside your home either do /inv or toggle F7 and just as the Car inventory you’ll have your home's inventory on the right hand side. Same thing as the Car, move the items from or to your inventory with the same keys. Items will persist through rapture etc. Selling the home will remove all items. Tenants can touch your stuff!

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    • No more soon™!
      On March 21st our much anticipated inventory system will be going live! For this to happen, our servers will be going down between 3-4am on the day for maintenance and will be back up by rapture with our new inventory system providing there are no issues during the process.
      The new inventory system will have a much needed and required improved data structure to work. Because of this, it does mean an inventory wipe of all character and property items & weapons will be done during the downtime and is the reason we are announcing this so early. Please note this includes any cash your characters have on their person, so bank it to not lose it. Bank money will not be touched.
      Further announcements will be made in the up coming weeks on how it all works, as well as a comprehensive list of inventory items and changes. So please hold your questions and keep an eye on this post for updates.
      In the meantime, here are some teasers for the upcoming inventory system during development. These images are not of the final product
      Easy transfer of items between inventories (Personal, vehicle, property) and to other players:
      Easy-to-use shortcuts (Like Ctrl + Rclick to drop), drop items on ground, pick up items:
      Easy item-stack management (Split/combine stacks): 
      You can also checkout Major’s stream vods and watch the magic happen https://www.twitch.tv/officer_major
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    • It's That Time Again
      This upcoming weekend (Saturday/Sunday), we will be performing Onesync testing on pub3. As I'm sure you've all seen, we've been performing multiple tests over the course of the last couple months, which all seem to be improving from an analytical standpoint. This test will be the largest of these, accumulating a number of changes @war_driven and I have made over the course of the last few weeks.
      A general list of things we've changed for this upcoming test:
      Reduce population density of peds/vehicles to allow better sync Improve distance culling of unnecessary models/players/item to improve sync (And possibly reduce texture loss) Change some VOIP settings to attempt to mitigate dropout in VOIP Better back-end crash logging and reporting for any crashes that occur Updated Onesync to a more modern version with a couple various bugfixes  
      Here's what you can do to help with this testing:
      Get on the testing server!  When we were asking people to play on the Onesync server last time, we got a number of responses resembling "Onesync is buggy, I don't feel like it." We're making changes for a reason and these changes need to be tested. Please assist us in testing them. Play just as you would any other day, ignoring the fact you're on a Onesync server. Don't be 'soft' on the server, but also act normally. Spamming a command 100 times a second to see if you can break something is not what this test is about. Play by the rules. This is a live server running on a live database. Any bans will carry over, as will any changes to your character (Barring major server issues). Report bugs Report any bugs/crashes you encounter during Onesync (Please try to reproduce first) with the prefix '[1S BUG]' in the bug reporting section.  
      During the weekend, we will keep pub1/pub2 up, however, we ask that you use pub3 unless issues cause it to become unplayable. We appreciate your dedication to helping us test Onesync for the future of SoE and server development.
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      Within the next update you'll be seeing a large change when it comes to joining in on the server with an already made character that owns a home.
      After a long discussion among staff we decided we wanted to try and get more flow when it comes to coming into the city.
      Logging in with a character that owns a home or more for the first time after the update:
      - You will be forced to choose between Banner Hotel, Harmony or Paleto Motels.
      - You will need to go to your home (or one of your homes) that you want to make your primary home.
      - Hit E at the door to open the menu and then select it to become your primary, as you can see you can de-select it if you wish to select another home.
      - The next time you come into the server with this character you will now no longer be able to spawn anywhere but your primary selected home.
      - You can only have one (1) Primary Residence per character.
      - All PD/SO/EMS and SASP spawn points have been removed with this process.
      What does this mean?
      - We want to see more movement on the server, this means you will actually have to wake up at home (Or if you have not selected a home at one of the Hotel/Motels) and drive to wherever you want to go, if you are a LEO/EMS, spawn at home drive to your nearest SO/PD/Hospital and start your day. And with that said the Departments have made sure that there is parking spaces for everyone (Only available for LEO/EMS)


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    • [EVENT] Flying Fox Productions - The Gumball Rally (Strikes Back!) - 07/02/2020
      Event Sponsors
      Flying Fox Productions
      Velocity Auto Sales
      Slacker Customs
      Sponsorship Pool Total
      "The Velocity Award" - Pending Award Category - $500,000.00
      "The Slacker Award" - Pending Award Category - $500,000.00

      (updated 10/01/2020)
      Start and end meeting point will be Tackle Street, Puerto Del Sol, Los Santos.
      'Flying Fox Production's Gumball Rally' will involve a car tour/route around the state of Los Santos followed by a car meet - where we will award our attendees from the awards highlighted above. Sponsors that provide funding will aid in picking the winner for their selected category. Flying Fox Productions plan to capture video and photos of the event, with some surprises in store along the way!
      Event will be held on February 7th 2020 at 18:00 EST (23:00 GMT - 07/02/2020)
      Event city will be used for the event. City stability and attendees dependant.
      Gumball route will be confirmed shortly before the event via this post or at the meeting point. Due to safety, only cars are permitted for the event.
      Prize money will be awarded fairly across all categories as suggested above - winners will be chosen after the Gumball route has been completed.
      Flying Fox Productions staff are exempt from any prized awards.
      If you wish to help sponsor this event please email me @FoxhoundDan or contact Dan Elliott on: 555-33135.
      Supporting City Engineer: @GBJoel
      Event LEO & EMS Support: Pending point of contacts
      Flying Fox Productions hopes to see you all there! Please RSVP below!
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