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Welcome to Evol PC Gaming and home of Advanced Simulation Products.  For whichever you are here for, you will need an account to see and post on the forums or to make your purchase.  If you are here to purchase a A.S.P. product, please visit the store here.

If you are here for our State of Emergency mod for GTA V using FiveM, please visit this page for everything you need to know about the mod.  Any information or questions you may have can probably be found in the forums or using the search function in the upper right.  

If you have any questions about SoE, please use the help section of the forums, but search for your answer first.  Thank you and welcome to EPCG! 

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Hey at all the peeps here at SOE.....Bored? Just can highly recommend SOE3.0RP
Interessted in RP?
Interessted spending time in GTA but not the mambo jambo GTA Online has to offer?

SOE3.0! Why not, right. Just give it a try and find out whats possible in a outstanding and welcoming Community-hop in ,be a part and enjoy.

You can literally do and become anything......its up to you which Story is your.
-Police and EMS (no wonder right)
-business Owner
-Taxi Driver
-Ship Wreck Salveger
-News Reporter
-Diving Instructor
-Action Sport junky...........list is endless
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BUSH LEAGUE: Hosted by Peter and E
Rally Raid: Season 1
March 11, 2023  - 3 pm EST
$400 starting fee for the Season
5 Tracks, 1 every 2 weeks
*Cars and Tools are Provided*
Starting time event day: 3 pm EST
1st Place: $7,500
2nd Place: : $5,000
3rd Place: $2,500
Call to register, sponsor, and/or find out the event location: 
Peter: 647-903-8022
E: 753-817-8053
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Videogeddon Arcade: Scavenger Hunt & Raffle
Saturday, February 18th
Videogeddon Arcade Euphoria, SOE server
*Scavenger Hunt*
Registration begins at 6:00 pm EST at Videogeddon.
The race begins at 6:15 pm EST.
E's Easy Company will be sponsoring a raffle to win a mystery prize! Just $50 per ticket (limit 5 tickets).
It's a race across the state to win the glory and a few cool prizes! Play with a team or go solo. If you're late, no worries. You're just giving your friends a head start. 
How to Play:
 Pick up a Scavenger hunt sheet at Videogeddon arcade  find the destination in San Andreas  Take a selfie with the item   post The Selfie on Twitter  Return to Videogeddon for your prize  Revel in the Glory  
Each contestant will receive a free specialty shot if you ask for it. (Must be 21+). Food and Drinks will be available to all!
If you have questions or want to sponsor a future event, call Mina Knight at 197-660-7225.
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Videogeddon Arcade: Trivia & Raffle
Saturday, February 4th
Videogeddon Arcade Euphoria, SOE server
*Trivia Competition*
Registration begins at 6:00 pm EST at Videogeddon.
The game begins at 6:15 pm EST.
Rapid Transportation Services (RTS) will be sponsoring a raffle to win a mystery prize! Just $50 per ticket (limit 5 tickets).
Play for a chance to impress your friends, dazzle strangers, and win cool prizes! Don't have a team? We'll introduce you to some new people! The theme of the night is Geography! Each contestant will receive a free specialty shot. (Must be 21+). Food and Drinks will be available to all!
If you have questions or want to sponsor a future event, call Mina Knight at 197-660-7225.
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Videogeddon Arcade: Scavenger Hunt and Raffle
Join us Saturday, January 21st at Videogeddon Arcade Euphoria, SOE server for a Scavenger Hunt Registration begins at 6:00 pm EST at Videogeddon. The race begins at 6:15 pm EST. It's a race across the state to win the glory and a few cool prizes! Play with a team or go solo. If you're late - no worries. You're just giving your friends a head start.
How to Play:
 Pick up a Scavenger hunt sheet at Videogeddon arcade  find the destination in San Andreas  Take a selfie with the item   post The Selfie on Twitter  Return to Videogeddon for your prize  Revel in the Glory  
Each contestant will receive a free specialty shot. (Must be 21+). Food and Drinks will be available to all!
Raffle: Our friends at Home4U will be sponsoring a raffle to win a brand new Obey Tailgater! Just $50 per ticket (limit 5 tickets).
If you have questions or want to sponsor a future event, call Mina Knight at 197-660-7225.


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Underground Racing League - High Roller Racing Event
January 13, 2023 @ 2pm EST
$2000 Entry Fee - Winner takes all!
Bring a fast car and make sure it handles tight turns or the entry fee won't be the only money you'll be putting out! You'll be reaching high speeds and entering dangerous turns all while avoiding traffic and other racers. Entry and rules are simple, see below
Entry - RSVP to the event on here or react to the discord event. I'll reach out to you to give you further info on the event (since this is an illegal event.)
Rules - Bring a fast car! Owned or "borrowed"
Bring $2k in cash to the event start.
No intentional harm will be brought to participants (running them off the road, shooting at them or their car, etc) Keep it clean.
Lastly, Be on time!
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Join us Saturday, January 7th Videogeddon Arcade Euphoria, SOE server for a Trivia competition for teams! Registration begins at 2:00 pm EST at Videogeddon. The games will begin at 2:15 pm EST.
Play for a chance to impress your friends, dazzle strangers, and win cool prizes! Don't have a team? We'll introduce you to some new people! The theme of the night is Movie Cars! Each contestant will receive a free specialty shot. (Must be 21+). Food and Drinks will be available to all!
Our friends at Reflections Auto Care will be sponsoring a raffle to win a brand new Blista Kanjo! Just $50 per ticket (limit 5 tickets).
If you have questions or want to sponsor a future event, call Mina Knight at 197-660-7225.
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Reflections Christmas Party
Reflections Auto Care invites you to our annual christmas party!
what can you expect:
-we will provide a bbq so that you can bring your own food to grill or we will grill something for you
-we will be hosting a secret santa. you can, if you want to bring gifts to throw into the pool, but its not a neccessity! everyone is welcome.
- we will raffle a car
-  this party is all about the christmas spirit, meet people and have a good time. maybe we can help you on your feet in case you struggle in the city.
- saturday dec. 10th
5pm est/2pm pst/11pm cest/ 22:00 zulu hours.
- reflections auto care on west mirror drive in mirror park!
contact: you can contact me at
phone: 8361661145
govt page: @Yoshibishi
discordian: Yoshibishi#4837
i do understand that i am not the official owner of reflections but as the former owner i got the allowance from the govt.in case you got concerns or questions please feel free to contact me.
we hope to see you soon!
best wishes
-Anthony & Abigail Winters
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Underground Racing League - Back Alley Race
Rules of the race:
Vehicle type must be a car or truck. Motorcycles/4-wheelers are not permitted. You don't have to own the vehicle - it can be rented or "borrowed" The race will be 5 laps. You may have a passenger act as a navigator if you choose to. Weapons are not allowed to be used to win the race. (Shooting the lead driver, shooting out tires, etc.) $500 entry fee must be paid in cash. You cash will be paid and held by the organizer before the race begins. Winner takes all! The winning amount will vary on number of entries. Organizer is not responsible for your medical or legal fees. He also not responsible for anything else that may happen outside of the event. You take full responsibility for your vehicle, your health, and any legal actions taken against you. You will be notified of the meetup location approximately 15-20 mins before the race start. This is to avoid the police interfering with this event (hopefully). If you do not RSVP, there is no way to know how to contact you. Show up on time!  
To RSVP using the calendar on the forums, please click the 'Going' button on the right. If on Discord, please click the 👍
((OOC - Police are encouraged to be online at this time, along with EMS personnel - I have a strong feeling both will be needed. DO NOT RSVP if you are joining as this role so you are not given further race info))
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9 Ball Tournament - winner gets $1k!
Are you any good at 9 ball? Well, come on over to the Yellow Jack for a 9 ball tournament! Located in Sandy Shores, just North of Boilingbroke Penitentiary. No entry fee needed and winner takes home $1,000! Come on over to the Yellow Jack at 8pm EST, November 17th and see Charles Milburn.
If you want to get some practice in, head to the Yellow Jack and hone your skills before the tournament this Thursday. There isn't a cue rack on the wall, but you can still grab one from the location shown below.

Rules are simple:
Show up on time to ensure your spot in the brackets - November 17th, 8pm EST. A minimum of 4 players needed. If we don't have enough at the time, the tournament will be rescheduled. The tournament will be elimination rounds. Winner of each round moves to the next round until there's only 1 winner to take home the $1,000 Standard rules of 9 ball apply. The organizer of the event is not responsible for any scenarios outside of the 9 ball tournament. B.Y.O.B.  
Located in Sandy Shores:

Please RSVP to this event by clicking below or, if on Discord, react with a 👍
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Check this thread often or follow it so you can stay up to date on the latest changes to our SoE server.
Now, for the first updates:
A new MDT for all emergency services to use. It features a very nice interface along with alert dispatch alerts. We implemented a new bank system that includes a nicer phone app interface. Unfortunately, we had to reset everyone's money, so don't be alarmed that your money has been reset. Luckily, we weren't too far in and we shouldn't have a reset on money again. A new phone system. You can open the phone with the same key (M) unless you have used npwd phone on another server and assigned a different keybind in your FiveM settings. This phone has a nicer layout and the ability to get image URLs that can be useful for things like pictures for police reports in our new MDT. Vehicle doors locks and vehicle theft has changed. There is a slight chance that a car door will be unlocked now. Instead of searching for keys, you will now need to hotwire the car. Tools are needed for the job, but that you can find out IC while in game.  
We have a few more updates that will be coming soon, but they need a little more tweaking before we feel they're ready to implement.
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This is just a quick layout of how to get started. I will update this as we go.
You start by creating your character - name/DOB/nationality/etc. Then, you are asked where you would like to spawn. This is an apartment that you may go back to at a later time. You can store items, change your clothes and more at your place of residence.
There are numerous system jobs that you can work at to start off. If you go to City Hall, marked on the map, you can speak to the person standing next to the front desk. Use the eyeball (Left Alt by default) and right click to get your cursor. Select an option and it will open a UI. This is where you can select a job you would like or to pick up your different license types (once issued to you).

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Hello everyone,
SoE is back online but not in the way you remember. Same community, same name, different framework. We went with QBcore as the framework since it's packed with features and takes very little dev time in the sense of adding features and things like that. Also, there are a bunch of scripts and features that are made by the FiveM community that are designed for the framework. There's a lot to cover but please read this post in it's entirety before getting onto our server for the first time.

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RedM and Vorp framework has had some additions. So, we were considering putting our RedM server back up. I wanted to see what interest there would be in doing so to determine if it's worth going through the hassle of it. Some of the new stuff that was added includes player shops, robberies, races, newspaper, housing and, separately, ranches, and other new stuff.
We did some testing with Onesync and the newest Salty Chat. There were a few things with sync issues to work out but nothing that seemed too game breaking. Also, we should be able to continue with our database so previous players could pick up where they left off.
I know @Yoshibishi @VanillaAsHanke and some others really enjoyed it the first time around but there wasn't a whole lot to do. There's a bit more PvE things to do and more PvE type of things we'd like to add on top to allow the player to stay occupied on such a large map.
If interested in giving it another go, please let us know. If we don't have any interest for a server for this game, that's ok too.
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after already countless hours of playing on 1899rp id like to give feedback on how to make it more beginner friendly
i do know and understand 1899 is still work in progress and up for like 2 weeks.
-1. we cant figure out how to fish (initiate it(make a dummie guide such as "in order to fish you need to obtain a fishing rod and lures, baits. once obtained you use a lure and a bait you have to use both items from- (since it isnt /fish anymore)-the inventory then walk up to any water source and then throw the the lure in wait for a fish to bite and reel it in (which is up to the player to figure out where to fish and how to successfully reel it in) in conclusion- maybe dedicated detailed guids on the forums.
-2. we also cant figure out how to chop wood so how does one do it? my suggestion to explain it would be: get an axe walk up to any tree and use left click? or press e? or something like that (also mark an area on the map where to chop wood (old soe we had areas marked on map on where to fish (the circle at the alamo lake way back when)
dont give out informations on where to mine but how to theoretically use the mechanic
this is the feedback im giving in order to make 1899 more accessable not!!! easier but in general more accessable for absolute newbies (considering we use real mechanics not commands such as /fish or hit e  when qte pops up)
something else which made me curoius is in the getting started guide, it says "you have 14 days to heal your horse" (how does one do it what item does one need or is a doctor neccessary)
-also when saving another horse will the default one be replaced or up to how many horses can one store in a stable?
-but in conclusion make it more accessable not easier!!!!
this is my personal point of view on how to improve the getting started guide maybe @Woodstock13has something to add?
-Samuel Fischer the City Cowboy
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For anyone using our 1899 RP server for RedM, we need a name for the entire region (the whole map). Please place your ideas below and a selection will be made if it's something we fancy.
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Welcome to the year 1899 partner! We're going to go over some things that you can do to make money so you can start your adventure in the wild west. You will start your life with some food, water, pick axe, hatchet, and a gold pan with only $10 in your pocket. You begin your journey in the southwest section of the map in New Austin. It's up to you on how to build your fortune.
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For anyone interested in playing Minecraft FTB Revelation, we have put up a fresh server. We tried to use the past world, but there have been too many updates and would not work. You can connect to it with mc.evolpcgaming.com.
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Are you in need of some custom artwork?
If you're in search of someone to make some custom artwork for you, my wife loves to draw. She started a website and has already gotten a couple of commissions. She charges depending on what you want and how much work she has to put in. So, a simple avatar of a headshot is cheaper than a full body. She finally did a drawing for my Trooper and is working on my criminal character on and off. So, I wanted to extend her work to you all if you're in need of some channel art, just want a drawing of your character, or whatever.
For me, my plan is to order a movie poster size of my Trooper and my criminal. She's also going to do one with both of them together and I'll have that movie poster in the middle. Of course, I'll probably add State of Emergency to the poster, but we'll see. One day, once she gets done with everything for me (I'm back burner ha) I'll post a pic of them hanging up and framed.
Anyway, I have what she did for me below. I told her to not spend a bunch of time on the background but I didn't want to use a screenshot from the game...though I may in the future. Check out her other artwork on her site and you can contact her through her site if you want more information and whatnot.
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Hello all. Many of you know me. some don't. I come to you today as a first responder in the filed. normally I wouldn't reach out but times are tough times right now. We all need to do our part and help out where we can. Give if you can there are families that don't know where their next meal is coming from. there are seniors that need food and watched after. Blood is needed. I may self will be giving all I can spear right now. Please I urge you If you can spare it. There are so many things you can do where ever you are.
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When: 1800 EST / 2300 UTC, Saturday 16 November 2019
Who: Everyone
Where: Teamspeak (ts.evolpcgaming.com)
What: Community Meeting, talking about the future of Whitelist
Why: The whitelist and how to manage it has been a hot topic for a long time. I've publicly pledged to reform it several times since taking the lead for it some months ago, and the PR team have worked with me to look at some alternatives & improvements as well as some radical options - up to and including total removal of the whitelist system. PR have reached a unanimous recommendation however we recognise any change to this system is significant enough to warrant a community-wide discussion. We will do so at this event; which is timed to allow everyone to attend (although I recognise that Oceanic players may have to get up quite early. Sorry!) Feedback gathered during this community meeting will inform any decision made. Thank you - please feel free to show up unannounced, or to RSVP at your pleasure.
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November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month. Yes, they say national, but everyone around the world can get into it.

This month, all my Twitch income, be it donations, cheers, or subs, etc, will be donated to my local (or a larger) epilepsy foundation with hopes it may go towards research and education.
Tho goal of Epilepsy Awareness Month is not necessarily to raise money, but to educate the public in regards to epilepsy and seizure disorders. I urge anyone who takes time to support the many streamers on Evol to stop into my stream for a short bit to ask me anything you want so I can share my experiences with epilepsy, and the knowledge I've gained about it. I'm not shy and I don't take offense easily. One of the best ways I, and many others I've spoken with have learned to deal with having epilepsy is by laughing, so bonus points for seizure jokes. I often times find myself telling stories about my experiences (or what my wife has told me about my experiences) as if they were a joke with a punch line. Many only know seizures as convulsions, but I would love the chance to educate on other types of seizures. Epilepsy may effect someone so little as to barely cause an issue in their life, while others may have trouble with daily tasks. As of 2015 1.2% of the US population has epilepsy. While they may feel like an extra in The Walking Dead, most can go on with regular life and no one will know the difference.
Fact: Each year epilepsy actually kills 22,000 to 24,000 in the United States alone. That's 1 in 1000 with epilepsy that die unexpectedly each year. Let that soak in a little.
On that note, it's time to take my meds so I can feel like a zombie.

I want to thank the owner and members of EPCG for the support!
- AgentWabbit
EDIT: Link to twitch account in case signature doesn't work.
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The old Twitch streams stopped working, I think do to how Twitch does their API now.  So, I've added a new one that seems to be working, but there is one thing I'm trying to get worked out with the dev that made the app for here.
If you go to your account settings, scroll down on the left and click Twitch.  Login with Twitch (can opt to use that or your regular login) and then authorize the EPCG app.  This is suppose to add you to the stream list on the homepage and it will show when live.  Also, it is suppose to put a Twitch tab in your profile so people can watch you from there or click on the stream on the homepage and watch it while on the site.  Testing it out, it's not auto adding and I have a message in to the dev about it.  
Anyway, if you want to start the process of getting your channel listed, which will be easier now for others to find, follow the directions up top.
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I haven't been able to make the last couple of community meetings due to time and real life commitments, but I would like to open one up for the date indicated.  I know the ones in the past have been an open type of meeting and we'll stick to that again and I'll see how it goes.   
I ask that this doesn't turn into a dev suggestion meeting because it takes up a huge amount of time and is best to be put on the forums so the devs can go back and look at what the community is suggesting.  It is open to questions and concerns and we will try our best to give you a straight and open answer (if we have one for you).  The voice of the community is very important and we have slacked in holding these meetings on a regular basis.  Hopefully with the placement of the new admin team, these can occur on a monthly basis.  These meetings aren't open to arguments, but discussions and conversation about solutions to issues/problems.  
It is not required that you stay the entire time.  If you want to hop on and take off after you get the opportunity to state your concern or ask your questions, you may leave at any time.  The meeting will start at 2 PM EST and will end promptly at 4 PM EST and will be held in the community meeting channel on our Teamspeak.  I will record the meeting as well, in case you cannot make it, and will post it here on this event date so it can be referenced at any time.  I look forward to speaking with you all and hope to see you there!   
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There comes a time where everyone needs a helping hand and this is one of those times.  We have all helped out CFX in the past and he is, unfortunately, still struggling to find employment in his field of expertise.  With that being said, I'd like to ask anyone that can lend a helping hand, please donate any amount that you can, to him to keep him going.  I'm posting this for him after he came to me to let me know that he will have to leave for a short time because he is on the verge of losing his residence.  This will result in this community losing a very important and active member, admin, and dev from our team.  This is not him asking for help, this is me asking YOU to help HIM as a community.
If you were thinking of donating to the EPCG community, via the homepage, please revert your donation to here.  I won't disclose how much exactly will save him, but it's enough that it will take this great community to come together and help one of our own out.  I've been here before in life, without having the support and strength and generosity of a large and great community like this, and it's not a pleasant feeling to be on the edge of losing everything.
Any amount will help when you add up all of the fantastic members that we have here.  So please, consider helping out a member that commits a lot of time to the community to bring us new and fresh content on our servers, all while trying to keep his head above water.  That is a commitment that I cannot let go unknown and without trying to find the help needed.  
Now, let's show how strong of a community we are!  https://paypal.me/justcfx2u  
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