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So by now you've likely heard murmurings of, saw an unofficial announcement of, or otherwise know of the upcoming update labeled "SOE 2.0." This post is meant to give an in-depth look at what the project is and what it will affect. While I'm more than happy to answer questions directly related to this post, please hold off on the "Will this feature be included?" and "Can this feature be included?"
What is it?
SOE 2.0 is, by far, the biggest project the dev team has worked on. It's slated to be a complete 'base' rewrite and optimization of the SoE framework. As some may know (Others may not), SoE does not use a standard, public framework. All of the work that went into making SoE work as an RP server game-mode was done in-house by the first dev 'team' (Or rather a single person) and made custom for SoE. While this has a number of advantages, it also has it's downsides.
The SoE 'base' was created back when FiveM (Or rather FiveReborn at the time) was in it's very early stages of development. This meant that a number of natives and functionality were unknown and unimplemented by the FiveReborn team. As such, the SoE base code was very limited in the functionality it could utilize at the time. As FiveM progressed, however, it slowly gained functionality and useful tools. Fast forward to today, and the SoE base is very out of date and often causes headaches when trying to implement the newer FiveM natives or functionality. 


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Hey everyone,
As we all see, our server numbers have been a roller coaster ride for the last few years. This year, donations have not been reaching their goal on a regular basis for the first time since starting SoE. The donations have always come in but lately they hardly reach a third of the requested amount  (with the exception of last month) . I broke down the operating cost to figure out if it was a smart decision to keep the SoE server going. I'm asking everyone to donate what you can spare to keep everything running smoothly. Donations will never be required to play here, but donations help keep the server going.
Why should you donate? The devs are working hard on new features and a totally overhauled SoE 2.0 that they are hoping to have done this year. (Please do not ask staff members about updates or timelines. There will be updates as progress is made.)
 To close SoE down would be one of the toughest decisions I would have to make, that's why I'm not ready to do so. As a community, we can spread the cost out among ourselves which should result in a very small amount if everyone pitches in. If we don't make the monthly goal, this doesn't mean the SoE server will be shut down the following month. However, if the donation goal continues to be missed,  shutting down the SOE server will be considered.
I broke down the operating cost and spoke with the senior admins to figure out what could be cut or reduced. Below is the breakdown of cost after we figured out what could be cut to save money. Some items on the list were already paid, for the year, but the plan is to reduce the cost for the next yearly cycle. You'll notice two bills are paid directly by a member who volunteered to pay them each month.  SoE costs and EPCG costs are broken down as well. Most people use EPCG for the SoE GTA FiveM server. If we need to close SoE, the EPCG server will always be a multi game community for hanging out and playing games with friends.
Without the volunteer staff contributing their time, donations wouldn't matter. We need both donations and volunteers to keep the SoE server running. Moderators manage the player base on the server and forums. The Dev team develops game features, fixes game issues and updates the server with new content. The Senior Admin team make hard decisions, oversee operations of the volunteer staff, and deal with the negative and toxic people that ruin the server. Their time is incredibly valuable!  Next time you see a staff member, consider thanking them for their time, and letting them know they're appreciated. 
Thank you donors for your contributions to keep gas in the tank and thank you staff members for your time and dedication to keep the wheels turning on the SoE ride!
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Yes, that's right. The changelog is back on the forums.
@Sassy @Cosmic and myself will try keep and up to date record of all changes pushed to the live servers until such a time the Admin team automate this system. Be aware this may not happen on a daily basis as we are also people with lives outside of SoE.
Instead of posting the updates within Discord's changelog, it will now just display a link to the latest post here.
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I have been in the talks with some of the senior admins about starting a weekly to every 2 weeks game night where we play simple table top come and go kind of games such as casino games, card games, something you can join for a couple rounds and leave if you wish or stay for the whole night. We are looking for some feedback on an idea that was brought to the table. Normally I would put a poll in for this however I want written feedback on what you think about the Idea.
the Idea is when we play casino night you can bring server money to gamble with.
Simple Rules -
1) you can only bet with the money you have 
2) it can only be from one character, you cant cross character so if you loose all your money you are out or you can take a chance on a loan from a table member.
3) no house pot so you are betting with people at the table and taking the pot from the bet.
4) you lose the money you have to honor it and pay up.
We will sit down with the feedback given and have a chat about this and the decision of the Idea will be announced at Sundays game which we will start at 9 pm EST. We will be in the Team speak Room "Community Game Night".
If this takes off or a ton of interest in another timezone would like to host this if I cant be around I will need helpers to run at EU and AU times please send me a forum message if you are interested in hosting and helping.
Hope to see all who can make it there!!
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State of Emergency - OneSync

Hopefully you're not thinking oh no...
But yes! You have read correct. OneSync is back!
This time it's back with a whole new attitude too.
We are encouraging everyone to get on and test OneSync whenever they can. Pick it as your preferred server to play on. It's listed and ready to go.
Connection info:
This round of OneSync aims to shape SoE and bring it up and running with other servers with OneSync. We want more than 32 players on a server.
We're running an entirely new system setup to ensure stability while running OneSync.
Things we want reports on:
Actions not working as they are intended. Vehicles being local towed Any errors you see in F8 (See the list of things we know about)  
Issues we know currently:
Errors related to soe-ng - Ignore. These do not present an issue MWS location data not transmitting - To be fixed (Hopefully) next rapture.   
IMPORTANT: For LEO/EMS please use "PUB3" as your OPs for TS and MSW.
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After typing up event suggestion ideas on a whim, I decided to just say screw it and try to move forward with this one if enough interest is shown in this post
Are you a good driver? Think you can best all the other drivers out there against the cops? Prove it! All the races are you against two cops. Lose em for 60 seconds and you win the round. Don't lose them within 10 minutes and you are disqualified and out of the races. The first race is friggen easy, so easy my grandma could do it. Exotic super car vs what? A Charger or a Mustang? You got this. Later on, will that luck hold out in a Ford Focus? Yeah, probably. What about a minivan or a Emperor? Now you begin to see who is actually good and who is all talk.
Server: TBD - Devs have reserved an event server
Date: May 16th
Time: 6PM EST
Entry Fee: Free
Sponsors: Will take prize proceeds if I must but I don't really want prize money - I want to see a 32 slot event server filled for what could be a fun engaging event. In the past I have seen a dozen sponsors throw money at something but not see the event full of contestants. It's easy to sponsor something - it's not easy to get enough interested contestants to make the event worthwhile
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Smoke on the Water Adventures on 4/20
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Hello all. Many of you know me. some don't. I come to you today as a first responder in the filed. normally I wouldn't reach out but times are tough times right now. We all need to do our part and help out where we can. Give if you can there are families that don't know where their next meal is coming from. there are seniors that need food and watched after. Blood is needed. I may self will be giving all I can spear right now. Please I urge you If you can spare it. There are so many things you can do where ever you are.
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Inventory 2.0 is live!
The commands you want to remember is simple, take your time to learn how to navigate.

/inv or hotkey F7 to bring up the new Inventory UI.
Escape to get out of the Inventory UI or use F7 again (togglable) to close it
Double Left clicking the item uses the item.
Double click the sandwich icon to eat/use the sandwich.
Double click the slimjim (cops) to use the slimjim on a car.


Drag drop to the hands Or Right click the icon to have it automatically move to the hands

Split a stack easily by moving the stack to the hands and then clicking the button split, you can change the split amount by changing the number in the Amount field.

To merge all those items, just drag or right click them to your hands to get one neat stack again.


To drop an item, move it or right click the item to the hands then select the amount and then press the drop button.
A prop of the item will be put down on the ground with an animation and as you can see, you press G to pick it up.



You have to sit INSIDE the car in any seat to be able to see your car inventory.
/inv or toggle F7
You can drag from/to your inventory or SHIFT Right click on the item in your inventory or the cars inventory to move the item in between.
Item will stay in your car until you remove it from your car, so if you stash a donut in the car and park your car, that donut will still be in there when you take out the car.

While inside your home either do /inv or toggle F7 and just as the Car inventory you’ll have your home's inventory on the right hand side. Same thing as the Car, move the items from or to your inventory with the same keys. Items will persist through rapture etc. Selling the home will remove all items. Tenants can touch your stuff!

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No more soon™!
On March 21st our much anticipated inventory system will be going live! For this to happen, our servers will be going down between 3-4am on the day for maintenance and will be back up by rapture with our new inventory system providing there are no issues during the process.
The new inventory system will have a much needed and required improved data structure to work. Because of this, it does mean an inventory wipe of all character and property items & weapons will be done during the downtime and is the reason we are announcing this so early. Please note this includes any cash your characters have on their person, so bank it to not lose it. Bank money will not be touched.
Further announcements will be made in the up coming weeks on how it all works, as well as a comprehensive list of inventory items and changes. So please hold your questions and keep an eye on this post for updates.
In the meantime, here are some teasers for the upcoming inventory system during development. These images are not of the final product
Easy transfer of items between inventories (Personal, vehicle, property) and to other players:
Easy-to-use shortcuts (Like Ctrl + Rclick to drop), drop items on ground, pick up items:
Easy item-stack management (Split/combine stacks): 
You can also checkout Major’s stream vods and watch the magic happen https://www.twitch.tv/officer_major
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It's That Time Again
This upcoming weekend (Saturday/Sunday), we will be performing Onesync testing on pub3. As I'm sure you've all seen, we've been performing multiple tests over the course of the last couple months, which all seem to be improving from an analytical standpoint. This test will be the largest of these, accumulating a number of changes @war_driven and I have made over the course of the last few weeks.
A general list of things we've changed for this upcoming test:
Reduce population density of peds/vehicles to allow better sync Improve distance culling of unnecessary models/players/item to improve sync (And possibly reduce texture loss) Change some VOIP settings to attempt to mitigate dropout in VOIP Better back-end crash logging and reporting for any crashes that occur Updated Onesync to a more modern version with a couple various bugfixes  
Here's what you can do to help with this testing:
Get on the testing server!  When we were asking people to play on the Onesync server last time, we got a number of responses resembling "Onesync is buggy, I don't feel like it." We're making changes for a reason and these changes need to be tested. Please assist us in testing them. Play just as you would any other day, ignoring the fact you're on a Onesync server. Don't be 'soft' on the server, but also act normally. Spamming a command 100 times a second to see if you can break something is not what this test is about. Play by the rules. This is a live server running on a live database. Any bans will carry over, as will any changes to your character (Barring major server issues). Report bugs Report any bugs/crashes you encounter during Onesync (Please try to reproduce first) with the prefix '[1S BUG]' in the bug reporting section.  
During the weekend, we will keep pub1/pub2 up, however, we ask that you use pub3 unless issues cause it to become unplayable. We appreciate your dedication to helping us test Onesync for the future of SoE and server development.
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Within the next update you'll be seeing a large change when it comes to joining in on the server with an already made character that owns a home.
After a long discussion among staff we decided we wanted to try and get more flow when it comes to coming into the city.
Logging in with a character that owns a home or more for the first time after the update:
- You will be forced to choose between Banner Hotel, Harmony or Paleto Motels.
- You will need to go to your home (or one of your homes) that you want to make your primary home.
- Hit E at the door to open the menu and then select it to become your primary, as you can see you can de-select it if you wish to select another home.
- The next time you come into the server with this character you will now no longer be able to spawn anywhere but your primary selected home.
- You can only have one (1) Primary Residence per character.
- All PD/SO/EMS and SASP spawn points have been removed with this process.
What does this mean?
- We want to see more movement on the server, this means you will actually have to wake up at home (Or if you have not selected a home at one of the Hotel/Motels) and drive to wherever you want to go, if you are a LEO/EMS, spawn at home drive to your nearest SO/PD/Hospital and start your day. And with that said the Departments have made sure that there is parking spaces for everyone (Only available for LEO/EMS)


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[EVENT] Flying Fox Productions - The Gumball Rally (Strikes Back!) - 07/02/2020
Event Sponsors
Flying Fox Productions
Velocity Auto Sales
Slacker Customs
Sponsorship Pool Total
"The Velocity Award" - Pending Award Category - $500,000.00
"The Slacker Award" - Pending Award Category - $500,000.00

(updated 10/01/2020)
Start and end meeting point will be Tackle Street, Puerto Del Sol, Los Santos.
'Flying Fox Production's Gumball Rally' will involve a car tour/route around the state of Los Santos followed by a car meet - where we will award our attendees from the awards highlighted above. Sponsors that provide funding will aid in picking the winner for their selected category. Flying Fox Productions plan to capture video and photos of the event, with some surprises in store along the way!
Event will be held on February 7th 2020 at 18:00 EST (23:00 GMT - 07/02/2020)
Event city will be used for the event. City stability and attendees dependant.
Gumball route will be confirmed shortly before the event via this post or at the meeting point. Due to safety, only cars are permitted for the event.
Prize money will be awarded fairly across all categories as suggested above - winners will be chosen after the Gumball route has been completed.
Flying Fox Productions staff are exempt from any prized awards.
If you wish to help sponsor this event please email me @FoxhoundDan or contact Dan Elliott on: 555-33135.
Supporting City Engineer: @GBJoel
Event LEO & EMS Support: Pending point of contacts
Flying Fox Productions hopes to see you all there! Please RSVP below!
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Due to a recent court hearing, there has been 226 homes seized and put up for sale on the market.  It's been a long time since this many homes were available to the public at one time, so don't hesitate, grab the home of your dreams now before it's too late!
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In an effort to try centralise and organise helpful information, please find below a full list of emotes.
Each of these emotes can be used by doing /e EMOTENAME, such as /e consider.
Some of the emotes have different stages, you can activate the next animation within the emote by tapping W, such as /e yoga.
Anything missing or incorrect feel free to post below.
Want to suggest an emote? Use this post 
Last updated: 07/16/2019
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Welcome one and welcome all, today I am proud to unveil a special project I have diligently been working on within the Los Santos and Blaine County community. Today the Los Santos Event Charity Fund is officially open to the public. The purpose of this charity is for the businesses of Los Santos and surrounding areas to show their commitment to the community by giving back to their community. The LSEC will be directly involved in sponsoring various events around the city/county by method of direct donation. The aim of these efforts is to encourage more people to attend more events by increasing the overall prize pool during events. Hopefully this charity will reveal the businesses who care most and are most involved in our community. We encourage the citizens of Los Santos and Blaine County to consider these businesses first for your daily needs as these business are the most involved in our community.

**All donations will be used towards events or causes that promote the community. Send donations to account "146905" then PM me with your amount and business name. The charity does accept donations from individuals however they will be considered anonymous donations of good will. Donations from Government entities are also accepted**
Charity Fund Donations Leader Board
Pristgue Autosport - Recent:  $1,000,000
All time: $1,000,000
Velocity Autos - Recent:  $200,000
All time: $200,000
Stewert's water adventures - Recent: $100,000
All time: $100,000
Total donations raised: $1,300,000!
Please remember the Los Santos Event Charity Fund is neutral of all business rivalries. This cause is to help bring us all a little closer to together by encouraging larger event turnouts for everyone.
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When: 1800 EST / 2300 UTC, Saturday 16 November 2019
Who: Everyone
Where: Teamspeak (ts.evolpcgaming.com)
What: Community Meeting, talking about the future of Whitelist
Why: The whitelist and how to manage it has been a hot topic for a long time. I've publicly pledged to reform it several times since taking the lead for it some months ago, and the PR team have worked with me to look at some alternatives & improvements as well as some radical options - up to and including total removal of the whitelist system. PR have reached a unanimous recommendation however we recognise any change to this system is significant enough to warrant a community-wide discussion. We will do so at this event; which is timed to allow everyone to attend (although I recognise that Oceanic players may have to get up quite early. Sorry!) Feedback gathered during this community meeting will inform any decision made. Thank you - please feel free to show up unannounced, or to RSVP at your pleasure.
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Topic Two - Civilians
I have asked a couple people to come into this community meeting and shed their views on civilian RP, these guests have been around the server for many years, have dabbled in many characters. 
Simple rules in these meeting
Be an Adult! 
Push to talk needs to be on
No Yelling, name calling, ridiculing, or just being a jerk.
No Interrupting/ talking over someone.
Come in with a want for change and an open mind to discuss ideas.
For the next few days I have below and really think about them. These will be the questions I will be asking and looking for answers and insight from everyone attending. I am not looking for a google answer I am looking for answers from you yourself from your own mind. 
What do you like to do as a civilian? 
What is good about civilian RP? 
What could be improved? 
What would you like to see happen for more civilian RP? 
What stunts your RP with a civilian? 
If you have any questions I have missed and would like them to be asked in the meeting (ON TOPIC QUESTIONS) post them below and I will add them into the meeting. **NOTE** Do not start the discussion in this forum post even if you know you will miss the meeting, further discussion can happen once the meeting notes are posted. So ponder the questions write down your answers and I really hope to see you all at the meeting. 
This Meeting Will Take place Saturday November 2nd at 11pm EST. Calendar invite will go out tonight.
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The court system has been a challenge ever since it was brought to SoE.  I heard it all from fees of lawyers, judges not following through, DA's not follwing through, people don't play their attorney, how long the process takes, schedules conflicts, etc.  Well, I've had ideas given to me before the temp shutdown and at our admin meeting today.  So, the following is new, consider it a test phase, and consider tweaks and changes to come with it most likely.  We wanted to make it as streamlined as possible and for those that want to participate in it as well.

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It's that time of the year again where we clear out old and unused donor rooms.
This post will be open until the 24th of February, any channel not posted in this thread will be removed after this date.
This is just to keep the donor section of TS nice and tidy. If your channel is removed after the 24th and you would like it back you can contact a member of the PR team and we will be able to get a new one created for you.
To keep your donor TS channel please reply to this post with the name of your channel.
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It took a long time for the admins to get their schedules to match up, but we've finally sat down and went through each app that was submitted to us.  We have chose @GSTyrant and @nicktrick92
GSTyrant will be the contact for PR members and manage that area.  Nick will oversee character resets, character deletions, and gangs.  @justcfx2u is the contact admin for CoC related issues, along side with @Danutz_B
We'd like to thank everyone that has applied.  If you were not chosen for the admin role, your apps are being reviewed for possible game admin positions.  @Harrison will be in touch with you if your app happens to be a good match.  Hopefully, he'll be able to make contact in a timely manner to those for the position, but please be patient.
Again, congrats to the ones we've chosen and thank you to the ones that took the time to apply.  Please, do not be discouraged by not being selected for that particular role.  Positions like this could open at any given time and we may refer to apps that we already have.  
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November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month. Yes, they say national, but everyone around the world can get into it.

This month, all my Twitch income, be it donations, cheers, or subs, etc, will be donated to my local (or a larger) epilepsy foundation with hopes it may go towards research and education.
Tho goal of Epilepsy Awareness Month is not necessarily to raise money, but to educate the public in regards to epilepsy and seizure disorders. I urge anyone who takes time to support the many streamers on Evol to stop into my stream for a short bit to ask me anything you want so I can share my experiences with epilepsy, and the knowledge I've gained about it. I'm not shy and I don't take offense easily. One of the best ways I, and many others I've spoken with have learned to deal with having epilepsy is by laughing, so bonus points for seizure jokes. I often times find myself telling stories about my experiences (or what my wife has told me about my experiences) as if they were a joke with a punch line. Many only know seizures as convulsions, but I would love the chance to educate on other types of seizures. Epilepsy may effect someone so little as to barely cause an issue in their life, while others may have trouble with daily tasks. As of 2015 1.2% of the US population has epilepsy. While they may feel like an extra in The Walking Dead, most can go on with regular life and no one will know the difference.
Fact: Each year epilepsy actually kills 22,000 to 24,000 in the United States alone. That's 1 in 1000 with epilepsy that die unexpectedly each year. Let that soak in a little.
On that note, it's time to take my meds so I can feel like a zombie.

I want to thank the owner and members of EPCG for the support!
- AgentWabbit
EDIT: Link to twitch account in case signature doesn't work.
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The old Twitch streams stopped working, I think do to how Twitch does their API now.  So, I've added a new one that seems to be working, but there is one thing I'm trying to get worked out with the dev that made the app for here.
If you go to your account settings, scroll down on the left and click Twitch.  Login with Twitch (can opt to use that or your regular login) and then authorize the EPCG app.  This is suppose to add you to the stream list on the homepage and it will show when live.  Also, it is suppose to put a Twitch tab in your profile so people can watch you from there or click on the stream on the homepage and watch it while on the site.  Testing it out, it's not auto adding and I have a message in to the dev about it.  
Anyway, if you want to start the process of getting your channel listed, which will be easier now for others to find, follow the directions up top.
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