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  1. @GhostDaGhost :

    - Made lockpicking less sensitive.
    - You now have to use a crowbar to smash parking meters.
    - You now have to lockpick a vending machine.
    - Store tumbler safes now have 3 locks instead of 1 lock.
    - Banks now have a progression system with keycards.
    - Fleeca > Banham > Paleto > Pacific (eventually to be implemented)
    - Keypad safes require to be drilled now.
    - Increased hitman job cooldown/payout a bit.
    - Small CSI update.
    - When having a severe enough car crash, a fragment of your car will drop on the floor like a casing or a blood drop. This can be seen with a flashlight.
    - A fragment can be picked up (Press G) by anyone and basic information will be shown on the item. Generic colour and location it was found.
    - When the fragment is ran at a lab, it will return the full name of the vehicle color. (Red -> Metallic Desert Red).

  2. @GhostDaGhost :

    - Business car mechanics now have an "advantage" with both normal and advanced repair kits. They do not get a minigame, instead they get a shorter progress bar. They must have permissions set in the faction menu to have this "advantage".
    - Business car mechanics with the Modification permission in the factions menu can only do engine/turbo/transmission or any performance-related upgrades now. It will now be locked for those who are not a mechanic.
    - Scenes are now persistent for 5 days unless removed early by /removescene.

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  3. @GhostDaGhost :

    - Fixed pile-up issues with dealership previewed vehicles.
    - Fixed issues with clearing fingerprints off a vehicle.
    - Fixed issue of not being able to receive a phone as part of the starter item kit.
    - Fixed issue with vehicles not coming out with their mods/correct fuel.

  4. @Cesca 

    - Added 230 new items of clothing for civilians including such as shirts, dresses/skirts, pants and shoes, as well as some other accessories that can be found in the accessories/decal/bag/hat sections at the end of the clothing catalogue. Clean-up of current add-on stuff coming next ❤️




    - Rewrote mugshot code. Potentially mitigate mugshot crashes.
    - Added error handler to ID issuing so no blank IDs get issued (missing image)
    - Potentially fix widescreen ID card photo issues.

    - Added ability to transfer property ownership in property menu.

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  6. @GhostDaGhost :


    - Added physical IDs. You can get one for free at the DMVs/City Hall/Welfare Office in Paleto and when you make a new character.
         - /id is no longer a command. Primary Licenses can be done however this is something to be pushed out at a later time. Use the ID in your inventory when you want to show it.
         - If you have the license UI enabled, press H to clear it off your screen.
         - Preferences UI (/ui) has been updated to include some license settings: bfe5GdH.png
         - You can get your license stolen! Be careful! If you ever need one re-issued, you can go to any of the locations above and get a new one for free.
         - Widescreen users will have a weird ID picture for the time being! Don't fret!

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  7. @ItsTait :


    - Taxes are now collected automatically from local shop purchases.  Prices are not modified directly, as they are tax-inclusive.




    - Players will leave fingerprints on vehicle door handles (if conditions are appropriate). This is a trial run for fingerprints and if all goes well it will be expanded.
    - Fingerprint kits added to armouries
    - LEOs/CL techs can dust for prints by standing right up against a vehicle door handle and using the kit.
    - Lifted prints can be analysed in the crime lab at the fuming chamber.
    - If the print returns to a character with a print on file (arrested before), a return will be provided.
    - Prints are cleaned from a vehicle when it is washed.
    - LEOs/CL techs can submit many forensic items at once now (instead of typing out each ID).





    - Reduce chance of rain. 





    - Cleaned up the area around Alta sanitation.

  8. @GhostDaGhost :

    - Added rounded minimap as an option. To enable it, do /ui and find the minimap section. You must relog to have the changes take effect. There may be some bugs with it such as blips being weird, this is unfortunately normal for circle maps.
    - Fixed normal usage of vending machines.



    @Chris__Carr :

    - Changed script that controls damage to engines to be more forgiving in crashes at lower speeds, and add more variation to the damage sustained at different and higher speeds.

  9. @GhostDaGhost :

    - Several optimizations regarding inventory. Hopefully to prevent some slowdowns.
    - Fixed PD/SO trash not accepting an amount greater than one item.
    - Added facial scars and more tattoos to the "Addon" category in the Tattoo Menu.
    - Fixed two chairs not being compatible with /sit
    - Fixed moving items causing body armour to "fall off".
    - Fixed an exploit with vending machine tampering.


  10. @GhostDaGhost 



    - Added ability to tamper with vending/coffee machines.
       - Radial Menu now has a target tracking system, have your character look at the object you want to interact with and a red marker will appear over it. Use the radial menu to tamper with vending machines.
       - Loot from vending machines is determined by amount of cops online.

    - Rewritten spike strip system.
       - Spike strips are now an inventory item. They can be located at the LEO armoury.
       - Spike strips can be picked up by ANYONE now by pressing E while near one. If the strip didn't pop a player (not local) vehicle's tires, you will receive the actual item back, otherwise you won't receive the item back as it has served its purpose.
       - Spike strips can be placed by using the item in your inventory

  11. @GhostDaGhost :


    - Added ATM robberies. More methods of breaking into an ATM will be added in the future.
    - Get a crowbar and press F2 at a ATM and then hit the 'Rob ATM' button.
    - Press X during the robbery to cancel anytime during it.


    @StrykZ :


    - Increased buried items for prospecting.



  12. @GBJoel 


    - Updated finances page within core to show more information including date / time & account number transfers came from.  You also have the ability to search / filter transactions.



    @GhostDaGhost :


    - Remove being ejected through backseats.
    - Fixed duplicate plates issue.





    - Updated the pool of cars in the chop shop list.
    - Removed cars that do not spawn in the world.
    - Increased the pool of cars on the list.





    - Various CoC requested interiors.


  13. @GhostDaGhost :

    - Fixed searching player exploit.
    - Fixed prone glitch when entering vehicles.
    - Added a new settings UI accessible through "/ui". Pics:



    @Chris__Carr :

    - Removed weapon-infested vehicles from dealerships.



    @Stubbers92 :

    - Added new chop shop locations. Find out IC!
    - Fixed welfare/paychecks from being 5 minutes above their originally set time. (Welfare: 10 | Paychecks: 15).

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  14. @StrykZ : 


    - Allow for forward/backward and rotation of towed vehicles.
    - Change keys around
    - Added some vehicles to support towing ( pickup trucks to tow motorbikes / jetskis etc )

    - Remove twisted back animation when using phone while downed.




    - Adds an ATM at Beanmachine (Vinewood)
    - Adds an ATM at Highway PD (SASP)
    - Adds an ATM at "Bennys" on Power Street



    @GhostDaGhost - 


    - Jail release point, no more auto teleportation out the prison when your time is up.

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