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  1. Chivalrous

    Press Release: Butch Gooding and Farquat McGill Hospitalized

    Well, at least it isn’t another shooting. Speedy recovery guys, if I recall I believe I ran into Mr. Gooding at the Unicorn recently and he had just been discharged from being shot. Poor guy just can’t catch a break, it seems. -Joel Jaeger
  2. Chivalrous

    Fantasy football

    American football, specifically the NFL.
  3. Chivalrous

    Fantasy football

    Anyone play and interested in starting a league? We could do it OOC, or we could even do it IC and throw some money down. I'm just starting out myself but it seems like fun, and if we can get some ingame RP started around it then even better!
  4. In the early morning hours of July 8, 2018 an unknown gunman opened fire on the Vanilla Unicorn nightclub. No patrons were hurt, although three cars were destroyed in the attack. San Andreas State Police were on scene immediately, but the gunman had already escaped. One suspect was trespassed from the property as there was not enough evidence to justify an arrest. This cowardly attack will not affect the Unicorn in any way, although security advises patrons not to park their vehicles on the side lot as in the event of such an attack they may not be able to be protected as well as if they were in the front of the building. The incident was captured on the bodycam of the security on duty. The following footage may be disturbing to some viewers, so viewer discretion is advised. When reached for comment, the security guard, Joel Jaeger, had this to say: "Unfortunately due to a faulty holster I was not able to respond as quickly or with as much force as I would have liked, however with a hit-and-run style of attack like this it was unlikely that we would find the culprit in the first place. We had multiple customers come out to help with their weapons drawn, and while I appreciate the sentiment I would urge all customers to remain inside where it is safe in situations like these." Anyone with any information on this attack is asked to report it to the police.
  5. Chivalrous

    Sal's Italian Burnt Down!

    Ok, what the fuck? I finally got settled back into the city and was really excited to start working again and then this goes and happens. Those shitstains better hope the cops find them before I do. Sal, you need anything, you let me know. -Joel
  6. Chivalrous

    Buck Rogers Hospitalised

    Just saw him out and about yesterday, it’s insane how quickly things can change. Hoping for the best. -Joel Jaeger
  7. Chivalrous

    The Funeral of Jonny Laz

    I'll try to be there if I can get a seat on the train. If not, my condolences to the family and close friends. -Joel Jaeger ((OOC: Will we be using the event server or a pub for this?))
  8. Chivalrous

    BCSO Press Release - June 18th, 2018

    I've flirted with the idea of joining the police off and on since I got to this city. If I did, it would be with the BCSO for sure. In my experience they've always been a cut above the rest. With this news I'm deeply saddened I will never have the chance to serve with Sheriff Cain if I do decide to take that route. This week has just been one tragedy after another, my heart hurts for all the deputies and citizens who knew him. From my limited interactions with Sheriff Noble, I'm sure he will do a great job running the BCSO. But those are some mighty big boots to fill for sure. -Joel Jaeger
  9. Chivalrous

    A message to the people of San Andreas

    "He was not murdered like a rogue animal in a zoo in front of depraved onlookers." No, he was murdered in a cage alongside an innocent civilian whose life now hangs in the balance in a cowardly ambush. This is America, this isn't how we do things around here. We should be protesting, not gunning down government officials in the streets with automatic weapons. We made our voices heard on the loitering law and the state took notice. No blood was shed. We could have done the same thing here, but now the whole thing is tainted. How am I supposed to sleep soundly knowing that a group of terrorists is hiding somewhere in the city, waiting to strike next? Any person you talk to could secretly be a murderer with blood on his hands. This is not the San Andreas I moved to, I didn't sign up to go to Iraq so that I could watch government convoys get attacked in the streets, I signed on a house in a safe city so that I could live my life without fear of being shot for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We need to act and show that this is not what we want. Protest peacefully. Use the court system to fight the government's decisions as I'm doing now. Point out corruption when you see it. If the Syndicate is reading this, and I know you probably are: Your cause is just. There is corruption and shameful acts being committed in the government. But we can not abide armed thugs carrying out vigilante justice. I will not personally stand in your way, this is between you and the government. But I will do everything in my power to enact change without resorting to pointless violence, and I will bring people to my cause for peaceful reform. I urge you to lay down your weapons. You don't need to turn yourselves in, just leave this in the past and unite with us to build a San Andreas we can all be proud of. Do not give them what they want: an excuse to crack down on the citizens of this city.
  10. As much as I was opposed to that execution, this is just inexcusable. Hoping for a swift recovery for Mr. Smith and swift justice for the shooters.
  11. Chivalrous

    Live Execution June 16th, 2018.

    What is this state coming to? I joked about a police state during the loitering issues but this is seriously walking that line. I mean really, a live firing squad execution? Is this 1940s Europe?
  12. Chivalrous


    What kind of coward shoots a dog? Enjoy the time off and belly rubs, Maverick. Good boy.
  13. Jallown is my gamertag. I just started playing a couple days ago, so if anyone wants to carry me go right ahead
  14. Chivalrous

    What Games do people play?

    Elder Scrolls Online BF4 Cities Skylines War Thunder Stardew Valley When 0.63 hits experimental in going to be playing a lot of DayZ as well.
  15. Chivalrous

    TableTop Simulator Night!!!

    So are we doing one later and one earlier, or just the earlier time?
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