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Blaine County Sheriff's Office Command Staff
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  1. Warrant executed under 121703 (29Sep), incident report to support warrant is in 121444 (13Sep). 

    Original event for events leading up to Homicide covered under 121023 (18Aug).


    Copy of report from 121444:-


    I, Sheriff D.Lister, acting as primary investigator in the case of the homicide of Joe/McClain (hereafter referred to as VICTIM) on August 18th 2020, have carried out a full and complete investigation of the events and on that basis am placing warrants for the arrest of Jamie/Valitio and Jose/Roberto-Juarez (hereafter referred to as SUBJECTS).

    During the events of August 18th 2020, both SUBJECTS did pursue VICTIM McClain after it is alleged he did open fire on a gas tank at "The YellowJack" bar on Route 68. McClain was driving a 10-99 Mesa (plate 23CPI650). The named individuals continued their pursuit when Deputy D Ward, BCSO engaged his lights and sirens in pursuit of the fleeing Mesa. Full narrative of those events can be found in original event 121023 and shall be provided as part of full case file narrative at trial.

    During this pursuit, mutliple individuals riding motorcycles and wearing vests with the Lost MC logo and name, continued to participate in the pursuit and on at least two occasions did discharge firearms at the Mesa.

    The Mesa driven by McClain collided with a local vehicle at the junction of Josua Road and Calafia Road, at which point the motorcycles continued East on Joshua where two vehicles were intercepted by Trooper MacLane who dislodged both SUBJECTS from their motorcycles using reasonable force.

    Valitio got back on his motorcycle and fled the scene. Roberto-Juarez was detained by Trooper MacLane and charged that day with possession of an outlawed weapon and fleeing and alluding.

    McClain was found on scene to have been seriously injured and his injuries proved fatal. He was pronounced dead later that evening by Dr A Henderson at Sandy Shores Medical Facility.

    The Mesa, the victims firearm, the firearm belonging to Roberto/Juarez and bullet fragments from the victim, were all submitted to the state crimelab for analysis. Full CSI report will be presented as evidence as part of the complete file submitted for trial.

    Evidence presented to court will also include the recorded interviews carried out by Officer of the Court, Edmund Kuckland.

    The wording of First Degree (Murder) states:-
    A person is guilty of murder when:

    With intent to cause the death of another person, he causes the death of such person. This includes but is not limited to: the operation of a motor vehicle under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life, he wantonly engages in conduct which creates a grave risk of death to another person and thereby causes the death of another person.

    it is my belief that both Subjects Valitio and Roberto-Juarez have fulfilled this condition.
    Arrest Warrant placed for both subjects, First Degree (Player) Murder - Hold for Court.


    ** Please note the case against Valitio has already been resolved and as such reference to him in the above report can be disregarded.


    Discovery requested by B.White has already been processed by my office.

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