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  1. 10 hours ago, Morgannec said:


    One day we tried all using the in game radio. Two people standing next to eachother would alternate hearing a person speak on the radio from anywhere else in the map.

    Happened in multiple occasions. So we kind of stopped using the ingame radio all the time.


    I never experienced this, just Savage and Montgomery I think, but I still think we should just switch to in game radio since we are forcing crims and civs to use it.

    This was fixed a while back.

  2. Describe your suggestion (Be as specific/detailed as possible): Remove the discussion chat channel from the EPCG discord.

    What type(s) of player(s) does this suggestion affect? (Civ, LEO, EMS, criminal, business, etc.): Everyone.


    What other changes might this require? (Prerequisites, new laws, new rules, etc.): NIL.

    Why is this feature needed/wanted by people?: In this age, discussion chat is nothing but a popcorn fest and a complaint hive. Because of this channel, some people have left the community because they could not handle what they started OR they received negative replies from other members. Now this doesn't always happen, there have been some civil discussions in the past and changes were done to rectify whatever caused the discussion to start. But it seems that it is becoming a problem where it is constantly insult one another or who's the smarter one. I predict that there'll be something in that channel that'll harm the population significantly and it'll all be because of a specific discord channel.

    What would this suggestion add to RP on the server?: More population = More RP. Less angry people leaving.

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  3. I would like to make it transparent for next rapture that a modification to human sniffing was done. Humans can only sniff for weed however other drugs will require a doggo to sniff them out. This is the only change so far (not the last) to the sniff mechanic. Just throwing this out there. :D

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  4. @GhostDaGhost:

    - Fixed valet errors.

    - Locals can now be tackled along with players.

    - Completed all the missing tattoos. From Original DLC to Cayo Perico.
    - Added /tattoo for tattoo business owners. Read the chat suggestion or in /guide for basic instructions.

    - Increased local tattoo shop price from $75 to $175.

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  5. @GhostDaGhost:

    - Added health to boomboxes. It takes two pistol shots to take it out and silence the music.

    - Fixed exploit with door commands on parked cars.

    - You will be charged extra at mod shops for each lost car door.

    - Added rifle grip to LEO armory and ammu-nation.

    - Beefed up heavy sniper damage and reduced Heavy Revolver again.

  6. @GhostDaGhost:

    - Fixed an exploit with /pullout

    - Disabled keys debug spam in console.

    - Added boomboxes for $50 at electronic stores.
    - To put the boombox down, use it in your inventory and place it like a normal placeable object. Press G to pick it up whenever.
    - To use the boombox, get near it and press E (or whatever you rebinded your interaction key). A UI will appear and you will follow the directions on how to properly embed the youtube URL. Press Play when you get the link set up. You can pause the music anytime after that. Make sure to hit Pause again to un-pause it.

    - You can mute boomboxes globally and persistently through raptures/logins with /muteboombox (useful for streamers)

    - Potentially fixed rapture warning messages.

    - Added ability to choose primary/secondary/pearl/wheel colors in mod and SV menus through color codes along with the slider.

    - Made tow truck spawning when doing tow job optional.

    - Experimental infinite stamina implementation. (Feedback appreciated)
    - Shitlord shuffling (AKA: Jumping while running to get faster) will have a chance of a slight ragdoll.

    - Added an angle requirement to Alt + M (LEO)

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  7. @GhostDaGhost:
    - Made MRPD garage doors and rear gate lockable.

    - Removed El Burro Heights fence. It has been raided by the police. :P
    - Added /putintrunk

    - The command above puts the person you are holding/escorting/carrying inside the trunk of the nearest vehicle.

    - Added a spawnpoint in Sandy Shores.

    - Added animation to headbagging.

    - Potential ghost siren fix.


  8. @GhostDaGhost:

    - Fixed a exploit with garbage.

    - Fixed scrapyard pricing for Cabrio.

    - Made violins, floppy disk and watches sellable in pawn shops.

    - Made floppy disks, electronic watches buy-able in Digital Den.

    - Increased tow truck despawn radius when ending tow job.

    - Fixed /paytow

    - Added drug runs to the list of crime activities to do.
    - There are a total of 3 starting points.
    - You can choose to run either weed, cocaine or crack. More drugs to come soon.
    - When you arrive at the dropoff, press E at the trunk with the trunk door open and take the box to the green circle dropoff.
    - When you finish your dropoffs, press E at the green arrows to collect pay.

    - Fixed anchor.

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    - Added white trash bags to the list of bags that can be picked up whilst doing garbage job.

    - Added a pharmacy in Paleto Bay. (Blip to be added)

    - Added a thrift shop on the corner of Alta St and Hawick. (Blip to be added)

    - Added a shop at the Weazel News HQ reception for selling awkward pictures.



    - Added props and stage equipment in preparation for the debate.



    - Removed global OOC. This was abused too much and too immersion breaking. If you need help, please check the guides first (/guide, /help, keybind settings etc) and if you still need help, do /g <message>. /ooc will just be local OOC

    - Fixed blood-loss still happening one last time after a treatment.

    - Added basketball to the hardware store and removed /basket (leftover test command). Use the basketball and place it anywhere.

    - Reduced respawn/medevac bill a bit.

    - Fixed some inconsistencies with respawning while medics are on duty. (SAHA not whitelisted yet from blocking it)

  10. @GhostDaGhost:

    - Added a hit contract crime job.

    - There is currently one place around the south-side of the city area to grab a hit contract.

    - You will be assigned a target with possible locations and description. The target is in one of the three possible locations. Your goal is to eliminate that target to fulfill the contract.

    - The target can fight back or escape. If you fail to kill the target, you can go back to the starting point and cancel the contract.

    - If the target is murdered, you can go back and collect your payment.

    - There is a 15 minute cooldown between contracts. One cop has to be online to do these contracts.


    - Faction permissions integrated for repair shops
    - Auto shop owners and authorized employees will get a 40% discount when repairing/modifying






    -  Fixed excessive CAD alerts being sent from vehicle entries.

    - Added debugs to diagnose missing keys issue. Please make a bug report and provide your log when this happens!!!

    - Corrected smoke4 emote menu name entry.

    - Removed /uifix because FiveM patched our only UI fix for some stupid reason.


    - Decreased chance of fish getting away.

    - Fixed fish markets that weren’t working.



    - Fixed dirt mapping on cop cars.



    - Modified handling for LEO vehicles.

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