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    Hello there Weazel News and all other who will be viewing this. My name is Deputy Staten with the BCSO, and last night, in what you say was a "failure for the BCSO to arrive" was not because we were not trying to get there. It is because, while en route to the prison, I was gunned down by assailants on the highway, and shot multiple times shortly after getting out of my cruiser. This attack was not by some rag tag band of thugs; This was a highly coordinated and planned attack, and they cut any responding units off from even being able to arrive. I speak on behalf of myself, Trooper Mkoll, Chief Jones, and Officer Holt, who all received extremely life threatening injuries, when I say that we did everything we could. I believe you are simply looking for a scapegoat to blame this on, instead of focusing on the actual issues at hand here. Who were these people, how did they get so heavily armed, and why did they take such an interest in the prisoner? This is what you should be reporting on, not the failure of law enforcement, when over half of the force that was in service was fighting for their lives in the hospital.
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    I loved Jonny like no other. He held me, kissed me and made me feel whole. I’ll never forget him and it pains me to no end that I’ll never be able to see him smile. I love you Jonny, and I never will stop loving you. To the men who did this: I’m pregnant and Jonny is the father. You took the life of a father who will never be able to see his child and that child will never be able to be held by their daddy. You’ve committed crimes beyond your feeble comprehension. I pray the Lord has mercy on your souls. To the people of Los Santos: Revenge isn't the answer. We lost someone dear to us, but fighting violence with more violence will solve nothing. Please let law enforcement handle the criminals who dare kill a man in cold blood. Justice will always find a way. -Dr. Elaina Rivera-
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    [IC] Video found online just remember BCSO,LSPD,SASP never give up, no matter how hard it gets no matter how the city feels about you or how the county feels about you just keep going, keep protecting. Be the Sheepdog T.Blasko Trooper SASP
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    If I understand this correctly Weazel News would've wanted to have the whole police force including LSPD/SASP/BCSO present at the prison, leaving county and city and their citizens completely without any protection of law enforcement for one criminal and his unneeded execution? Sounds like Weazel news is trying to act like they knew all along what would happen while in reality they are just acting high and mighty from their hindsight. And they got shot for getting into the middle of it on their own accord? Haha well if y'all criminals y'all dumb criminals News agencies are scum anyways - Tommy Lee Wyatt
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    I Leo Hunter have to disagree with what has been reported with regards to the BCSO. I was travelling down from Paleto to the city when I passed the bridget that turnson to Route 68, where I witnessed the ambush first hand and saw BCSO's present on scene taking fire from automatic weapons before the criminals continued down to the prison. I have to say the fact you are trying to pin the blame on the BCSO rather than focus on the fact these criminals are well organised with very dangerous weapons is a disgrace. You're trying to blame the unfortunate acts of a bunch of scum onto the BCSO. The questions what I would be asking is: Who are these criminals and why are they interested in Mr Bobby? Why was they escorting a criminal with such a record to a PUBLIC execution with no other armed escorts to an obviously unsecured prison where civilians will be?
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    "Policeman" by Paul Harvey was something that Sheriff Cain shared with us shortly before his passing. This is a wonderful rendition of the piece and I encourage everyone to give it a watch. Rest easy brother, we have the watch from here.
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    I'm curious what everyone has as far as a collection goes. I have lots more then this, but this is just one section that I own: Show off what you have gaming wise, lets see those pics!
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    Just a quick update: K9 Maverick has been cleared for duty!
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    I am lost for words... Not only were you my 'forever Chief of police', but in the last nine months I honestly cant see the BCSO without thinking of its Sheriff Cain... D-1. From giving me my golden train ticket in my first few weeks upon joining the city, to pulling me up at Sandy Shores Airfield last weekend... I will never forget the respect you made me have for the badge sir. I got my licence sorted Sheriff... You promised we would put mustang against mustang once I did... I will wait for you at the start line... Rest In Peace D-1.... My Sheriff. -Jackious Edwinston.
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    To Sheriff Jason Cain, I do not know how to express the sadness that I have in my heart hearing this news. From the first day of academy the only thing I ever wanted to do was to make you proud and become the best possible Deputy and represent the BCSO in way that matched your ideals and morals. Your respect had to be earned.. the constant fear of disappointing you.. even the fear of being fired. I loved all that. Why? Because it has turned me into the Deputy that I am today. Some of the most enjoyment I have had whilst on shift is riding shotgun with you catching bad guys (whilst trying not to crash your car), sharing stories as well as the serious chats on how to improve areas of the department. I am going to miss those moments terribly. At the moment I do not know how we are going to fill the hole that has now been left by your absence. However its a promise from myself to you that I will do my upmost to keep your Deputies safe and to try and pass on your teachings, values and ethics. I am going to miss you old man. Rest easy. - Lt Jackson Snow - D04
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    This shit's fucking stupid. -James MacGregor
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    Just wondering if any of you hyper aware individuals happen to notice the downed Dupty On route 68 that was shot while responding. By the way , ”you“ drove into that situation from a position of safety when you clearly heard gun fire and even at one point placing your vehicle in a high speed chase. “You” then chose to place yourself and your crew the middle of a very dangerous situation, which one can only assume to elicit viewership. Before you start publishing stories, “you” might want to do a little research.
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    Denied from BCSO side. You will have to continue.
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    Hey guys, I am just pretty curious about everyone's best memories within the server and wanted to know a reason why it was your favorite Memories for the events! Panto Chaos: The Reason why this one is one of my favourite events i captured is because we had about 12 pantos all in the same design going around the city in pairs of two in each lane of the road and i remember the cops calling backup for it and everyone receiving a ticket, Made me laugh so hard and was still to this day one of my best memories. Here is a picture we got before we had more people involved(Mine was the blue one : Gas Station Explosion: This one was at a point where I was in a black market Car and I ended up Into a bit of a pickle when attempting to refuel my car thanks to @strawberryxoxo you probably dont remember this but this was your driving that did this xD. Conrad's Chaos: So with this one we ended up for whatever reason seeing @DXHULK Falling in and out of the map on our screens and as we were mentioning it, he shows up with his magical powers Fight of the Century: With this one, i had a comment mentioned to me by a good friend of mine after we were done at a party at @Dephendor 's house and this is where this fight came out of nowhere. Local Justice!: So in this Clip we was doing drug runs and as the title states in the clip, we then as blocked in by locals as if to point us out to any passing cops. The Suicidal Deer: So once again during drug runs, we witnessed a deer just end its life by jumping in front of our car. Professional Photographer: So this was at the EU Racetrack opening, as i was leaving @DeadifferTeeHee crashed out of the server and her character ran after my car and attempted to get a photo. Fun Slide: With this clip was just heading to go repair the elegy's and next thing you know @Monp787 attempts a drift and messes it up bad and leads to me failing to stop because of no brakes. Motorcyclist seizure: So with this clip, we were doing the bus job and my friend was fueling his bus but then the next thing you know I notice a motorcyclist get rammed off his bike and he starts having like a seizure on the floor and another local is not taking his shit. I Would also like to see other peoples best memories but on top of that I also want to apologise for the quality of my mic on some of the clips as some of them were captured on my old headset which was cheap.
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    Hello everyone IC name is JoeBob, I'm new to Los santos. This has been a great experience these past few days . Even the twists and turns I've had so far. (getting robbed at gunpoint & working off 20k in state debt) I am loving the vibes and different people in LS. I am new to Fivem so still learning and remembering all the /commands and things like that. The hardest part for me is telling locals and players apart (not sure what we are called IC) I find myself on mic talking to locals for a few minutes until they walk off lol. I look forward to meeting you all on the streets and having some great adventures. see you soon ~Josh
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    [OOC: I am not a party involved in advertisement, but simply posting upon request for another, for purposes of anonymity. Make sure to use either your character name or bleeter name at the end of your post] The following flyer can be found posted on boards, stapled to poles, and otherwise scattered around town.
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    I have no words that can express what the Sheriff meant to me. I started out with the department so many months ago fearing him, then once I was around a bit it turned to respecting him, and finally considering him a friend. No one can fill his shoes.
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    Oh fuck off. While I object to public executions, trying to kill cops and anyone who happened to be in the area just to try to stop another person from dying is moronic. Apparently you didn't even stop the execution, so you accomplished absolutely nothing. Using voice changers and adding dramatic music like you're some kind of Anonymous offshoot does not make people fear you. Shooting cops and possibly others does not make people fear you. It just makes you look like the average goobers who move to the city and try to be be badasses by waving their big guns around and shooting anyone in their paths. Take your guns and your video editing "skills" and shove them up your collective asshole. I despised the public execution of Richard Bobby, but I do so very much look forward to watching yours. I'll be sure to bring popcorn. Contact me any time if you wish more public berating. I'll be happy to oblige. Marta Webb 555-14320
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    Finally back from a hiatus for a bit, had a baby up in Yankton. lol
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    Glad to have you here with us! Talk away to the locals I mean I yell at them when they say the wrong thing to me, or hit my car, I yell mostly at them when driving cause I have road rage.... LOL... Never hesitate to ask or even post in the forums if you have any questions, we were all new here once... well not me I'm still new and learning LuL but everyone I have run into have been super helpful to me through it all.
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    I remember when i first arrive in the city and was running tow and met the then Captain Cain of the BCSO. I he took me under his wing and taught me many things when I became a Deputy. I would like to thank you for all the opportunities you have given when I was under you in the LSPD and when you returned as Sheriff of the BCSO. He will be missed and forever remembered. S.Sabres
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    "He was not murdered like a rogue animal in a zoo in front of depraved onlookers." No, he was murdered in a cage alongside an innocent civilian whose life now hangs in the balance in a cowardly ambush. This is America, this isn't how we do things around here. We should be protesting, not gunning down government officials in the streets with automatic weapons. We made our voices heard on the loitering law and the state took notice. No blood was shed. We could have done the same thing here, but now the whole thing is tainted. How am I supposed to sleep soundly knowing that a group of terrorists is hiding somewhere in the city, waiting to strike next? Any person you talk to could secretly be a murderer with blood on his hands. This is not the San Andreas I moved to, I didn't sign up to go to Iraq so that I could watch government convoys get attacked in the streets, I signed on a house in a safe city so that I could live my life without fear of being shot for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We need to act and show that this is not what we want. Protest peacefully. Use the court system to fight the government's decisions as I'm doing now. Point out corruption when you see it. If the Syndicate is reading this, and I know you probably are: Your cause is just. There is corruption and shameful acts being committed in the government. But we can not abide armed thugs carrying out vigilante justice. I will not personally stand in your way, this is between you and the government. But I will do everything in my power to enact change without resorting to pointless violence, and I will bring people to my cause for peaceful reform. I urge you to lay down your weapons. You don't need to turn yourselves in, just leave this in the past and unite with us to build a San Andreas we can all be proud of. Do not give them what they want: an excuse to crack down on the citizens of this city.
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    Woah dudez... ur shooting some1??? Thatz crazee like 4real. Like u shulda dun the gas chamber but liek hotboxed it out with weed first. So he culd get high be4 he die and fly 2 heavun. RIP Richard #ItsWeedBuyingSeason -Tommy T. Twoshoes, ESQ
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