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    As normal, youtube takes you somewhere you never expected, so i came across this little gem, have a look. I laughed
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    Rectal bleeding epidemic inside Bolingbroke Prison has experts baffled (8/4/2017) Medical experts from across the state as well as the CDC gathered this morning for an urgent press conference from Bolingbroke State Prison. They explained an epidemic was sweeping through the facility of unknown origin which was afflicting inmates and even a small portion of the guards with a severe case of rectal bleeding. The still unknown virus or disease causes several symptoms including the above mentioned rectal bleeding as well as bruised or redness to the buttocks, uncontrollable sobbing, often times subjects show signs of depression and nervousness, many have soreness to the jaw and other facial muscles, constipation, and irrational fear of other inmates. "The last symptom listed is sometimes the opposite," explains Doctor Tarak Patel of the CDC. "We have seen some cases where they latch on to a particular inmate and never leave their sight. We attribute this to delusions of childhood as they often refer to this other inmate as 'Daddy'." Despite all their research and lab work over the last month, they still cannot find the cause or how this virus or disease is transmitted. There are a few theories though from the CDC. The first case, or zero patient, appears to have begun showing the symptoms the evening of June 11th. They began looking over the menus for that day and testing those foods the inmate may have eaten. They also have sent off water and air samples from his cell to Atlanta and are awaiting test results. Doctors even took pictures of and placed zero patient's pillow in a sealed bag when they saw it covered in apparent bite marks. They looked over the new inmate roster and found only one was processed in on June 11th. Tyrone Guest, who goes by the puzzling nickname of "Mile Long Shlong" and even has that tattooed in cursive across his lower stomach, was sentenced for kidnapping, murder, sodomy to a corpse, and failure to report a dead body. He was arriving that day to begin his 23 year sentence and was assigned to the same cell as 'zero patient' which has scientists researching if Tyrone might be a host of the virus but no links have been made to whether it could be air born, through contact or touch, or exchange of bodily fluids. Weazel News did contact Tyrone Guest via phone call to the prison for an interview but after we asked about the prison's rectal bleeding epidemic he screamed, "Y'all motherfuckers is stupid" and hung up. Doctor Patel says rage and anger might be a side effect of being the host, if he is indeed the host of the epidemic, but it's just too early to tell. A quarantine as been put into effect with medical staff moving Tyrone Guest as well as all the afflicted to the same wing, including the three guards who also have the same symptoms. That totals 63 patients since June 11th and none appear to be improving except for when certain test patients have been removed for the quarantined wing and put into a special ventilated lab sealed from the environment. They improve within a few weeks but the symptoms of irrational fear and depression immediately return when they are told to return to the quarantined wing and the full list of effects show themselves a short time later. Until answers to all the medical questions can be found, the CDC has ordered all those in quarantine will not be leaving the prison any time soon regardless if their prison sentence is ending or not. "This research could take a very long time," said Dr. Patel. "We will be here until we find the answers, which could takes years to accomplish or when funding runs out." Stay tuned to Weazel News as we continue to cover this breaking story. If you have or have had rectal bleeding and spent time at Bolingbroke State Prison we want to hear your story! - Blake Parker 555-26070 / @RyanGA
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    Weazel News Correspondent Alec Frasier on scene reporting on new management of the Pillbox Hill Fleeca Bank, gathering public opinion on the matter. With Fleeca's..interesting past... should we trust the new teller and employees? More at 10!
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    City remains on edge (7/29/17) Following the events on the 26th of July that sparked a feud between the Forajidos and Reapers Rejects/Reborn Motorcycle Clubs, Weazel News has repeatedly appealed to various law enforcement agencies to make a statement. Yesterday afternoon, Sheriff Harrison of Blaine County responded with the following written message: "The BCSO is aware of the brewing war between the two biker gangs and ask the citizens that live in the county to report any shots fired or see unusual activity to the Sheriff's department, we have briefed the deputies on the current situation and are trying to come to a peaceful resolve." Weazel News late yesterday also received yet another puzzling phone call from someone claiming to be from within the Reapers motorcycle gang. Their message? They did not snitch. "We did not snitch as there was nothing to snitch about. It was a simple picnic gone wrong. A bad turn of business due to some rowdy prospects within the Fajitas." Caller repeatedly refers to Forajidos MC with that name throughout the phone call. When pressed if there was indeed a kidnapping or not, the caller would not confirm or deny a kidnapping and instead called the episode a 'surprise party'. Confusingly, he followed that up with the assertion an attempt was made on their president's life that will not go unheard and that he wished to reassure the general populace that the Reapers Rejects/Reborn will not instigate fighting with innocents nearby but the same could not be said for their more violent rival, the Fajitas (Forajidos). "They are led by a dangerous and mentally unstable president whom will stop at nothing to get to his ends." We were then allowed to ask one final question. We asked what is the goal they wish to accomplish? To simply defend themselves, eliminate the other club, territory maybe? "This is simply retaliation. Ending in survival of the fittest. If that ends the other club....we will feel no regret," the caller threatened. He followed that with one last chilling statement before hanging up, "We hope no innocents will be caught in any potential crossfire, but we won't sit idle." Stay tuned to Weazel News as we continue to cover this story. - Blake Parker 555-26070
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    War brewing between motorcycle clubs (7/28/17) Based on word from the streets and anonymous emails sent to Weazel News, there is a underground war waging between rival motorcycle clubs. This hostility could very well boil over into full blown violence in the streets at any moment if left unchecked by law enforcement. The facts of what exactly led up to this vary depending which MC (Motorcycle Club) you believe as they each seem to paint themselves as the innocent victim while blaming the other for the escalating violence. Meanwhile, the local law enforcement agencies seem to remain silent about the whole thing with no comment as usual. The Forajidos MC claims that on July 26th, they and the Reapers Rejects MC were having a picnic at an undisclosed location to discuss business regarding their alliance. At some point during this gathering the police conducted a raid for unknown reasons. According to claims from a Forajidos member who did not disclose his name, this is when the number one rule of the biking world was broken. He says members of Reapers Rejects talking to law enforcement, or snitched, that they were being kidnapped. The Forajidos anonymous spokesperson did not say whether this was a true claim or simply lies to bring the law down on their rival MC. What he did state is this: The Reapers have two options. Hand in their patches and close their MC or blood will be spilled. The version of that day from Reapers Rejects comes from word from the street when Weasel News reached out for comment from anyone with information about that 'picnic'. Members of Reapers Reject's leadership were there only as kidnapped hostages who were most likely going to be killed until a police raid foiled the planned murder and saved their lives. It is still unknown how they came to be hostages or if anyone else was harmed during this kidnapping. After the July 26 event, Reapers Rejects broke all ties with Forajidos and declared war for what they see as the attempted torture and murder of their club leadership. Weazel News was not able to confirm if any members of Reapers Rejects did indeed snitch or not to law enforcement. Regardless of which story you believe, the result is the same with two well armed motorcycle gangs gearing up for a full scale war on our city streets. When we asked exactly how many members each of these gangs have, the only number we were given was 'dozens'. Innocent life in our normally quiet city is in jeopardy if this is allowed to escalate. As is normal operating procedure of late with our local city and county law enforcement, there is no comment on this matter and we were not able to confirm if anyone was arrested and charged from the July 26th raid. Weazel News will continue to cover this late breaking story and keep you aware of any new developments. - Blake Parker 555-26070
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    WHT. Hi, my name is Albert McLaughlin, I had a wife named Margaret McLaughlin, unfortunately, she died when I was serving in World War II, currently, I have a son named Douglas McLaughlin and he is looking for a wife!!! I have a High Blood Pressure, Altimers, Senile Dementia, Arthritis, Short Slighted. COPD, and PTSD. Fortunately, I have life alert and my Mobility Scooter provided by my doctor. Sadly my son has to take care of me sometimes. You will frequently see me around town flicking off the locals and being pulled over. I do need to work on my "old man" voice!! OOC: The people I kind of know that I've interacted with. @KennyH https://www.twitch.tv/videos/163276288 [ 00:39:21 - 00:50:00] Also thanks for the compliment at 00:46:00 @Deave and @GamerJules https://www.twitch.tv/videos/164357848 [04:03:30 - 04:10:00] Love the laugh! Also @Deave Hope you've been studying how to say Mc-gla-hin in the mirror and @GamerJules thanks for the compliment also at 04:13:15 @deadpaww Wasn't streaming but was funny seeing you sneak behind us for like 25 seconds and had fun laughing! @fleureo Might need a lawyer soon! Might be in some trouble. (New movie "BadDad") @Gri3fy Thanks for fixing my knee!! I never hit my son
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    Fleeca Bank makes changes after numerous robberies and mismanagement (8/2/2017) If one thing comes to mind when someone mentions Fleeca Bank, it is most likely the latest armed robbery. It has become so commonplace in fact that the police only respond if they have the spare manpower. Yes, you read that right, it's become so common that even the police are bored of it. Fleeca's other struggling issue which you may not know about is their colossal mismanagement of money and down right horrible banking practices. Hacking and other computer glitches have reportedly cleaned out hundreds of accounts, entire pallets of cash currency have turned up missing once delivered, and the final straw for the FDIC was the Pillbox location's branch manager recently being found at a local strip club one Friday night spending lavishly with cash - cash that the FIB and the Department of Treasury had secretly marked to track where the missing bank money was going. Apparently, you don't want to go to a dark night club with black lights with marked bills as they will glow brightly in one specific area. So brightly in fact that one of the bouncers, an off-duty Blaine County deputy, took notice of the bills and contacted the FIB. The branch manager was fired that following Monday and as of press time is still sitting in jail with bail revoked after his girlfriend attempted to post it in, you guessed it, more of those marked bills. This brings us to today. Fleeca Bank has fired and replaced their entire staff at all branch locations. Fleeca promises customer service will be their number one priority and will strictly follow all FDIC guidelines going forward. Each branch will now also have a security guard on staff in an attempt to put a stop to the robbery epidemic and help customers feel at ease. Meanwhile, the federal government is maintaining a watchful eye to make sure the new policies remain in the community's best interest and any failure to maintain proper banking protocols could lead to Fleeca's permanent shutdown. Weazel News visited the Pillbox branch yesterday evening and can report a remarkable change for the better. No longer were the tellers rude and withdrawn, oftentimes not even speaking to you or bothering to even be at the teller window, that has become a staple of the typical Fleeca experience. We instead were greeted upon entering by a pleasant gentleman named Cooter (head teller) who allowed us to silently observe as business was conducted. And business was indeed booming. We counted 10-12 transactions just in the short time we were there. From soccer moms to senior citizens, college students to the blue collar workers, Fleeca appears to have been forgiven for the past and given a second chance by the community. Although some customers could be quite difficult with demanding only crisp new bills or large sums of money in all quarters for the laundry mat, Cooter never faltered in delivering top notch customer service. Things were not all good though. During our time there we witnessed several incidents that could only remind us that Fleeca Bank is still haunted by their past. Automatic gunfire was heard multiple times, the first being as soon as we pulled into the parking lot, but the location could never be pinpointed. Our news van had the passenger window busted out but nothing was taken. One poor fellow working for Go Postal delivery service came in only to have his van stolen while he was making a deposit. Granted, he did park in the clearly marked no parking zone, left the engine running, and failed to lock his doors but still it was quite sad to witness. None of this is directly related to the bank itself, but crime does seem to gravitate around each of it's branches. And of course, we couldn't leave out the armed robbery. A dark skinned man wearing all black with white shoes came in later in the evening and stood there as another customer was being helped. When it was his turn to move to the counter, he instead turned and left only to come back in a few minutes later with a hand gun which took even the security guard on duty by surprise. He ordered everyone to the back room at which point we complied and waited. After a few minutes of not seeing or hearing the armed individual, the security guard went back out and cleared the bank and concluded the man with the gun got cold feet and ran off. No money was taken according to the bank. The police were called for several of these incidents but none ever responded. It seems while the community may have warmed up to the 'new and improved' Flecca Bank, the local police have not. Time will tell if Fleeca Bank will continue working hard on it's image to become a shining example for the community or remain the poster child of everything that's wrong with the banking system...with several inconvenient locations. - Blake Parker 555-26070 / @RyanGA
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    Paleto Bay bank robbed and reporter threatened! (7/26/17) At about 7:15PM on Wednesday, the alarm went off at the Paleto Bay branch of the Blaine County Savings Bank as two armed individuals entered. Our very own Weazel News reporter Blake Parker was in the area at the time and arrived on the scene as the suspects were still inside. Parking across the street, Blake proceeded to take pictures of the developing story when one of the suspects pulled up in a dark colored two door sports car and began making threats for the reporter to leave immediately. "He pulled up wearing a mask and told me to leave now or I wouldn't like the consequences," recounts Blake. "I literally froze and couldn't say anything...I just stood there for a moment and then ran towards the apartments." The driver of the car then pulled off and returned back to the bank parking lot and awaited the exit of his partner in crime. At around 7:18 with the robbery of the vault complete, the second individual exited the bank entrance and the two left at a high rate of speed south on Paleto Blvd. Blake Parker waited on the scene for an additional fifteen minutes for authorities to arrive but he reports that never took place. "I waited until well after 7:30PM and even tried calling 911 but my calls were not answered." Weazel News has reached out to the Blaine County Sheriff's Office for comment but as of yet has not received a response. Anyone wishing to report an anonymous tip can call 555-26070.
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    Today we say goodbye to Blake Parker (8/15/2017) Weazel News is sad to report today that Blake Parker is no longer with us. He has decided to leave the news station to seek a career in law enforcement with the Blaine County Sheriff's Office. Blake wasn't with us long but during his tenure he covered current events within the city with such vigor and an uncanny eye for detail that he was instantly distinguishable from other journalists which came before him. Whether it was reporting an armed robbery from afar or actually being held at gunpoint himself, Blake never shied away from being there on the front lines to not only break the story first but for the story to be as accurate as possible even when that accuracy ruffled feathers within law enforcement or the criminal underground. It was that style of honest reporting that led to the trust from the community which Weazel News has not seen in many years. Blake's news desk was always full of letters from the community offering ideas for stories or anonymous tips on crime. Those same tips led to Blake talking to both sides of the two local motorcycle clubs which were hell bent on destroying each other earlier this month. This mayhem and destruction did not take place and perhaps Blake played a small part in preventing that. He of course being of modest character, shrugs that off saying the two MCs simply saw the futility in warring with each other. Weazel News again wishes Blake Parker the best and we hope he remembers us, for one day we very well might be calling on him at the sheriff's office for a 'scoop'. Replacing Blake as current events reporter will be Steven Sage. Steven, a recent college dropout, gambling addict, and current limousine driver; comes to the job with flamboyance, youth, inexperience, and almost to the point of annoying you level of excitement. We wish him the best as he hits the streets of Los Santos. You can contact Steven Sage with your story at 555-27258 or email him at @RyanGA.
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    Makers of WarZ or infestation survivor stories, its just gona be another scam.
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    Legal gambling returns to San Andreas (8/12/2017) Nearly twenty years after former San Andreas Governor Arnie Swartz's embezzlement scheme that milked the state run lottery system dry, the federal government's moratorium on gambling within the state has expired as of the end of 2016. Since then, the area has seen race tracks and casinos built which have so far been a cash cow for the owners as well as the state coffers. Continuing those baby steps into different areas of legalizing gambling, the Los Santos city council this week approved 'McGill Brother's Sport Book' for a business license. According to their petition for the license, the McGill brothers wish to offer a place for Los Santos residents to wager bets on various sporting events ranging from college and professional sports to MMA and heavyweight boxing. If this sounds familiar, it's because twenty years ago there was a similar company running such a business, called 'Pay Up Beech' and run by the son of former state Congressman Alfred Beech, which over time strayed into other not-so-legal betting arenas with dog vs rooster fights, nursing home sudden death matches, and the infamous prostitutes vs battlebots cage match that somehow, despite being illegal, made it to Pay-Per-View and to this day still holds the record as the most watched PPV live broadcast. McGill Brother's Sport Book promises no such thing this time around with only legal betting taking place. Their highlight with the grand opening is the Connor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. boxing match due to take place at the end of the month but they also do other daily, weekly, and monthly bets covering most college and professional sports both inside and outside the United States. Their offices are located above the Fleeca Bank in Pillbox making betting transactions safe and convenient. All bets, which are paid in advance to prevent any busted kneecaps later, have a ten percent service fee. To go along with their grand opening and the state's return to legalized bookie gambling, the McGill Brothers are holding a $100,000 prize raffle at the end of August with any bet placed with them gaining a raffle ticket. One such raffle ticket went to Steven Sage, a recent college drop out Weazel News met in front of the Fleeca Bank offices. "Yeah, I totally just withdrew everything from my college fund bank account and bet it all on the McGregor guy," exclaimed Steve with apparent glee. "I mean, I don't know anything about fighting but I saw his picture and he is super cute so I went with him!" You can contact the McGill Brother's Sports Book by contacting either 555-27312 for Farquat or 555-27357 for Angus. - Blake Parker 555-26070 / @RyanGA
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    I wanted to invite people this weekend to play some TTS (TableTop Simulator). I am thinking Friday or Saturday night. You will need to own THIS GAME (TTS) on steam in order to play. If you would like to play or have any interest, comment on this post! Everyone is welcome to join! Games We Can Play: Cards Against Humanity Skip-Bo Uno LIFE Monopoly (Fallout Edition) The Settlers of Catan Flux (Requested by @Keira) Secret Hitler (Requested by @Pinkerchu & @Shelby & @JAckh45) Gloom (Requested by @Pinkerchu) Epic Spell Wars (Requested by @Pinkerchu) Betrayal at the House on the Hill (Requested by @Pinkerchu) Dead of Winter (Requested by @Pinkerchu) Arkham Horror (Requested by @Pinkerchu) Apples to Apples (Requested by @Pinkerchu) And much more! ---------- People that want to play ---------- @Keira; @deadpaww; @NOOB_KILLA; @Addylad; @Pinkerchu; @TheKodah; @lilviper; @MrByrdman; @mrbucket; @Amok6646; @Bella; @Shelby; @RogueRenegade; @Inferno; @Vio; @Sawstusgaming; @Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ Only 8 people are allowed to play on a simulator at once. We can run more than 1 group and we can switch out people, etc. If you want to play we will make it happen! COMMENT BELOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PLAY AND STATE THE DATE YOU CAN PLAY. (FRIDAY OR SATURDAY NIGHT - EST)
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    Zach. I'll be the first one to tell you that, nothing that was said in game was directed towards you. I know with my character "Victor Williams" he had a good time with Jessica since the first time he met her at Bahamamas. That was until she messed up his car for no reason. If you aren't feeling like playing anymore, than by all means don't. Don't ever feel like you NEED to play. Take as much time off to regroup, do other things, hang out with friends, have YOU time. If you want to come back and play then stop by. I know some people can't differintiate RP from IRL and feel that they need to attack you OOC. Which is completely uncalled for. If you need to talk, message me buddy. See you soon
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    Anyone up for some Bingo after a nice dinner of liver and onions?
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    Well done @RyanGA This incident is gonna lead to great RP i tihnk
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    sure then id have less crime to deal with
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    Hey guys! I only have a few years experience in roleplay but I'm looking to bring to the table the most of what I can do! I'm looking to come here and meet the people here and have the best time possible! I already know a few people here, but I'm always down to expand and make new friends! Cya out there!
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    I joined this community to have fun, I had alot of fun and I enjoyed my time roleplaying with everyone here. This community was great thanks to the community, Chief, Dalton Kifer, George wittmen, Vic, Zyke, ETC.... Theres also been some people that make this community less than bearable but no society or community is without flaws. Now let me explain where I've been. I have been enjoying the real world. Hanging with friends, trying to get with some girls, and just enjoying myself. Like I said, I originally joined to have fun and get rid of my stress and social anxiety. but recently I was getting stressed out over every little thing. Everything seemed to pile up and It was more of a sense of " I have to play " than "I want to play" I consider myself a actor, and when I take on these roles I portray myself ontoo that role. When jessica felt like shit I felt like shit. Now no offense to you jared,rp is rp but when you ran over jessicas car that was a emotional shock for me and I actually broke down in tears. When everyone hated jessica I took that as they hated me which I know is not the cause,but thats how I put myself intoo my characters shoes.(by feeling there emotions). I've had moments in real life where I felt like jessica, where everyone was ganging up on me because they thought I was annoying and just felt like I was trying to get attention ( although many cases jessica was trying to get attention, but in some cases she wasnt.) I realized something was wrong when I felt happier not playing then when I did play. I might visit the server every once in a while. Im not leaving the community but I wont be playing 20 hours a day like I used too. Thank you all for the fun and positivity you've provided me during my short time playing. ~ ~Zach0ary AKA Jessica Riley~~
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    Hello everyone! I've been watching SoE streams for a while, and decided to join the fray and create a character a few weeks back. I've played various RP centric games for 10+ years now, including old school text based MUDs, so having actual character models to mess with in GTA is great. I'm an NYC native who just recently moved to Southern California a few years back for work reasons. My east coast accent may still slip from time to time, especially when cursing. If you see my character, Sarah Smith, at all in-game, please feel free to say hi. I sometimes have stage fright with roleplaying online (and using VOIP), but everyone I've met thus far has been really chill and welcoming. I'm excited to join this community and get to meet you guys. Red
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    Hey everyone, Well, I've been a member and keeping track of things since January 2017 but I finally have time to get into it. I am pretty excited to RP here. Since the release of GTA V, I had hoped that this kind of community and RP would be possible and here we are. A little about myself: A chill 33 y/o father and husband who is just looking to have some fun and RP and not get stressed out by OOC BS. I am also a Content Creator on Youtube and Stream quite a bit (If you're really interested, check my profile for links). I've made seasons that look and feel like a TV show based off of the DayZ game in a roleplay community. But now that I see this and that I am here, I am thinking that I can probably pull this off here as well. So I hope to see a lot of awesome RP here and excited to start my new life in Los Santos. Look for Mickey Merlo the NY-Italian that drives a taxi for a living and getting away from his old life to start fresh.
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    Hey guys! Hope your weekend is as good as mine! I took a day of SoE. And no, no drama. Its been action filled and fun every second and I love it. I myself have gone through a ruff time growing up. Due to that I have some of those fancy letter combinations that can easily make me nervous. SoE rp has challanged me to face those demons and I had no idea it would. But im glad it did. I grow as a person. Anyhow I needed 1 day of so i went into the forest. Even if i can't escape the nighterrors i have every single night I manage to grab a glance at beautiful stuff like the picture down below. Thank you for some interesting times here people. Ill be going home later today, but until then ima sit where I am at and enjoy this view: Man I love going out here sit here and just watch nature. Been sitting here since 6am and shes past 7:30 now. All my (irl) problems go away for a while. Have a wonderfull weekend SoE. I know I'm having <3
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    To be honest, after getting a few PMs from here and the game I was really scratching my head about how to go about this as I wasn't there in person to witness it to get the actual truth. The story varies depending on who tells it so how does a reporter cover it without it looking like one story was believed and another dismissed? I frankly was just going to ignore it rather than show favoritism but I got to work this morning with nothing to do, and the creative light bulb just sort of clicked to tell both stories. I think it came out ok for early morning half asleep writing when the boss isn't looking Crazy how I went to sleep after putting all this in 'file 13' and then by 9:30am the next morning a story is born.
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    Hi everyone from Canada (Ontario), I have been playing here for about a week or two and have met some really cool folks. I hope to meet more soon! I play as Lilith a law student from Canada who has moved to California. Lilith (in character): I am a little in the grey area of what is right and wrong and currently struggling to decide if I want to perform law here. I like hanging out with what some may call "criminals". I don't like gun play unless it's to kill a murder cat or coyote and I try to stay pretty clean in my own dealings. At this point I haven't decided exactly what I want to do, but for now I am trying to get to know all the fine folks in this city!
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    Nervously laughing today as extreme flooding has set my city. Christchurch, New Zealand in a "State of Emergency" Means i'm not going to be able to play over the weekend as i'll be staying in a hotel for a couple days. Had my priorities right though. I went home unplugged my computer and put it all on top of the table. Jokes aside, pretty crazy here as i live right next to a river. A tonne of roads have been closed and there are videos of some areas having the water creeping up to the top of road signs. Some smaller towns on the outskirts of the city have been evacuated and we are set to have another 100mm of rain + hightide should be rolling in soon too so hoping our wee house holds up. Luckily our doorstep isnt at ground level but fingers crossed my area is ok. It'd make me feel better if we had insurance but after the earthquakes insurance companies refused to insure us saying our area is a "flood risk" area. My bloody home town has had such a bad run lately. 2 huge earthquakes several years back that totally destroyed everything and killed many, bush fires a month back that destroyed homes and now bloody floods. It's fascinating and scary all at the same time. So shout out to my Chch homies if there are anymore of you out there be safe.
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    Welcome! We're happy to have you here and hope you enjoy your stay.
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    Commander's Log - August 10, 3303 Ship Type - Asp Explorer Summary: I had the luck of getting a passenger mission paying me 600k+ credits for a jump of only 14LY! But the time I lost getting interdicted twice and going too fast into a planet, causing me to jump out of glide 100km away from my target, probably made up for the time I would have saved. With The Bubble Collective doing so well right now, I've decided that I couldn't pass on this opportunity of a passenger mission, worth 3.6m credits and bringing me 2k+ LY away from our home system. My Asp Explorer is equipped with a really good fuel scoop, along with a bunch of extra fuel tanks to get me as far as possible without scooping. I will be taking lots of pictures (if there are any cool systems and planets) for everyone to enjoy! As of now though, I'll be staying in Lidpar for another day or two, in case something happens during that time. If everything is fine, I'll be gone and report back when I reach my destination (or an SOS signal *cough* fuel rats *cough*).
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    Really dont want an old man on my profile >.> lol
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    Hello everyone It's time to say "hi" on the forum as I've just connected to the public server for the first time - first time RPing in GTA actually. Although this is the first time I've tried this kind of RP, I've been playing and running text MUD/MUSH/MUXes for 25 years so I'm hoping it won't be a difficult transition. I've been watching streams for a couple of months to get a feel for GTA RP, and am planning to start my own stream in a week or two, so hoping to warm up nicely in time for then. Any advice or information much appreciated, and look forward to seeing you in the world! Algy
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    OMG thank you! No matter how many times I proof read a Weazel article I find small tiny mistakes in grammer or spelling (as instead of at for example) AFTER it's posted.
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    We're currently fighting a civil war with Lidpar Order. Winning this could give us control over an outpost in the system, bringing in more influence. I advise everyone to kill vessels from Lidpar Order! EDIT: Doing missions for The Bubble Collective also helps in the current civil war, so don't forget about them.
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    Unfortunately the rest of the club had to leave town on official club business for a while. They should be gone about a month and we can pick up were we left off after that... Now if the reapers snitched or not, I think I'll just not comment on that right now
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    Welcome to SoE! Glad to see you are enjoying it so far, just keep reaching out and test out every kind of water out there and i'm sure you'll get more addicted to stay around When it comes to your second question regarding policing, first of all we do require that you have spent some time playing on SoE to get some more experience in both the Server rules and the RP. Secondly if you are curious how things work you -can- ask for a ride along but only under that the LEO's on at the time have time for you and that your character is squeaky clean (No crime) When you've had some time on here i suggest you keep an eye out over here on the forums to apply to either LSPD or BCSO. See you out there!
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    New Dev Blog coming tonight, I'll keep you guys posted!
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    I want Mcgregor to win but in all reality Money boy is prolly gonna win.
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    @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@Inferno Prices were added. Everyone got the 2nd boat upgrade or its price refunded and their money prizes. Please be aware that the money was handed out in cash!
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    Welcome to the community. I look forward to you and your husband's roleplay.
  43. 2 points
    Did they really ? or you guys just trolling?
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