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  1. BigTheTank

    Any wrestling fans?

    Hell yeah. Currently rewatching saturdays NXT Takeover, god damn great show.
  2. BigTheTank

    BCSO Press Release - June 18th, 2018

    Oh my god... RIP Sherrif Cain, you will be missed sir. -Andrew Gains
  3. BigTheTank

    A message to the people of San Andreas

    I second this, our companies official statement echoes what most of the city feels #FuckSyndicate -Andrew Gains
  4. BigTheTank

    City Que

    Apparently that’s not enough lol. There needs to be something that outright tells them to just go to the other one, otherwise it’s just gonna stay the same way
  5. BigTheTank

    A message to the people of San Andreas

    Don’t let this group change the way you live your life, they are the text book definition of terrorists and spending your days in fear of what might happen serves us no good. Who ever these “people” and I use that term loosely are, will be brought to justice. Do not live in fear everyone. These people shot 5 people yesterday for no rhyme or reason and then waved their guns around at everyone in the parking lot. Those guns do not make you tough, they just expose for the cowards you really are. -Andrew Gains
  6. BigTheTank

    City Que

    I don’t know if it’s possible, but adding on to what @agentwabbit said, if it’s like a 10 person queue maybe a little warning could pop up prior to actually getting in queue saying to go to the other server. Idk, it might be useful but who knows. It is very annoying though seeing one full server with a massive queue right next to a completely empty one. I know everyone wants to play with their friends but that can be a major inconvenience
  7. Where in any of that did I say you were a part of it? I simply said it was funny that you saw it in a completely different area from where we witnessed the two vehicles.
  8. I never said the execution wasn't poorly planned, Hell I was against it. The BSCO should have been there in the first place, that is in their area. For them to not be there as security is a disgrace. My gun was not even loaded sir, I dont enjoy carrying a gun but our insurance requires it but me not shooting some how makes up for the fact that BSCO was never there in the first place? Quite the mental gymnastics you are pulling here Deputy. Everyone in there did what they could to assist. You talk to any one in that lot, we all did what we could and guess what Deputy, Jones and Holt made it. Mr.Jones loaned me his car to get lucky medical attention which we did. By this time ONE BSCO finally showed up.
  9. I’ll have you know Lucky Smith was shot while attempting to aid Chief Jones and Officer Holt but please go ahead and continue to belittle us and insinuate that we knew something. Everyone in that lot risked their own lives assisting your brothers and sisters of the police force while we waiting for YOU. BSCO should Have had units there before this thing even started. Infant I witnessed a bsco deputy pull up to the prison after the shooting, turning around and leaving with ever checking once on anyone. The next bsco deputy showed up several minutes after.
  10. We in the Weazel News van witnessed a crotch rocket style motorcycle pull out from around the area of the courthouse in the city.
  11. Ill gladly have such a discussion sir. You can get a eye witness report right from me. I’ll be home in a short while.
  12. Were gonna let the courts decide this one, Deputy. The fact of that matter is, the BSCO should of been there in the first place the whole time, but for some reason you guys were told you weren’t permitted.
  13. As is mine, and I will supply it when it’s called upon.
  14. Like I said, I very much look forward to the court date. I’m extremely confident. The fact of the matter is when we arrived there was zero BSCO on scene, one originally pulled up and then left when he got to the prison, and the next one only showed up to assist the prison after we had left with.
  15. Viewership? We never once turned out cameras on. We went in to help, and when we arrived Chief Jones and Sr. Officer Holt were down, we were trying our damndest to get them out of their cars and to safety. The downed Deputy which I assume was Deputy Staten was one of the few BSCO who did his job last night and should be commended heavily for his brave acts. I very much look forward to our court date.
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