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  1. Deadspin

    Yet another late (I think) introduction.

    Should i mention all the times Whitmore has gotten drunk and parked next to Hawk's grave? You bastard.
  2. So I think I made an introduction post when I first showed up here just over a year ago. I think I remember Mattis making a comment since I'm a former (medically retired) Marine and, if you're in that circle, you know the name "Mattis" is synonymous with "God" for most of us Infantry types. Anyway, I've been role playing in various forms since I was roughly 15 years old. You can all make fun of me, I got my start in RP with the Furry crowd through, believe it or not, a friend on a Counter-Strike server back when Counter-Strike didn't suck (think back to before Valve took over). From there I moved through various text-based RP muds/mucks/moos (whatever you want to call them) and even in to Second Life for a short stint before deciding that that form of RP just wasn't for me since people concentrated far too much on one simple aspect of human interaction. It kind of dropped off for me while I was active duty USMC. No time. Always deployed. Always training, etc. Last summer, my wife had taken the kids out of town to visit family and I had taken a few days off of work so I could have a 5-6 day weekend and completely fuck my sleep schedule with Elite: Dangerous and Rocket League. That's when I stumbled across an article on a gaming website talking about Sheriff Eli. Yes, I rode the Eli hype train in to SOE, not knowing at the time that factions had formed, fallen apart and reformed elsewhere. Not that I ended up caring, either. I'd tried some RP stuff with WoW and Guildwars. Having a 3d world like that with the simple emotes to back up SOME of the RP was a great concept. Finding groups to really get into it with was a lot harder in practice because again I found myself wanting more substance and less notional adult activities. So I figured I'd give SoE a shot. Came here, read through what I figured were prerequisite posts (forum rules, server rules, how-to guides) and then bought GTA:V for PC (Had it on PS4 previously) and downloaded FiveM. For those of you who bitch about the queue, let me tell you, it's much nicer having it than it was not having it. Nothing like refreshing the server every 10-15 seconds in the FiveM browser, waiting for that shit to drop from 32/32 to 31/32 and hoping you were the first to hit enter and connect in that brief gap of eligibility. The early days were fun. Fishing on the beach just east of Sandy was the social spot if you didn't want to get shot-up or run-over by rando default danny's down at Banner Extended. That's where I met @DXHULK and @Eilytres as well as a few other people. Going back a bit further though, my first interaction with police while trying to do a drug run in a Washington was with @KennyH. The bastard pulled out to give me a warning for going like 73 in a 70 and I panicked and took off (as much as you can in that land yacht). True to form for experienced SOE cops though, he knew where most people lost control on Great Ocean Highway and hung back until we got there.. where I did lose control, swerve into oncoming traffic and impact another vehicle. It was a month or so later that I decided the lack of EMS (at the time) is something I could help with, so I signed up for EMS and met @Pinkerchu and @ValkyrieSpirit . They taught me the ways of the Medic and I had a fuck ton of fun with them. It's also where I met @AstroNaught and where our friendly rivalry started after the no-job / all-the-time-in-the-world bastard passed his probie status in like.. 3 hours. I'd been EMS from then (Roughly Late August I think) up until about May of this year, where I took a step back to try something new and joined the LSPD. Of course, shortly before that I had started to dabble in building custom LEO/EMS peds and had become a contributing Developer by then as well. That brings us about up to where we are now. My original character, Chris (Hollywood) is still active on the server from time to time but mostly I get seen on my LSPD character. On rare occasions I'll even roll out my Trevor impersonation for some fun with the locals or I'll roll out the retired SAFR Battalion Chief. Who knows. Though right now I'm spending the better portion of my SOE time debugging the BCSO makeover I have in the works while also taking notes from the various departments and devs for other little projects that require some tinkering on the 3d side of the house. It's been 367 days. I wouldn't trade SOE for any of the other servers out there at this point. Sure, it's had its ups and downs, there are people I don't agree with most of the time and attitudes that rub me the wrong way but that's life. Stay safe, ya glorious bastards.
  3. Deadspin

    Wireless headsets

    I've been using the Arctis 7 since December last year. Love it.
  4. Deadspin

    A Laaaaaaaaate Introduction

    I see how it is. I remember the days you were running for mayor, looking for handouts, and I enjoyed watching your squeaky clean mayoral candidate get involved with organized crime and slowly sink away from that race. Didn't realize we joined up around the same time.
  5. We love ya, you old grungy bastard. I guess I'll have to do one of these soon too..
  6. Deadspin

    Doctor Redwood Shot

    Motherfucker.. Welp, I guess I'll get my own hands dirty now. I just wanted to retire in peace and go fishing, damnit, but these gutless sons of bitches go and start attacking my people? Fuck this. - J. Whitmore PS: Who's that new doc with Redwood?
  7. Deadspin

    Bye guys/Gals :/

    What little interaction we've had has always been a blast man. Gonna miss seeing you around.
  8. Deadspin

    Shadowplay with FiveM

    I'm gonna try this. Note to @SommerTheViking, i tell shadowplay to record the desktop so i can run windowed borderless.
  9. Deadspin

    Your best SoE Memories?

  10. Deadspin


    Nah, east coast plz.
  11. Deadspin


    Purge me. I was more or less keeping tabs on what you guys were doing while I wait for the game to be fun again. (IE: Engineers gone)
  12. Deadspin

    Strike a pose.

    More of a burnt orange on those two. I also run a dark blue pearl paint job on some of my cars.
  13. Deadspin

    Chris' Harlots

    My two devious girls.
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