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  1. To all who read this | I actually reached out to the admin team about my server violation. I did not, in fact, commit this instance of FailRP and or "poor" RP. The instances in which they talked to me about in private were not a problem at the time they happened and they have done nothing to aid in my understanding of my bans nor to assist me in resolving them.

    It's incredibly disappointing. It's not just insulting, but a spit in the face. I waited, and still have been, for months. I refuse to message them again since my last update message to them was met with a distancing "it is not in my hands. It's in this ones." and I am not reaching out to this third admin just for an update. It's their job to moderate; not mine. I shouldn't have to run through hoops for a ban I received during my break from the game.

    I had been playing for around a month when the ban took place. It was a few days after I took my break, only to be met by it a month later when I came back. Ever since this has been a disappointing and very unfruitful development.

    I am a nobody on here. I am not whitelisted. I am not a known streamer. Thus, I feel as though I am forgettable and disposable but what feels to be an archaic and disconnected admin team. I used to have really good quality interactions with both staff and members since 2017. But this year? Nothing but strife, turmoil, and worst of all radio silence.

    So that is the state of this profile if you come by. If this profile still exists by the time staff sees it? Then congratulations. This post wasn't made out of spite, despite my angry words and disappointed feelings. I loved this place. But now? I feel abandoned and exiled for an issue no one properly explained to me and didn't give me a timely or fair chance to defend myself and have this violation removed.

    Maybe one day I will RP on here again... but right now? It looks to be impossible now and into the foreseeable future.

    Thanks for the memories and all this server was and may become. But, at least for now, there seems to be no place for me any longer in these halls. That's all there is to it and that is all there is left to be said. If this situation evolves, gets handled, or is righted? I will happily apologize for any harsh words I slung in this post and acknowledge the effort put in. But I have doubts at this point that it will come to pass. 

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