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  1. Forbiddenuk

    BCSO Press Release - June 18th, 2018

    Rest in peace Sheriff Jason Cain
  2. Forbiddenuk

    Syndicate Information on Flyers Around Town

    How do we know these people are form the Syndicate? Where did this information come from? Where is the evidence to back this up? I'm all for finding out who these people are, but at least show the backup to support this Leo Hunter Owner and CEO | Rekt Tow Services COO of The Vinewood Track Phone: 555-37460 Email: @Forbiddenuk (The same thing thats in my signature...)
  3. Forbiddenuk

    A message to the people of San Andreas

    I have to say. They have made some very good points. While I don't agree with the violent acts... But what else is being done? Ya'll talk about doing stuff but never actually follow through. The Syndicate have been the only ones with the balls to do something and take action.
  4. So, from everything everyone has said... BCSO should of been running security on a last minute organisation for a STATE run prison because no security was organised for a public execution. For a dangerous prisoner who had zero escourt being transfered in a SUV with 1 SASP and 1 LSPD. All while BCSO have to also patrol the county and city? Am I missing something here?
  5. You literally did the same thing to myself by implying i had a part of it earlier.
  6. So are you saying they already decided on a public execution before they even had the court trail?
  7. Typical... Would rather sue someone then look at the bigger picture... Maybe you should sue the state for such a poorly organise transportation of a prisoner. Maybe you should be ask, why the hell are they transporting a prisoner that's already meant to be in the prison? Why was there no escort? Why was there no security at the prison? Why was they transporting such a dangerous person in the back of a SUV rather than some kind of armoured prison bus?
  8. I never said i saw this start at Paleto. I said i was coming from Paleto. Don't try twist my words for a news story. Fact is i was driving down on my flatbed after a recent call out.
  9. I Leo Hunter have to disagree with what has been reported with regards to the BCSO. I was travelling down from Paleto to the city when I passed the bridget that turnson to Route 68, where I witnessed the ambush first hand and saw BCSO's present on scene taking fire from automatic weapons before the criminals continued down to the prison. I have to say the fact you are trying to pin the blame on the BCSO rather than focus on the fact these criminals are well organised with very dangerous weapons is a disgrace. You're trying to blame the unfortunate acts of a bunch of scum onto the BCSO. The questions what I would be asking is: Who are these criminals and why are they interested in Mr Bobby? Why was they escorting a criminal with such a record to a PUBLIC execution with no other armed escorts to an obviously unsecured prison where civilians will be?
  10. Forbiddenuk

    The Loss of a Legend

    God this is going to be sad one with these 3
  11. Forbiddenuk

    The Loss of a Legend

    One of my first Internet Icons, from all the way back in his warcraft radio days. Everywhere you go in the gaming community you'll always hear of his impact some how.
  12. Forbiddenuk

    How does it affect others?

    This is probably something you should ask @Squitten privately being the owner of the rental company and co-owner of Stryker Inc. Might also be worth noting this ban is until the 12th currently.
  13. Forbiddenuk

    Thanks to the BCSO

    Theres also the fact it looks exactly like the complex crosshair you use in normal online GTA Edit: may be the simple one, either way i know ive used it on gta5 online
  14. Forbiddenuk

    Thanks to the BCSO

    Video editing software that puts a dot crosshair in the middle of your screen? Okay...
  15. Forbiddenuk

    Lucky's Dance Party

    I had the pleasure of hanging out with Lucky and a few other people from the city last night. Happened to be recording some of it on my phone https://www.twitch.tv/videos/246774302 Thanks for the invite Lucky
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