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Los Santos Police Department
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  1. MrBrando

    You Really Wanna Know, Dont you?

    Am I missing something? Or did this guys photoshop screw up? If you need help with cropping pictures, I do it all the time with my dealerships ads. -Frankie Giorgianni, Owner of Kars4Cash.
  2. MrBrando

    Do mods/admins get rewards for banning?

    I havent laughed this hard in quite awhile, and it sucks cuz im sick af atm. Screw you ego
  3. MrBrando

    Chiaki/Remi/Lily/Amara: The returnening

    Welcome back Chiaki, I’ve been waiting to get my damn cars painted, Carl does a crap job @Monp787 Lol jk. Good to have ya back.
  4. MrBrando

    Overall Issues with my PC

    I was getting blue screens left and right about 6 months ago, and the thing that fixed it for me was either formatting my hard drives, or replacing my ram. I did both and the blue screens went away. Sorry if you have done both already I just skimmed through what you’ve said so far
  5. MrBrando

    looking to buy new pc

    I always recommend building over buying, I was nervous at the start because I never thought I woulda been able to put together a pc by myself but just following a guide on YouTube helped me along the way and now I’ve probably built around 10 to 15 pc’s for myself and friends and family and what not. It’s really not as hard as people think.
  6. MrBrando

    City Que

    You are in a very small minority. I would say at the very least 85% of the people will stay in que, and trust me I wanted to believe that a Leo joining the less populated server would make a difference but it doesn’t. It’s been tested and tested and tested. I think almost all the LEO’s will agree with me on that.
  7. MrBrando

    City Que

    I guess I’ll put in my two cents from the LEO side of things. A lot of the time nowadays the busy server with have more than enough LEO’s on duty so there’s no need for me to be taking up a spot there, so with that said I will usually go to the less populated server which typically about 20 minutes after rapture, has about 5 to 8 players most nights. So I’ll go on duty, and wait and wait and still see the 10 to 15 person que on the busy server and honestly be disappointed and not even want to patrol around since I’d say 90% of the time nothing happens on a server with 8 people on it. The idea that if a officer goes on duty on the less populated server that the people in que will switch over has been proven false time and time again. I totally get wanting to rp with a certain group or person but even if I’m not going to play my cop character I’ll usually try and go to the less populated server even though I could probably skip the line for the que on the busy server, to me getting at least some form of rp is better than twiddling your thumbs for a hour and a half waiting in a que of 10 plus people.
  8. MrBrando

    Fantasy football

    That would be awesome to have a in character fantasy league, I’d be down, I’ve been playing fanstasy for about 6 years now and love it.
  9. I want blasko and his crazy mustang driving to stick around. 30 bucks sent your way my friend. - Love Lucky Smith and Officer Hayes.
  10. MrBrando

    Any wrestling fans?

    Don’t ruin the hopes and dreams of the watchers Marta, goshhhhh
  11. We at Weazel News looked up to the men and women of the BCSO. After what we and the brave citizens of our state at the prison saw last night, that image of the BCSO has been destroyed. If any of you out there weren’t aware: Last night Richard Bobby, an inmate on death row, was scheduled to be put to death. During transportation of Mr. Bobby from the state courthouse to the prison the convoy was ambushed at the route 68 exit ramp. The ramp was blocked off by a garbage truck, the convoy attempted to turn around and get to the prison at any cost. They were hailed with automatic gunfire from individuals on a motorcycle. Trooper Mkol, while escorting the vehicle carrying Mr. Bobby, was gunned down in his car. The vehicle carrying Mr. Bobby made it to prison grounds, met by gunfire from individuals in a black van. Our crew saw most of these horrific acts and rushed amidst the gunfire to render aid to the officers. As we have already communicated, our very own Lucky Smith was shot three times in the chest while trying to help on scene. The BSCO's failure to respond to a major attack on citizens goes against the motto all law enforcement officers live under; Protect and Serve. Deputies were seen at the prison before the attack; The fact that they then took almost EIGHT MINUTES after the initial shooting began, endangering 4 of their fellow officers and many citizens of Los Santos says all that needs to be said, that the BSCO failed to do the job they are paid to do. In turn 5 men and women were shot and 4 criminals were able to run free. When the civilians are the ones playing the roll of officers, AT A STATE PRISON, then changes need to happen. The BSCO are clearly incapable of protecting and serving the citizens. Weazel News will be suing the Blaine County Sheriffs Office for Negligence.
  12. BREAKING NEWS: During transport of the inmate sentenced to death tonight a group of heavily armed men opened fire on the convoy escorting the inmate to Bolingbroke prison. Upon arriving at the prison Lucky and the crew witnessed the men raining down fire on the vehicle with the inmate inside. No officers were lost during the shootout. Unfortunately during the shootout, Lucky was shot 3 times in the middle to upper section of his torso. The bullet wounds were consistent with that of some sort of compact rifle. He is currently in the ICU at Crusade Medical, in a medically induced coma. The inmate who was sentenced to death was also shot and killed by the assailants. If you have any information on who could have done this horrible act please do not hesitate to call 911 and report it. As Lucky always said, Stay Classy Los Santos. - Weazel News
  13. MrBrando

    Thank you all who came to the Date Night Auction

    Just over 500 thousand dollars.
  14. I just wanted to thank everyone who came out to the auction, I hope everyone had a lot of fun with their dates, and I know I look forward to my date with @Servo and @Semora. As the CRO of Weazel News i will be putting together all kinds of different events in the future to better our relationship with the people of Los Santos. Have a good night everyone and always remember to stay classy - Lucky Smiths
  15. MrBrando

    Why we are the best

    Lol it’s funny you say that cuz I have already published week 1 of the Weazel News gazette as sort of a test run, but week 2 is gonna be a lot more refined
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