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  1. With Memorial Day right around the corner, I'd like to say how thankful I am for the ones that gave their lives so we can live free here in the USA. Without the sacrifices made, we would not be able to enjoy the things we do today. Freedom doesn't come free and we need to remember that. The men and women of the U.S. military put their lives at risk to ensure our safety, and for that, I thank you for your service. So please, take a moment to remember the fallen hero's and what their sacrifice did for our country.
  2. J Kelly

    How does it affect others?

    It would probably be best to move this subject to a private PM. The ban is only a few days long and shouldn't affect any of his business operations. If you have any further concerns, please PM him or his co-owner please.
  3. J Kelly

    Dodgy ad on mobile page

    Google ads are usually driven by what you do on the internet. I don't have direct control of what is shown to you, though I've seen some weird stuff come up that I know I've never looked at. For the most part, I'll see stuff that I searched on stuff like Amazon and whatnot, because I did it through Chrome.
  4. J Kelly

    Weazel News Gazette March 25th thru the 31st

    Very nicely laid out and I like the advertisements that others made in there as well. I'm looking forward to the Crime TV as well.
  5. J Kelly

    Lucky’s Lowdown

    Someone send this video to the Democrats! This is the proof they need showing that guns try to kill people and it's not the operator or their mental state that needs to be addressed! Away with the 2nd Amendment!
  6. J Kelly

    Flashing lights

    you weren't missing much right now. Hopefully it shapes up to be decent enough to get into, but it's not going to replace SoE anytime soon.
  7. J Kelly

    Flashing lights

    I played it, it has a lot of work to go, but it's early alpha. The graphics aren't great, but I can look past that. It is very bare bones right now.
  8. J Kelly

    Why we are the best

    That wasn't our server. He used that for an example of how some places can have not the greatest RP and it's pretty much a modded GTA V online version.
  9. J Kelly

    Why we are the best

    Yes, I'm happy to see someone doing it again. We had someone that did it before and laid out a newspaper type of look with pics and all that and I enjoyed reading through it with how it was laid out. Hopefully you'll come up with something like that or maybe do some YT vids of the news cast if you can manage to get any good footage in game - that would be sweet! I'm not telling you what to do, don't take it like that, just shooting ideas out there haha.
  10. J Kelly

    Why we are the best

    If our servers were like that video, I would've shut them down a long time ago. We do have a great community here and it's not just about the RP, but it's about how people help others out, invest their time into the community as PR, admins, CoC, player owned business, and more. There are supportive members that help with the special donations that I put, such as the one going on now and I'm always thankful to all of you that care and commit the time and effort into EPCG & SoE. Many have found friends to play other games with or to just hangout in TS with an BS. Our devs are top notch and constantly pumping out new things based on community feedback. Again, thank you for your time, your commitment, and most of all, making EPCG what it is today.
  11. Attempted murder of LEO/EMS personnel has been changed: Attempted murder of a peace officer or emergency medical personnel - attempted murder of a peace officer or emergency medical personnel is punishable dependent on prior charges from March 10, 2018 and a $100,000 minimum fine. Jail time and fine will always be charged to the max, officer does NOT have discretion to lower this. The courts will determine whether the criminal will receive a reduced sentence. A person is guilty of attempted murder of a peace officer or emergency medical personnel when: With intent to cause the death of a peace officer, he attempts to cause the death of a peace officer. This charge does not stack, charge it once and the court will deem the proper fine and jail sentence. This should only be charge if the officer was wounded by gunshots, injured or incapacitated by a weapon or vehicle from the criminal. This clearly shows the intent from the criminal. Offenses listed below is to be taken into account from March 10, 2018. If they have charges prior to this date, it does not count towards this update to the law. First Offense: 100 minutes, $100,000 fine Second Offense: 300 minutes, $150,000 fine Third Offense: Indefinite Imprisonment with the possibility of life in prison or possible death penalty. Death penalty or life in prison will be determined by the courts as a punishment, if found guilty in a court of law. If the offender doesn't request a hearing, it is considered an admission of guilt and the life in prison will remain. All assets that the offender owns will be seized and sold at auction, if a life sentence or death penalty is ruled by the courts. This is the same if the offender does not request a trial, it is an admission of guilt, as stated above, and the life sentence will remain with all assets being seized and sold at auction.
  12. J Kelly

    My time at SOE

    You all do know that we have a gallery to upload your pics to, right? Either way, good pics and good times. Hopefully a lot more in the future for everyone as well.
  13. J Kelly


    If you're looking for that, Windows 10 Snippet tool will freeze the screen and you draw around what you want to capture. But you'd have to have it open and click the 'New' button when you have something you want to take a pick of, which will result in you alt-tabbing to do so. Not a huge deal if you're on a multi-monitor setup. Also, try changing your hotkey for screen capture, maybe something in FiveM is assigned to that and not jiving with the steam overlay to take pics.
  14. J Kelly


    Well @HurriedHond, it seems like some slim pickings right now and maybe a recruitment phase should be put in place to bring more commanders into our cause. Unfortunate, considering we were jugging along pretty well there in the beginning.
  15. J Kelly


    CMDR J Kelly - The guideline above is pretty much what I stick to, but haven't been on in about 2 weeks. Last time on, I spent about 3 hours doing missions and pushed up influence about 2%, wasn't much, but the missions at the time were sparse. Also, if you get a mission a bit out, I grab another mission that brings me back to or around Lidpar so it doesn't feel like you're coming back empty. It's outside our system and doesn't effect our influence, but you have to grab one that doesn't involve going back to that station to get paid. I agree, passenger missions probably pay the best and usually has a decent influence gain so you don't have to worry about getting murdered and paying insurance. As far as engineers going anywhere - I doubt that will ever happen. They do, however, have some good stuff coming down the pipeline with new things and a restructure of how the game will be played.
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