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  1. This community is outstanding! Reach a goal of that level in such a short time to help someone out is just great!!!! Thank you to everyone that helped him out or even considered helping him out. We've always reached our goals for our monthly number, special charities here and there that I put up, and helping other members out. This is one of many things that are done in a true and committed community and I am very proud of the EPCG members.
  2. J Kelly

    Bye guys/Gals :/

    Well, it's been fun, you've been here a long time. Hopefully whatever you have going on will correct itself soon and you'll be back with a bigger and badder PC setup and ready to game. Good luck with whatever you got going on, hope to see you back sometime.
  3. From: The Office of the State Court of San Andreas This event was very unfortunate to say the least. Citizens and law enforcement officers were injured during this horrific attack that the motive is still not exactly known. A state prisoner died a slow and painful death from injuries while being transported back to the prison. The State of San Andreas will not stand for these types of heinous crimes. When the ones responsible for this act of terror are caught, and they will be, they will be punished to the full extent of the law for their actions. I want the citizens of San Andreas to hold these individuals responsible for these acts and any information that you may have that leads to their arrest and conviction, the state will issue a cash reward for doing so. It's time that the people of San Andreas to say enough is enough! Don't help these criminals hide in the shadows, expose them for who they are - terrorist. What happened today was beyond your everyday type of crime. This was a carefully planned operation that was executed without remorse. I wish a speedy recovery for all that were involved and would like to thank the men and women that put their life on the line to perform a duty for the state that many do not have the courage to do. This will not go unnoticed. If you have any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons involved, please contact the DA's office via email at @Amok6646 and @Addylad™ Sincerely, Honorable Joseph Dredd President Judge State of San Andreas
  4. J Kelly

    Live Execution June 16th, 2018.

    Well said, you read my mind! It amazes me how quick everyone will grab their pitchforks and torches for this or a loitering law change, but when cops were getting killed 6 times a day that was fine. Instead, the laws get changed to be more harsh and the backlash comes from the law change because the consequence was much more harsh. This post has gone way off track as do most on touchy topics. The funny thing is, we didn't have to post anything about it and just do it among the ones involved with the original RP and hardly anyone would've known about it.
  5. J Kelly

    Live Execution June 16th, 2018.

    As it was clarified in an earlier post, it's not public as in out in the open, it's public as in you can attend if you'd like, It will be at the prison out of the view of the general public.
  6. J Kelly

    Live Execution June 16th, 2018.

    Can you build one by Saturday at 8 PM and get it to the devs to place somewhere in the world? If so, that would be great! It was discussed to make a gas chamber a long time ago and it hasn't come to fruition yet. As stated above, the person was given options for his execution and this is what was chosen. I don't think /me commands simulating lethal injection or cops standing there throwing gas canisters at him will really fit the bill. The death sentence is an option of punishment that is able to be given by the courts as well. Think outside the box on this one -- he's freeing a character slot in this situation instead of having one locked away forever.
  7. Adjusted loiter law - removed Vespucci Beach from this law. This is to keep the boxing area open mostly.
  8. Loitering law has been adjusted: Loitering - Loitering is punishable by a $100 fine A person is guilty of Loitering when: He stand or wait around idly or without apparent purpose He travel's indolently and with frequent pauses He is asked to move on by a Law enforcement officer and fails to do so. Being in city parks after hours. City parks are closed dusk to dawn. City parks include: Legion Square Vespucci Beach & Boardwalk area Skate/Bike Parks If a person fails to leave the area, please see trespassing and/or failure to follow lawful order of a police officer. If a person continues to come back after being told to leave, consider charging with trespass.
  9. With Memorial Day right around the corner, I'd like to say how thankful I am for the ones that gave their lives so we can live free here in the USA. Without the sacrifices made, we would not be able to enjoy the things we do today. Freedom doesn't come free and we need to remember that. The men and women of the U.S. military put their lives at risk to ensure our safety, and for that, I thank you for your service. So please, take a moment to remember the fallen hero's and what their sacrifice did for our country.
  10. J Kelly

    How does it affect others?

    It would probably be best to move this subject to a private PM. The ban is only a few days long and shouldn't affect any of his business operations. If you have any further concerns, please PM him or his co-owner please.
  11. J Kelly

    Dodgy ad on mobile page

    Google ads are usually driven by what you do on the internet. I don't have direct control of what is shown to you, though I've seen some weird stuff come up that I know I've never looked at. For the most part, I'll see stuff that I searched on stuff like Amazon and whatnot, because I did it through Chrome.
  12. J Kelly

    Why we are the best

    That wasn't our server. He used that for an example of how some places can have not the greatest RP and it's pretty much a modded GTA V online version.
  13. J Kelly

    Why we are the best

    Yes, I'm happy to see someone doing it again. We had someone that did it before and laid out a newspaper type of look with pics and all that and I enjoyed reading through it with how it was laid out. Hopefully you'll come up with something like that or maybe do some YT vids of the news cast if you can manage to get any good footage in game - that would be sweet! I'm not telling you what to do, don't take it like that, just shooting ideas out there haha.
  14. J Kelly

    Why we are the best

    If our servers were like that video, I would've shut them down a long time ago. We do have a great community here and it's not just about the RP, but it's about how people help others out, invest their time into the community as PR, admins, CoC, player owned business, and more. There are supportive members that help with the special donations that I put, such as the one going on now and I'm always thankful to all of you that care and commit the time and effort into EPCG & SoE. Many have found friends to play other games with or to just hangout in TS with an BS. Our devs are top notch and constantly pumping out new things based on community feedback. Again, thank you for your time, your commitment, and most of all, making EPCG what it is today.
  15. J Kelly


    Well @HurriedHond, it seems like some slim pickings right now and maybe a recruitment phase should be put in place to bring more commanders into our cause. Unfortunate, considering we were jugging along pretty well there in the beginning.
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