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  1. I have opened a new FTB 20 player server for anyone wanting to join and kill some time. Download the FTB mod at feed-the-beast.com and select the mod Revelations (most current build) It will take awhile to download everything and for the game to load because of the number of mods. To join, start your FTB launcher and join our server game.evolpcgaming.com:25565 Rules are simple: Be respectful and adhere to the same rules that are in place for our community. Ex - no trolling, racist/sexist comments, etc. When claiming land, please only claim
  2. I'm late to the reply - but looking at the server, it's up and running.
  3. Taking care of and will have him assigned as the farm manager shortly.
  4. Requesting "Twin Pines Ranch"
  5. I'm guessing this is no longer needed since I saw you on there yesterday?
  6. Looking to hire workers? Looking to contract someone with the equipment needed to get a job done? Post it here and hopefully you can negotiate something out to get the job done! With the addition of separate farms, you cannot just use whatever equipment that you want and this will bring in some RP to complete task.
  7. Yes, I'm hosting it on my dedi home server that runs 24/7 - unless I have internet/power outages that is. Your farm is ready and PM sent with the PW. 3/8 farms are already taken at this time.
  8. Evol Acres is created, so there are 7 farm owner slots open. It will be a first come, first serve as far as getting your own farm and inactive farms will eventually be closed to make room for other owners.
  9. If you are looking to open a farm, please request it here. An admin of the FS server has to create the farm and we can PM you the password so that the requester will be the owner. It's a small PITA, but it's the way it was done by the dev. We will get them done as quickly as possible. Simply reply to this thread with the name of the farm that you are requesting and we'll PM you the PW. Then, an admin has to come online and make you the farm manager so you have access to buying fields. Again, a bit of a pain, but we'll try our best to stay on top of it.
  10. The MCPD transporting a suspect to the state jail following a short foot pursuit.
  11. until
    Come join us on the farm! In order to join the server, you must have been part of SoE for at least 1 month (And part of this club) or send @nicktrick92 a message with your reasons for joining! Location: We will be inside public gaming room 4 on the official EPCG TeamSpeak!
  12. Well @HurriedHond, it seems like some slim pickings right now and maybe a recruitment phase should be put in place to bring more commanders into our cause. Unfortunate, considering we were jugging along pretty well there in the beginning.
  13. CMDR J Kelly - The guideline above is pretty much what I stick to, but haven't been on in about 2 weeks. Last time on, I spent about 3 hours doing missions and pushed up influence about 2%, wasn't much, but the missions at the time were sparse. Also, if you get a mission a bit out, I grab another mission that brings me back to or around Lidpar so it doesn't feel like you're coming back empty. It's outside our system and doesn't effect our influence, but you have to grab one that doesn't involve going back to that station to get paid. I agree, passenger missions probably pay the best
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