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      Welcome to the new forums!   01/16/2017

      You guys wanted new forums and your donation money helped make that happen!  Thank you to everyone who has donated to make this possible.  Please be patient while everything is still being moved around and added as we go, it's a lot of work.  Most of the forum post were not transferred, so get to posting and fill this place up.  And please, DO NOT ask about your whitelist app, that is being changed -- please be patient!!


  1. General

    1. General

      General chat about gaming.

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    2. Off-Topic

      Chat not related to PC gaming.

  2. GTA V - State of Emergency

    1. Server Rules & Role Playing Laws

      Failure to follow server rules will end with your perma ban from the forums and the server.  Also, if you don't want to do the time, then don't do the crime....or go about it a little better and don't get caught!

    2. General Discussion

      All general topics about GTA V - State of Emergency, can be found and posted in here.

    3. Weazel News

      Stay up to date on what's going on through out San Andreas and it's fine citizens!

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