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    • J Kelly

      New members, please read this!!   03/02/17

      To all new members - welcome to EPCG.  This is the home of State of Emergency and our members play many different games.  Please take time to look over the forums and become familiar with the different sections.  General chat about SoE belongs in the SoE General chat, help belongs in Help section, etc.  DO NOT PM an admin to discuss your SoE server ban or questions about "How do I play this?"  All info can be found by taking 5 mins to use the search function in the upper right or going to the perspective forums and look for your answer.  Can't find the info?  Post your concern in the proper forums.  We have a public relations team if you must contact our staff, this is where you start.  If they cannot answer your question or address your concern, the PR member will forward it to the correct person. As to ban appeals - this is a community.  I can assure you that if your first post on the forums is a ban appeal, this does not look great.  It shows that your not here for the community and to meet new people, make friends, and contribute.  Your viewed as a fly through player and you won't make a great impression on the community when they see this.  Be active here and you'll find plenty of friendly gamers that play a variety of games.  Chances are, you'll find new friends to game with and enjoy your games that much more. EPCG has a solid admin team behind them and we do our best to address all issues in a timely manner.  With that said, please keep in mind that we have jobs, family, real life, and we'd like to enjoy our gaming time as well.  Please use the staff chain of command, starting with the Public Relations team.  You can save yourself from getting banned by reading and knowing our forum rules and our SoE server rules.  Failure to read this will ultimately lead to your perma-ban without question.  Another thing that will help you succeed in remaining here is common sense.  If you have none, you might as well leave now before the members chew you up and spit you out.  This is a mature group of players and respect is expected to the members and staff.  We work hard to bring you a one stop place for your PC gaming time!  
    • J Kelly

      Getting back to our vision   05/22/17

      I want everyone to read this.  It contains some very important information and what's been going on around here.  
    • Ryan Huntington

      New Gang Management System   07/14/17

      Please read below. This is the new management system for the gangs. This can be found in the server rules page. Please note that gang zones and activity is not yet active but will be shortly! Gangs: To create a gang, you must be able manage your gang properly. Anything that happens in your gang ultimately comes down to you as the leader. Failure to adhere to server rules and expectations will result in a gang strike. GANG STRIKE SYSTEM: Strike 1: First offense (strong verbal warning and a note is taken of the date of the offense) Strike 2: This is a bigger deal. Written warning issued and potentially (circumstantial) forced to sit out of one server rotation Strike 3: Game over. Gang disbanded. All gang activity and affiliations is ordered a cease and desist. Failure to do so will result in a ban from the server for disobeying Administration/Fail RP   Gang strikes are permanent. If and when a gang gets a strike is determined by the administration team. If one person is acting on their own accord, we will not hold that against the entire gang and will discipline the individual. If multiples are found in violation either together or separately, then a gang strike is issued. Again: IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS THE LEADER TO KEEP YOUR GANG IN CHECK!!      


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