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Blaine County Sheriff's Office
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  1. Alexus Nightingale

    BCSO Press Release - June 18th, 2018

    HELL NO I do not accept this at all!!!!!!
  2. Alexus Nightingale

    Live Execution June 16th, 2018.

    I could build a guillotine in this time frame.
  3. Alexus Nightingale


    Wishing a speedy recovery, Mav.. Will bring by some bones and treats!
  4. Min Boogie! 

    Boogies Fo life! 🤗 hehe

    1. xAIMx


      Now and always! Min boogie 🤗

  5. Alexus Nightingale

    Being a cop doesn't pay in server!!!

    this maybe true too. Only if you have roommates they can enjoy the cars too . I know Ive said this a good bit lately and only reason I have now is because like most of us LEO we play them 99% of the time. I only recently had the need for large amount of cash for another character and the fact was that I never have much time to get on to just to grind money. I would spend most of my Civilian life earning money rather than RPing with the time i actually put on a civ character. I want to spend my time doing what i love and enjoy. RPing and interacting with the community. So, what I'm saying is I guess making money as LEO i actually do find many reasons to use the money I make on LEO and that is so that I can spend my Civ live enjoying RPing more. So, as an LEO i get my cars fixed at a family members shop. Among other things. I also dont really have much need for cash on any of my characters atm. The main character i'd need cash for would be my old lady one who cant work and only earns her pension of $50 LuL
  6. Alexus Nightingale

    Being a cop doesn't pay in server!!!

    This isn't thinking outside the box though. Feel the rage! Rawr!
  7. Alexus Nightingale

    Being a cop doesn't pay in server!!!

    ME! don't hate
  8. Alexus Nightingale


    YAY clean record and fresh start for Alei! Just in time for the baby. Also, just went to traffic court yesterday to get the tickets removed all before this time costing me like 6k! you could of been a day earlier Ryan Huntington! lol
  9. Alexus Nightingale

    New Citizen

  10. Alexus Nightingale

    L.S.T. back in town

    I miss Some of the LST boys and gal
  11. Alexus Nightingale

    Immersion killers that shouldn't ever be added to SoE GTA RP

    I like the mini bike
  12. Alexus Nightingale

    In Loving Memory Of Casey Ogden

    Thanks guys!
  13. Alexus Nightingale

    In Loving Memory Of Casey Ogden

    Thank you baby!
  14. Alexus Nightingale

    In Loving Memory Of Casey Ogden

    Thank you! Glad you like it.
  15. Alexus Nightingale

    Thanks to the BCSO

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