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Welcome to Evol PC Gaming and home of Advanced Simulation Products.  For whichever you are here for, you will need an account to see and post on the forums or to make your purchase.  If you are here to purchase a A.S.P. product, please visit the store here.

If you are here for our State of Emergency mod for GTA V using FiveM, please visit this page for everything you need to know about the mod.  Any information or questions you may have can probably be found in the forums or using the search function in the upper right.  

If you have any questions about SoE, please use the help section of the forums, but search for your answer first.  Thank you and welcome to EPCG! 

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There comes a time where everyone needs a helping hand and this is one of those times.  We have all helped out CFX in the past and he is, unfortunately, still struggling to find employment in his field of expertise.  With that being said, I'd like to ask anyone that can lend a helping hand, please donate any amount that you can, to him to keep him going.  I'm posting this for him after he came to me to let me know that he will have to leave for a short time because he is on the verge of losing his residence.  This will result in this community losing a very important and active member, admin, and dev from our team.  This is not him asking for help, this is me asking YOU to help HIM as a community.
If you were thinking of donating to the EPCG community, via the homepage, please revert your donation to here.  I won't disclose how much exactly will save him, but it's enough that it will take this great community to come together and help one of our own out.  I've been here before in life, without having the support and strength and generosity of a large and great community like this, and it's not a pleasant feeling to be on the edge of losing everything.
Any amount will help when you add up all of the fantastic members that we have here.  So please, consider helping out a member that commits a lot of time to the community to bring us new and fresh content on our servers, all while trying to keep his head above water.  That is a commitment that I cannot let go unknown and without trying to find the help needed.  
Now, let's show how strong of a community we are!  https://paypal.me/justcfx2u  
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One ballot per player (having multiple businesses does not permit multiple ballots). Only listed business owners are permitted to vote in elections. You may vote for yourself if you are running. Unchallenged seats require no votes to continue their post. Voting period will last until Friday at 11:59pm EST. All votes are confidential. @Bella and @almostADORNO will be the only two admins who will see who voted for who. Tallied results will be posted here and in the CoC discord by noon EST on Saturday. Newly elected directors will begin their post on September 1st and will run until the next elections at the end of November. Rules subject to updating as additional issues are brought to light.
Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Voting Ballot
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Hey y'all !!
We would like to host yet another community meeting, this Sunday the 26th of August, at 2 PM EST.
Last meeting we had a different format. Instead of having you write down your questions before hand, and them running through them, without the chance for others to chime in or discuss the subject. We had it more as a open forum, where on turn people could bring thing up to the community. And the feedback we got was that you really liked that. So we are gonna bring that back.
So just like last time this is how it is gonna work:
Starting at 2 EST, staff will be in a channel on TS and you are free to come and go as you please. During this time, you are allowed to voice your opinion and concerns and ask questions and get whatever it is off your chest out in the open air. This of course will all be within moderation and community rules still apply of being respectful to one another etc. etc. Anyone who disobeys rules and shows disrespect will be dismissed. Our biggest goal here is to socialize, voice concerns and find answers to improve YOUR community and YOUR home. Please come with your constructive questions and thoughts and we look forward to seeing y'all there!
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Greetings all!
We would like to host a community meeting this Sunday (2018-06-03) at 2 EST.
But wait! We are changing it up this time. Instead of doing the usual you post questions, then a senior staff member reads them off and answers them, we (the staff) really wanted to engage with you guys and have an actual dialogue. The staff feel that it's important that we allow our community members to actually speak and express concerns rather than just a forum post. Our main goal with this is to allow you all to have conversation, express concerns and grievances, as well as mingle. Our staff would love to get to know you all better so this is one of the best ways to do it!
So how does this work?
Starting at 2 EST, staff will be in a channel on TS and you are free to come and go as you please. During this time, you are allowed to voice your opinion and concerns and ask questions and get whatever it is off your chest out in the open air. This of course will all be within moderation and community rules still apply of being respectful to one another etc. etc. Anyone who disobeys rules and shows disrespect will be dismissed. Our biggest goal here is to socialize, voice concerns and find answers to improve YOUR community and YOUR home. Please come with your constructive questions and thoughts and we look forward to seeing you there!
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Hacker Hacks San Andreas Criminal Records
It was reported that in the late afternoon of the 30th of April, 2018, a hacker effectively made their way into the San Andreas government criminal database and erased over 13,000 rows of data. City engineers discovered the breach late Monday afternoon and have found that all records prior to the 7th of October, 2017 have been erased. It is currently unknown how the hacker managed to breach the government database but City Engineers are flabbergasted yet slightly impressed with their diligence. At this time, the Governor nor any city official is coming forth to speak of the matter as they are trying determine how big of a breach this. One City Engineer, who is unnamed at this time, believes that is a former member of the City Administration's mother who is known to be in I.T. It has yet to be confirmed of such allegations however, and now further information was given to the reporters. We will bring you more information as we receive it.
(OOC: A little present to everyone from the SOE Administration. All arrest and citation records were wiped from before October 7th, 2017 as they were usually improper format and didn't have the proper timestamp (which is when we started logging better). The above was a little fun read. ENJOY!)
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TwitchCon is a celebration for Twitch broadcasters and their communities, where they can watch, learn and play together. 
Join us at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center for a celebration of the stories, communities, and games that make Twitch, Twitch. October 26-28, 2018

2018 Twitch con is going to be at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in California, and it would be cool if you would join us! 

Currently There are a few people confirmed and a few people considering!
@almostADORNO @GSTyrant @ValkyrieSpirit @Pinkerchu @nicktrick92 @TheKodah @Chiaki @AllegoryGaming @AceBender 
@Abb4d0n @Semora @TSupra @McFluffyx @Calstone @DeathsVerdict @[email protected]_Coscorrosa @Danutz_B
Ever wanted to go to an IRL McGill Brothers Official Party?
Our very own almostADORNO is wanting to celebrate big!
If we get at least 10 people, there will be an IRL McGill Brothers Official Party at TwitchCon 2018 scaling to the amount of people going. 

In addition, almostAdorno will be putting all profits from his stream towards Swag, and making the trip memorable.
To organize us all, there is an official EPCG TwitchCon 2018 discord. Find roommates and travel buddies, and discuss the event!
It is officially the best way to get hyped!!! https://discord.gg/UXFN3X8
Hope to see a bunch of you there!
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Here is week 2 of the Weazel News Gazette, hopefully all you fine folks out there like it. If you are a solo reporter/journalist and want to have a story of yours published in the weekly news paper, you can contact me at 555-36369 or online at @MrBrando 
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I was browsing old SOE YouTube videos today just remembering some of the old days. Then for whatever this video came up next. I was about to close it out but decided to see what it was. This makes me so grateful for the devs, staff, but most importantly... YOU the players here on our server. It never seizes to amaze me the quality we have here. Sure some days are better than others. So in a way, this is an all around thank you to everyone for making the community what it is. Enjoy this trollish "RP" video
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We will be starting a new server this weekend. It will go live tomorrow. We are currently waiting for the mod pack to release. @lilviper has the details. Come hang out and have fun!!
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[Update] Radio and Gun pulling animations!
Pulling out your gun now has an animation!
Check it for yourself :D. Civs have one coming as well, but you guys get to look awesome pulling out your piece first!!


There is now a keybind for a radio animation!
Currently it's bound to left alt, but you can change it to be the same button as your teamspeak push to talk. To do this, go into your keybind settings, and change the Character Selector hotkey. This also plays a soundclip!

If your ped has a shoulder radio, it will have this animation when you press this button

V 1.2
-In Game Mic Clicks are optional
-Z lets you put your hands up again
-H rests your hand on your pistol, holding right click will quick draw it.
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For all those pesky law enforcement officers that are just too nice to send someone away to jail for 1 minute to remove their illegal possessions, do we have the update for you!

Using /stripillegal or /removeillegal will properly remove all illegal weapons and inventory items off of nearby persons. No more need to send them all the way down to the state pen for being a good Samaritan.


Report any bugs / weirdness here. Update goes live at next rapture (Feb 28th, 6 PM EST).
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Poll and Survey time! 

Please try to avoid discussion in this thread, we're hoping to just get back as much data and honest opinions as possible.

Here is the Survey template. Feel free to vote in the poll, fill out the survey, none, or both!
Whitelist Acitvity Survey

Are you Whitelisted?:  Yes/No
Have you Roleplayed on Whitelist?: Yes/No
What do you prefer about Public Servers?: 
What do you prefer about the Whitelist Server?:
If you voted in the poll, please explain your choice?:
What would it take for you to log on Whitelist more often?: 
Additional Comments or Suggestions: 

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[Update] Jail interiors!
Following Rapture, Police stations with no interiors, as well as Sandy and Paleto SO, will have a warp point that gives you access to a jail interior, meaning you don't have to process people outside, or in a lobby (I mean, unless you really want to.)

The same interior is used for all PDs. If Deputy McLane hops into the jail from Sandy Shores, he might bump into Captain Major who is processing someone from Vespucci. But, when you both exit through the same warp point, the system is smart enough to dump you back out where you came from. 

As well, if you go down the hallway, and press E between the two double doors, you will access the helipad, if the PD you entered has one.

This a work in progress, some things will change, of course. As well, there is a prison interior that will be available soon.
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New years clearning of the Donor rooms. If you want to keep your TS room, post the name of the room on this thread.

I will keep this thread open until the 1. feb, if you are not using your room right now, and want it back later, a PR can always make a new one for you. This is only to make the TS list easier and shorter to scroll through.
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Greetings! On behalf of the entire staff and administration teams, I would like to invite you all to a community meeting. This will take place on TS. Please read below and post your questions.

Questions guidelines:

Please post in full detail about what you want to know. Two word questions don't have much meaning and won't be answered. For example a BAD question would bed: "What's happening with housing?". A GOOD question will be: "I noticed that housing gets wiped weekly. Is there anyway to reserve housing?" OR "Will more housing be added to the market in the near future?". Those are very clear questions.

Take the time to read through questions before you post. Duplicate questions will be deleted and this post will be moderated heavily.

Do not hijack this thread for anything for your agenda nor should you answer anything. If a moderator or admin feels a response back to a question is justified they will do so. Simply post your question and then wait patiently for the meeting.

DATE: January 13th, 2018


WHERE: Teamspeak General Channel
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Come join us on the farm during the grand opening of the server... If you plan on joining us and are not part of the club, please join and send a message to @nicktrick92 or @DiscoChicken to receive the password and server name... In order to join the server, you must have been part of SoE for at least 1 month (And part of this club) or send @nicktrick92 a message with your reasons for joining!
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It's time of year again Christmas is coming and I wanted to do something special with the community.
And what better way then to be nice to one another by spending money on them.
So if you're in the gifting mood join the EPCG Secret Santa.

The way it will work is you will PM me with the following information.
Name of the PM will be Secret Santa "Profile Name"
Included in the Message will be your,
Steam Profile Link :

Amazon wishlist :
PO box/IRL Address :

This information will only be shared to Me and your secret Santa, If u do not feel comfortable sharing that information it is understandable 
but its there to give other people more ways off gifting their secret santa.
We are looking at a minimum amount of $10 and a soft limit of $25, If you do wish to go over the soft limit that is all up to you.
If you do want to share your PO box/IRL Address please incluse some hobbies are other information to help your secret santa pick you a gift you would love.
Make sure to update your wishlist on steam and Amazon to include items in the price range, dont just include 1 item but add things around different prices.
When you have send me the PM please post down below that you are joining in.
I will draw everyone a secret santa on the 15th of december and you will have till the 24th of december to gift your secret santa their gift.
Anyone that has joined the website after the 20th of November will not be accepted unless their already in a high standing with the community,
this is to avoid throw away accounts just to get free stuff.
I hope all of you have fun and we make it a great Christmas together.
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Hello everyone,

As we've stated before, we'd like to have community meetings from time to time and it's hard to schedule with everything else we have going on with issues, complaints, bans, admin meetings, etc.  But it has been awhile and we'd like to hold one for all to attend.

When - 11/4/17 @ 1 PM EST

Where - TeamSpeak of course

How long - 1 hour - the more people get off topic and start talking over each other, the less stuff we'll get to.

What will be covered - Read this very carefully - if you have a question you'd like to have answered or a concern to bring up to talk about, please post it here in the thread and hold yourself to two questions or concerns to bring up.  We want everything organized and we'll go down the post as we go and call it out.  The more your peers want to talk over each other, cut each other off, etc, the less we're going to get to.  Questions or concerns will be brought up in the order found in this post.  Please do us all a favor and read the prior post before posting your question or concern.  If we have 10 of the same thing, we're wasting time reading it and will get to less.  I will start off with what the admins have to bring up to you guys and then we'll start rolling down the post and going through them.

Who will be there - Hopefully all the admins, it depends on their schedule and commitments IRL.  Also, I reached out to the dev team to be here as well and I am hoping that all the PR staff will be present as well.  If not, hopefully some of each group will make it to relay the info back to the members of their teams.

After this meeting is concluded, the admins have a meeting and any major issues brought up by you all, can be addressed at that admin meeting.  
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Some of you suggested having a Mayor position and the vote passed to bring this to you.  So below is an outline of what the position will consist of and how it will work.

The Mayor will be an elected position, voted on by the people of San Andreas.  You will have to get your name on the ballot by submitting a reply to a thread started in this section.  You will give a brief description of what you stand for and what you're about to the people.  Also, you will list your party - Republican, Democrat, Independent.

Now, you must campaign.  You will campaign on the government website (forums) and in game.  It's up to you on how to do this - hold a press conference, pay for ad space in the news section to the reporters that write the news, hold a town hall meeting in game and talk to the people at a location in game, etc.  Remember, you will be representing the people of San Andreas and will probably have a lot of communications coming your way - email (PMs), government website (post in the Town Hall section), Town Hall meetings (in game)

This position will be held for 30 days (may increase it after seeing how this all goes) and you will have two weeks to campaign.  One week before the primary election, then if you win that, one week before the general election.  Primary election will be held for each party and the winner of each party will be put on the ticket for the general election.  The winner of that vote will become the mayor.

Now before you get all giddy about this, you really need to read below on what you can and can't do and the perks and negatives about the position:


You will receive a paycheck in game. (Amount not set yet, but probably $500 each check)

You will be assigned a house - The Mayors Mansion (location to be determined still)(Your current house may be forfeited)

You will be assigned a limo - for your security to transport you safely.

You will have a bullet proof vest (this will make sense in the negative


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To settle this issue that has come up, I have placed this poll.  It will not be the admins that vote on this rule, but you, the player.  This rule is temporarily suspended until the poll ends.  The outcome of this, either way it goes, will be the final vote.  Some may like it, some may not, but either way we will all adapt and roll with the changes.  

Feel free to post your opinion on the matter, but the ultimate result is the poll.  The poll will remain open until 9/18/17 at 11:59 PM.  
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I would like to take this time to bring several people into the spotlight. For several months now, our development team has been kicking hard to improve the server for YOU. All of these individuals have given so much of their time to help with the community and not many people know or understand what it takes to maintain the back end of the servers. @MartinMafia641 is our head developer and project manager. He does very little with coding however, he works with the devs the manage the project and is constantly making sure that we are moving forward in the project. He is a crucial key in the success of the servers as he excels in project and resource management. He assigns devs tasks based on their strengths and is the one who looks through all of your suggestions (trust me it's a lot of work). He also has been working with the other devs to work on that UI that we all love and want. 

What you all may not know is that almost two months ago, FiveM released an announcement that the server software that they were running was going to be shut down and that they were moving to a new version. To an outsider, doesn't seem to horrible. What this means though, if we didn't have the new software ready and running, we would be without servers. Our development team crunched hard. They had less than a month to port ALL of the old code to the new software. This was done in under a week. @justcfx2u did most of that work as he knew most about the code. He is the one that was primarily responsible for changing over all the old code to the new software and having it done in a timely fashion. This allowed for extensive testing both in private and live. We were fully operational with the new server software within two weeks of finding out that we had to migrate everything
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Advanced Simulation Products is a part of EPCG.  A.S.P. focuses on making game controllers for PC simulation games, specifically for different game genres.  You can customize your box by adding features such as a CB mic, back lighting, button/switch labeling, purchase different labeled faces to swap out for different games. Visit AdvancedSimulationProducts.com for more info.

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