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If you are here for our State of Emergency mod for GTA V using FiveM, please visit this page for everything you need to know about the mod.  Any information or questions you may have can probably be found in the forums or using the search function in the upper right.  

If you have any questions about SoE, please use the help section of the forums, but search for your answer first.  Thank you and welcome to EPCG! 

Our Picks

Top content from across the community, hand-picked by us.

Drug Runs are Different!!
This is for you all to discover how they are different as the map icon for drug pickups has been removed. We've made this change to encourage people to roleplay with each other, and find out how to get into criminal activity organically. If we see the drug pickup spots mentioned frequently on bleeter, or in any ooc capacity, we will change them and they may be harder to find in the future. Currently there are two spots, and I encourage you all to figure out how to find them IC!

But that isn't the only way they are different, which you will find out, IN GAME!


Credits go to @AstroNaught for the amazing and beautifully thought out changes you'll only see, and to @EgoViking and @Pinkerchu for helping design.
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[TOW UPDATE] This Girl is on Fire!!!





Lately there has been an issue with vehicles remaining flammable even after they are no longer leaking fuel. Tow drivers and SAFR now can /wash a vehicle to make it safer to drive, but they MUST GET INTO THE DRIVER'S SEAT FOR IT TO TAKE EFFECT. Own that entity for a short while, and the driver won't burst into flames!

This also removes dirt and other substances from your vehicle. Nice and clean!!




Fuel Puddles? No problem. Tow and SAFR now carry kitty litter to clean up oil and fuel. It's super effective!




Got a full tank of gas, and nervous about it? Well, if you're a tow driver or part of the SAFR, you are able to drain the fuel in a tank of a vehicle, so you can tow that thing without worry. 



Credit goes to @justcfx2u for super cool and creative ways to fix bugs, and @Eilytres for making such an annoying meme.


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[UPDATE] You'll Never Catch Me Alive!!!


Fatal car crashes are here! No longer will you drive under the false belief of immortality. If your vehicle is taking a beating, then you'll be taking a beating. Cars have been made tougher since the fuel leaking update, but as a trade off, you're now softer...kind of.

Your health loss is based off body damage in a vehicle, and you can die while in a vehicle. Which can lead to some interesting results.

Here you see the mythical unicorn, incapacitated with her foot still on the gas.


I hope this encourages safer driving for civilians, criminals, and emergency services.

Here is a video demonstration by CFX


Thanks to @justcfx2u and @EgoViking for working hard and making this possible!!
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[UPDATE] Load'm Up

Sandking, SandkingXL, Bodhi and BobcatXL all have the ability to haul one motorcycle in the bed. The command is the same /tow but it does not come with any repair functions. It's currently optimized to haul dirt bikes but other bikes will fit with some clipping. Of course if you are hauling a long motorcycle you can always lower the rear gate.


Roughly $70k at commercial or Harmony dealerships. It's all terrain, 4x4, all the good stuff. But it's slow. It's meant for off road towing and should stay away from the freeways. Functions the same as the other two truck.



Let us know if there are any issues with clipping, or anything else. Thanks to @EgoViking for this neato update!!!!
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First, the player list is back on https://soe.fun/ . Enjoy.

It didn't seem to make an impact on who joins what server -- as was the point of the experiment -- and people seem to miss it. So it has been returned to normal. If you don't see it right away, give it time, clear your browser cache, or both. That change is live and most people should see it right now.


The Next Experiment is up.

What happens when the public servers are unavailable? People flee to Whitelist.


So, for a period of a few days, we're experimenting with artificial scarcity. pub2 and pub3 will be down, leaving pub1 and whitelist.


The goal of this experiment is:

Do we have enough whitelisted people who want to play with opther whitelisted members on the whitelisted server, especially when pub1 is full?

Will we not see any people on whitelist, and instead get a 30 person queue?

It's hard to say, but that's why we need to experiment.


Some things that have become apparent to me:

There is still a passion for whitelist, by a number of members, and want to see it revived

There are a number of members looking for higher-quality RP

There are a number of members looking to escape shitlords which seem to be on pub -- though there are a few who like it.

With anti-cheat becoming stronger, we've also put back the public listing of pub1 to keep new people coming into the community.


Hold on tight, this might be amazing, or it might be just plain crazy. Probably both.
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Poll and Survey time! 

Please try to avoid discussion in this thread, we're hoping to just get back as much data and honest opinions as possible.

Here is the Survey template. Feel free to vote in the poll, fill out the survey, none, or both!
Whitelist Acitvity Survey

Are you Whitelisted?:  Yes/No
Have you Roleplayed on Whitelist?: Yes/No
What do you prefer about Public Servers?: 
What do you prefer about the Whitelist Server?:
If you voted in the poll, please explain your choice?:
What would it take for you to log on Whitelist more often?: 
Additional Comments or Suggestions: 

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[UPDATE] Parking and Pervs!

In high demand by folks of all walks, we now have binoculars. Looking real close without getting an outlawed weapon charge has never been easier!

You can now buy Binoculars at any hardware store! To use them, just press and hold the Home key on your keyboard. The Advanced Binoculars zoom in with mouse wheel. If you own both pairs, you will always pull out the Advanced Binoculars.



Where's your car dude?

Good news everyone! The valets fixed their printers. You finally get parking stubs!

Not only do you get the location of your car, and license plate, but for insurance purposes the valet also writes down the condition of your car, so you can stop blaming them for your vehicles condition and fuel. 

To view this menu, just type /valet


Binoculars are already live, Valet is live at 6pm!


Credits for Binoculars go to @Snowthisway and @justcfx2u. They both made code for Binoculars, and it turned out that merging their code solved the bugs they each had independently.  Valet is all @justcfx2u

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[Update] Jail interiors!
Following Rapture, Police stations with no interiors, as well as Sandy and Paleto SO, will have a warp point that gives you access to a jail interior, meaning you don't have to process people outside, or in a lobby (I mean, unless you really want to.)

The same interior is used for all PDs. If Deputy McLane hops into the jail from Sandy Shores, he might bump into Captain Major who is processing someone from Vespucci. But, when you both exit through the same warp point, the system is smart enough to dump you back out where you came from. 

As well, if you go down the hallway, and press E between the two double doors, you will access the helipad, if the PD you entered has one.

This a work in progress, some things will change, of course. As well, there is a prison interior that will be available soon.
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The Court House's construction is finally complete! Just flex your E muscle near the double doors, and you will find yourself in a world of cold hard justice being served.


Access to this interior is available at the court house on Occupation Ave, and will be tweaked over time.


Credit goes to @Snowthisway for loading this in and making this possible!
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[UPDATE] It Burns When I Flee
Gimmie Fuel, Gimmie Fire, this is what you desire.

Woah, what's this? An Update? Come on guys, our dev team has been working hard!


Mo' Pumps Mo' Problems

No more 8 lost members crowding around the mythological octopump, all pumps now work! This is how fueling your car works now that we live in a future, with a menu!

That's right, with a menu!

Like before, you press "E", which now brings up the menu you see above. You first select the bank account you plan to pay from (no longer does the pump accept cash), and then the maximum payment you intend to make for gas. After you press enter on your maximum payment amount, the option to pick up the nozzle will appear, and pressing enter on that will allow you tostart fueling your vehicle!


Facing the vehicle, you press enter on start fueling, and you will see the amount and cost start counting up. You will stop fueling if you press enter on stop fueling, turn away from the vehicle, run out balance from what you authorized to pay, or fill the tank. You can continue fueling after you stop, or even fuel a different car.

Leaving the gas station, or entering a vehicle will close the menu completely and end your fueling session.


There's a Hole in my Bucket, Dear Liza

10-80s just got a little more interesting.


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Poker Runs are essential part of the culture of Motorcycle Enthusiasts. Whether you’re into cruisers to vintage irons, sportbikes to Gold Wing tourers; the poker run transcends all formats, makes, models and riding styles and supports a good cause - The Sandy Shores Restoration Project!



For starters, think of it as a good excuse to ride your motorcycle with dozens of other enthusiasts!

In the classic game of poker, each player is dealt five cards. The person with the best hand wins. Couple this with a nice motorcycle ride and you’ve got yourself a genuine poker run.


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/walk normal
/walk confident
/walk depressed
/walk depressed2
/walk arrogant
/walk brave
/walk business
/walk butch
/walk buzzed
/walk casual
/walk fat
/walk heels
/walk hipster
/walk hurried
/walk hobo
/walk injured
/walk maneater
/walk muscle
/walk quick
/walk rich
/walk sad
/walk sassy
/walk shady
/walk shocked

(probably) more to come.


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The indoor Firing Range at the Elgin Ave / Adam's Apple Blvd Ammunation is now open!!!!

For $50 every five minutes, you can too let out your frustrations in one of the most American ways possible. To rent out a range, just sign up outside the office with "/range #" (# being the range you want to rent.) You will then be billed every 5mins until you go back to where you signed up to end your time with "/range".




The property tax man is here, to ensure that everyone has access to affordable housing, people will now be taxed for each property they own!

Every week, you will be issued a bill for property tax. This is equal to 5% your house's value, with a cap of 5k for each house. 

You can view your tax debt by typing /taxes. If you have debt, all you have to do is press "PAY NOW [PRIMARY BANK ACCOUNT]" to settle it. 

Deadline is 4 weeks after the bill has been issued. Bringing the balance down to 0 will clear the table of that property, until next week. Should you not pay your property tax for 4 weeks, your property will be seized by the bank.

As well, it now costs money to wake up in a location that is not your home.

So for the cost of a welfare check (5mins of your time), you can buy a ticket into Alta street. For $500 you can wake up in a room at Harmony or Paleto Bay. No longer will you wake up from a hard night of drinking at an abandoned motel in Sandy, now you can stay in a room at the Eastern Motel, with Air Conditioning and a Vibrating Bed. Conveniently located across the street from the Route 68 repair and garage.

As this hits the wallets of slum lords, we should see more affordable housing becoming available in the next week or so. A small price to pay to ensure the homeless of San Andreas have a place to live.

To Recap


Property taxes:
* accrue weekly; and
* are 5% of a property's value, with a cap of $5,000 per property
* if you had ZERO balance from the last week, your deadline to pay is moved forward 4 weeks from today
* if you had a carry-over balance from last week, your deadline to pay STAYS where it is, and you still get charged this week's taxes

* to lose your house, you must have not paid for 4 weeks
* each week is increasingly difficult to pay
* but we aren't out to bankrupt anyone, only make sure you pay your dues, and
* the property is maintained, used and cared for.

Waking Up

*To wake up a motel in Sandy/Paleto it's now $500, and $50 to wake up at Alta.

Firing Range

* Located at the Adam's Apple Blvd / Elgin Ave Ammunation. 
* /range # (# is the range number) is how you pay for your targets.
* Costs $50 every 5 minutes
* To stop, the command is /range in the same green circle.

The Firing Range, as well as REDACTED is brought to you by @AstroNaught. Taxes by @justcfx2u

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That's right, an old community staple is back! Never has it been easier to pack 10 people in a bus and earn a fair wage.


All job vehicle depots now have menus. This update isn't only for the coach bus, every vehicle depot now has a convenient menu!


Yellow Circle: Start a Job      -       Yellow Circle: Request vehicle / Quit Job       -       Red Circle: Park Vehicle


Now you don't need to actually spawn a vehicle when you pick a job, or you still can, you do you. This also means you can use your personally owned commercial vehicle to do the job, so long as the vehicle matches the job you're doing. 

As well, now you don't get paid until you complete your first task. For jobs like cab driving, this just means getting in the car, but for jobs like the bus, it's your first stop. 

You can also park these commercial vehicles in the red circle, regardless of ownership, as long as the vehicle matches the job location. This means, you two can clean up vehicles left behind. You can parked your owned vehicles matching the same type in these circles, but they will vanish and won't be available to you until it returns to the original garage after rapture.


To Recap



*Starting Jobs and Requesting Vehicles are now independent functions.

*Parking vehicles is also done by menu

*Do jobs with your friends without spawning extra vehicles.


Personal Vehicles

*You can pick up a job, and use your own vehicle without requesting a rental.

*To be paid, the vehicle needs to be the same as the rental vehicle. 



*Parking is done by menu

*All vehicles of the same model can be parked here by anyone.

*Player owned vehicles parked there return to their original garage after rapture.



Thanks @justcfx2u
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[FULLY STAFFED] San Andreas Flight School!


You will be provided with everything you need as an instructor to teach. You will also be responsible in helping develop the flight school and aviation in San Andreas.

To apply, submit your application in this thread. A clear display of out of game aviation experience is required. Your chosen character must have a clean criminal record. Traffic Tickets within reason will be excused.


Name: Character Name

Steam Name: Steam Name

Experience: Out of Game, real world, aviation experience or knowledge


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[UPDATE] Car Trading
Car Trading is a thing now. This is not the fancy update you were looking for. This is a PLACE HOLDER UPDATE! With PLACE HOLDER IMAGES LIKE THIS ONE!


You can now give cars to eachother. If you want to trade actual cash dollas, it's up to you, but the person receiving the car will have to pay 5k upon transfer directly from their pockets. None of this bank account stuff, we're handing eachother money like it's 1920 or something. Maybe an IOU? I don't know, you do you man.

The driver/owner of the vehicle uses the /givecar [ID] command to transfer the car to the person with the matching ID who is also in the passenger seat. It's very specific.

Enjoy the placeholder update, this might be fancier later, who knows! 

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[UPDATE] Fishing Upgrade!!
Named Fish, Illegal Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Not only do fish have names now, but there are also Illegal fish, 2 new fishing spots (1 is illegal) AND a fence to ditch them illegal fishes for money!

Fish also have different values!


Tilapia 35
Corvina 70
Largemouth Bass 105
Carp 140
White Catfish 200


Sunfish 35
Smallmouth Bass 70
Rainbow Trout 105
Fresh Water Salmon 140
Channel Catfish 175
Red Drum 300


Razorback Sucker 100
Freshwater Eels 200
Turtles 300
River Sturgeon 500


While it is Legal to fish in Cassidy Creek, it is Illegal to Fish in Lago Zancudo, as it is government property. 

To fish in either places, you must be standing in the water, so bring your waders! 

As well, while the fishing shop will by your illegal fish, it is advised that instead you go to the fence down in Los Santos. He is more trustworthy, after all.



You should no longer be able to fish on the shores of the Alamo Sea. The City was becoming annoyed by people parking their expensive cars in the sand, leaving empty beer cans, and being loud at all hours of the night.
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New years clearning of the Donor rooms. If you want to keep your TS room, post the name of the room on this thread.

I will keep this thread open until the 1. feb, if you are not using your room right now, and want it back later, a PR can always make a new one for you. This is only to make the TS list easier and shorter to scroll through.
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What happens when you ask for something the code doesn't support? WRITE NEW HOUSING CODE!!!!

Thanks to the hard work of the Dev team, now you can now have roommates or tenants. This means, your buddy can now crash on your couch, or you can charge the lazy sack rent! Or loving spouses can live together, you know, if you're into that sort of thing.


Houses you live in, but don't own, will show up at a blue blip on the map!


There are several features that go along with this.

In a house you live in, you can pull out any car that's in the garage, regardless of ownership and drive/customize it.

You can park that car, regardless of ownership, in any garage open to you (even where the owner doesn't live)

As a tenant/roomate you can /allow /disallow people as an owner can

You can now own multiple houses! Be a landlord, or sell real estate!

You can add as many tenants/roommates as you want. Garage size is still limited.

You can change outfits in any house you live in!

You can add people to the house, even if they are offline OR another character of yours.



/allow [Player ID] /disallow [Player ID] : allows someone to enter a home during the session, or revokes the permission.

/tenant add firstname/lastname : adds someone as a roommate/tenant until they are removed

/tenant remove firstname/lastname : removes someone as a roommate/tenant

/tenant list : lists all tenants

/outfits : Change outfits!


All other commands are the same! 


Remember, only add people you can trust! 


in conjunction with the CoC, businesses can create business locations with company garages, and employees who are "tenants" can park their personal vehicles when commuting to work, and check out company vehicles directly from the garage. Contact anyone from the CoC to make this happen!


CFX would also like to give a shout out to all the testers that made this possible! We broke many things, and helped fix many things.
@Addylad @Pinkerchu @DiscoChicken @Inferno @Eilytres


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After a slight delay, the Amazing Race is ready to begin filming in San Andreas! 

Put your knowledge of our city to the test and be the first team to solve all 10 challenges to win an EXCLUSIVE Vapid Hot Knife!

Date: Saturday, January 13th
Time: The race will begin PROMPTLY at 7pm EST (The event is expected to take around 90 minutes)
City: TBA

Teams will consist of three members - a captain plus two teammates. All teams will go through a brief training prior to the event to ensure expectations are understood. 


The Amazing Race: San Andreas is a reality television game show in which teams of three people race around San Andreas in competition with other teams. Contestants strive to complete all 10 challenges before their competitors. Contestants travel to and within multiple locations in San Andreas. Clues provided in each leg lead the teams to the next destination or direct them to perform a task. These challenges are related in some manner to the area wherein they are located. 

What You'll Need: 

Four Door Vehicle

Vast knowledge of San Andreas and its landmarks

To be on time -- being late is detrimental to finishing first!

All team members to have a radio

What We Need From You:

Team Captain (include character name, forum name and phone number)
Team Member #1 (include character name, forum name and phone number)
Team Member #2 (include character name, forum name and phone number)

This event can only support 6 teams due to the limited number of train tickets into the city. As such, teams will be accepted in the order in which they announce participation (replying to this thread with COMPLETE team information). 


Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5

Team 6

Any questions can be directed to Farquat McGill (@almostADORNO) or posted below. 
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Greetings! On behalf of the entire staff and administration teams, I would like to invite you all to a community meeting. This will take place on TS. Please read below and post your questions.

Questions guidelines:

Please post in full detail about what you want to know. Two word questions don't have much meaning and won't be answered. For example a BAD question would bed: "What's happening with housing?". A GOOD question will be: "I noticed that housing gets wiped weekly. Is there anyway to reserve housing?" OR "Will more housing be added to the market in the near future?". Those are very clear questions.

Take the time to read through questions before you post. Duplicate questions will be deleted and this post will be moderated heavily.

Do not hijack this thread for anything for your agenda nor should you answer anything. If a moderator or admin feels a response back to a question is justified they will do so. Simply post your question and then wait patiently for the meeting.

DATE: January 13th, 2018


WHERE: Teamspeak General Channel
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For some time, Paleto has suffered by not having a nightlife. Property value has plummeted as bored residents turn to crime as a viable social activity to hold on to some semblance of sanity. The City of Paleto has listened, and now happily presents the first bar open to the public!

Found off Paleto Boulevard, next to the Ammu-nation. Enter through the Garage in the Back.



Paleto now has the ONLY drive in Bar in ALL of San Andreas.

The Establishment kindly asks that you drive straight through to a parking spot upon entering the garage. If you wait too long, you might find you and your car going for a nice long swim.


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Please respond below with the following information:

Character Name: 

Character ID: 

Court will take place at 9 EST on 01.02.2018
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Let's all Break our Glasses together and PARTY!!!!!!!!

That's right! Eyebrows, Facial hair, Masks and Bags OH MY!

At 6pm eastern today (December 22nd) this update will be live, and we will all spawn at Alta Train Station as a Danny to dress in public together. It's a bonding experience, don't make it weird. But don't worry, after you press E you will enter a world of pure imagination. Be careful though, don't press ESC, E or Draw your Weapon until you're done, or you will have to do a walk of shame to a clothing store, or ask for a skin reset if you haven't selected your face. Because of this, the first thing you should do is pick your face, for safety reasons! 

There is also body hair, freckles, blemishes (face and body), and body armor, and even makeup! As well, no more awkward suntans, your arms and legs will match your face.

This new menu will make customization a breeze, and be available at every clothing shop. The only thing you will be locked into is your face. Customization automatically saves if you leave the store (or sometimes inside the store if you move too far away).


The very first menu you will see is this. Everything is done through the directional keys, enter, and backspace (though you can backspace out of the menu entirely so be careful)

The first thing you will want to decide is, do you want to be a skin or a multiplayer/online character?

Skins are under: Male skins, Female Skins, Multiplayer models

Multiplayer/Online characters are under: Freemode models (Main Model). mp_m_freemode_01 being male, mp_f_freemode_01 female. Heads are under Clothing, Body & Hairstyles

After that, it should all make sense. For Freemode Characters

Several PRs and Admins will be around both in game and Teamspeak to help with any confusion this may cause. 

THERE IS A STATE WIDE STATE OF EMERGENCY FOR THE FIRST 30mins OF RESTART. This means, behave, no crime, no altercations. Let's just dress in public together and give the Emergency Services a chance to get their look sorted before going on duty. You will be notified by console when you are good to resume.

If you were a skin and are wanting to go back to how you looked before, here is some raw data for you!

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