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Blaine County Sheriff's Office
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  1. Traxx

    BCSO Press Release - June 18th, 2018

    Wow, this really saddens me getting information about my boss is dead through a press release... but it is what it is. Its very sad news for all the emergency response people to hear this. We all are very sad and will leave deep scars in many peoples harts seeing Cain left earth like this. Hes been a fucking awesome chief/sheriff. There are so many stories about him. Many condolences to his family, closest friends and co-workers. We all in BCSO are very shocked about this. BCSO is a very big big family. Were like brothers and sisters, no matter what rank we are. We have to remind our self what we work for. We put our lives out there for saving people against these type of criminals with bad intentions. Thank you for everything Jason Cain. We will think about you everyday. Many people been looking up to you and you will be talked about around us for a long time from now. Rest in peace! -Corporal Abraham - Blaine County Sheriff Office #WWCD - What Would Cain Do?
  2. Traxx

    Being a cop doesn't pay in server!!!

  3. Traxx

    Dodgy ad on mobile page

    CLICK IT! I dare you!
  4. Traxx

    Thanks to the BCSO

    OOC: Sir, you are borderlining to cop baiting. You know you were wanted, and we chased and lost you 3-4 times around the city. Still you came back to the city, to make us chase you. I suggest you starts thinking and read the rules. Next time be smart and just ditch the stolen police car or something. Dont be stupid. Ill quote what the server rules says. Cop baiting is prohibited: DO NOT intentionally bait police into chasing you for a high speed chase or bait them into an ambush situation. There are very, very few reasons for this to be justified and not realistic at all. Be a smart criminal and make your millions by being smart. Cop-baiting means doing any deliberate action for the purpose of garnering police attention or otherwise baiting the police into interacting with you. This includes purposely committing traffic violations right in front of the police. More examples - car full of drugs and you drive like a moron with no regard to your safety and clearly not a care about attracting police attention. Another, speeding through the city at 100 MPH+ because "you're in a hurry" or "someone was following me" probably won't cut it either. We understand red light will get ran and whatnot, but it should be done in a manner that you wouldn't want to wreck your car or get yourself killed. Blatant disregard for laws and obvious attention getting actions will get you removed from our server.
  5. Traxx


    Yea, wish I had time and money to go there too.
  6. Traxx

    Deputy Casey Ogden - End of Watch

    Really sad news for all LEO's. I heard the news yesterday about this and ive been waiting for some words to pop up how I feel about this. I figured today that there is no words how I feel for this. Ive been working side by side with Ogden since back in the LSPD when I joined the force. Its been fun, and sad times together with him. We have laughed together and helped each other out many times. The world is getting more dangerous everyday. First Mattis, now Ogden and Schmitz in coma. Jeez, where is this world going? Rest in peace Ogden! You'll surely be missed. The thin blue line. - R.Abraham - BCSO
  7. Traxx

    Literally last second (to BCSO who pulled me over)

    Its all good mate. Things happen IRL. Just call 911/311 or possible admin to uncuff you.
  8. Traxx

    Literally last second (to BCSO who pulled me over)

    Hello! Im the deputy who was involved in the stop. Your Surano was still marked stolen.We had a BOLO of your car from earlier today, thats why we ran your plate. We saw your ID so we were about to let you go and mark your vehicle recovered again. But you did timeout, and you were handcuffed so when you log back in you gonna need someone to uncuff you. If theres any issues you can refer them to this thread. You are NOT under arrest.
  9. Traxx

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare?

    I play it time to time and its a fun game!
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