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  1. Nah im just kidding lol but how many of yall clicked this ready to be keyboard warriors XD
  2. Tyler Little

    Traffic Court Drivers ED Orders.

    All orders that came from traffic court are still in effect even after the breach, if you do not provide a drivers ED certificate to myself by the date marked on your court order you will be considered suspended. EVEN IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN 15 TICKETS. Signed Judge T.Little
  3. Tyler Little

    Trooper James Mattis - End of Watch

    As I am just getting home and hearing of this, I am at lost for words Trooper Mattis was great friend and a loyal member to the state police we have lost a family member of our department and the state has lost a great Trooper. Rest easy brother
  4. Tyler Little

    Trooper Blasko - Released

    Trooper Tyler Blasko San Andreas State Police Department Trooper Blasko has been released from the Crusade medical center with a full recovery. The doctor on scene has said Trooper Blasko has been released for Duty and can go back to work when he feels ready. A statement from Trooper Blasko " I have never been in a situation where my life has been in such danger before, I have been shot and hit with bats and knives but never have I felt so lost in my own head but when I woke up which is still kinda hazy for me I knew I would never be on that mountain again in the rain, that was too close of a call. I thank my family and friends for all the support."
  5. Trooper Tyler Blasko San Andreas State Police Department Trooper Tyler Blasko Trooper T.Blasko was off duty when he wanted to bring his personally owned dirt bike up mount chiliad, it started to rain on his way up and he slipped off the bike and he rolled down the side of the mountain, His friend Carl said he had not hear from him in a while just before receiving a text that read "HELP". Carl then called 311 and asked for some help in response the local Sheriffs department and SAFR went up the mountain to look for Trooper Blasko. After about 30 minutes of searching they decided to bring out a Search & Rescue helicopter, it took an additional 15 minutes from that time to locate Trooper Blasko. The Helicopter then landed and a medic known as Amara was on scene with him until a unit in a Ford Explorer could come up, once they reached the location he was then transported down the side of the mountain to an ambulance which then brought him to Paleto Medical Center to be transported by a critical care unit to Crusade Medical Center. He then went through surgery and was in stable condition and was moved to the ICU unit where he currently is resting, he has been in acoma for the last 2 days.
  6. Forum Name: Tyler Little Character Name: Trooper Tyler Blasko Character Phone Number: 555-1095 Desired Pilot License: helicopter Note: This is to get acclimated to the civilian side of Piloting while operating a police air unit.
  7. Tyler Little

    The End of Sir Buzz Cottonmouth

    Trooper Blasko will also be attending due to personal reason.
  8. Tyler Little

    Escape From Tarkov

    I own this, but found it ehh.
  9. Tyler Little

    TS Donor Room clean up

    Blasko Place
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