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Welcome to Evol PC Gaming and home of Advanced Simulation Products.  For whichever you are here for, you will need an account to see and post on the forums or to make your purchase.  If you are here to purchase a A.S.P. product, please visit the store here.

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If you have any questions about SoE, please use the help section of the forums, but search for your answer first.  Thank you and welcome to EPCG! 


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  1. almostADORNO

    Do mods/admins get rewards for banning?

    I keep a running tally of all my bans. It's low. Banning is hard and I don't like it.
  2. almostADORNO

    Yesterday was my year anniversary

    It's been a good year. I'm not great at talking about myself, but I just wanted to say thanks to this community. I've made some great friends that I wouldn't trade for the world over the past 12 months and I just wanna do some shoutouts instead of introducing myself (I've probably drunkenly annoyed you on TS or or tried getting you to place a bet in the city, so I'm thinking many of you know me in some fashion :P) @GSTyrant Not only does he play my brother in the city, but he's my actual brother in RL. He's the one that turned me onto GTARP back in the streamer hype days and I haven't looked back since. Without him, I wouldn't be here in SoE. So, thanks lil brudder. From McGill Brothers' Taxi and Tow to MBI.. Here we are. @RyanGA Without you, the McGills' storyline wouldn't be anywhere near where it is today. I can't even begin to thank you enough for everything you've done, and there isn't words that can describe how much your friendship means to me. This fuckin' guy is the reason we have monthly events that go off without a hitch, straight up. @Semora I hate you for killing Jonny Laz and we're no longer friends... I kid, I was sad to see Jonny go, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. The time we've spent together has been awesome and I'm glad we're friends. @fleureo While not around as much anymore, fleureo was one of the first people the McGills had long running storylines with, and god damn were they fun. Much thanks for believing in the McGills and introducing us to all sorts of people around the city. @Harry Long Fuckin' Barry Oakley. Quickly becoming one of Farquat's good friends and confidants. We had a lot of fun last summer. We don't see Barry around too much anymore, but I'll make due with talking to ya every so often OOC @Eilytres My dude. We had a rocky start and didn't really know each other OOC, but our characters IC couldn't be further apart in terms of personality lol. A strange friendship we have, but it isn't one I'd trade for anything. I'm still waiting on that Fanfic to be posted. @Pinkerchu hay gurl hay. Thanks for putting up with my drunk ass and letting me lament about things. TwitchCon is gonna fuckin' rock. @Welshman Bud. It's been an interesting ride watching you grow over the past year as a person and an RP'er. Keep it up, and I look forward to seeing where you go next. @EgoViking My brotha. I treasure our friendship and I'm glad this community has allowed us to become friends and partners in different ventures across the virtual realm. I'll even forgive you for the terrible beard mishap, love ya dude! @KennyH Love RP'ing with you man. Your characters are always top notch and you're just a cool dude to chill with overall. Thanks for being you. @Nurse Ratched YAS KWEEN @nicktrick92 We don't RP enough together, but the times we have were hilarious and, well, intense at times. Thanks for gettin' me an ear though, Farquat really needed it. @Abb4d0n My german friend. Thanks for all the good times in GTA and other games. Conan was a blast, too bad it didn't have enough content to keep us going, eh? @Ryan Huntington Some of my funniest RP moments have been with you. Between making my 1% biker make funny sounds while you are treating his wounds, to the stunts you pulled at the Amazing Race event.... God damn, its always a good time with you around, brother. @Squitten I know we don't get too hang out too often, but when we do I always enjoy our conversations and the banter that we have. Thanks for being you @Addylad™ GIMME MY GOT DAMN WORMS @justcfx2u Thanks for everything you do for the community and with helping make MBI events top notch. It means the world, my man. Alright, this is getting long and I'm positive I'm forgetting some people. It's no slight to you, it's just my memory is awful. I appreciate every single person I have had the chance to RP with over the course of the year and look forward to making more friends and more crazy scenarios within our little slice of heaven. Be good.
  3. almostADORNO

    City Que

    The point is -- not everyone wants to do that and they shouldn't be forced to.
  4. almostADORNO

    Fantasy football

    I'd be down.
  5. almostADORNO

    A very very very late introduction.(One Year on SoE)

    Ugh. Love ya, Old Man
  6. almostADORNO

    Press Release: MBI/Croft Group Merger

    I will not be continuing this conversation on the government website. Myself, my company, and the chamber have always been open and available for meetings and will continue to be so. It is pure happenstance that over the course of time the CoC voluntarily asked to join MBI - no business was approached by MBI or myself. Elections are coming up at the end of August. If you or anyone who has earned the executive status desires to run, they are free to do so. In fact, I have already endorsed someone running who is not apart of MBI. So please, cease with your accusations.
  7. almostADORNO

    Press Release: MBI/Croft Group Merger

    Again, more allegations based on no information or evidence. When you calm down, Mr. Gory - please feel free to contact me whilst in the city. I will note, however, that out of the past twelve businesses who have earned executive status - only one was apart of MBI.
  8. almostADORNO

    Press Release: MBI/Croft Group Merger

    That is definitely a definition of monopoly, and one that does not apply to a conglomerate. What one product does MBI sell? How are we limiting competition, particularly, in the case that membership to MBI is completely voluntarily and we take no ownership or percentage of our partners companies? Have you ever purchased anything from an MBI company to claim we discriminate on prices? In fact, most MBI businesses offer some of the most affordable products and services in the state. Who are we barring from entering the market? In fact, we actively work with business leaders in the state to bring forth new businesses and competition. And no. The CoC does not make laws. We make business regulations, two very different things. And it is made quite clear to those who are able to run for the CoC (executive businesses) when that is taking place. Mr. Gory, if you'd like to have a sit down with myself or any board of director from MBI or the CoC to explain to you the innerworkings of either the company or chamber, we will gladly take your meeting.. But as it stands, your allegations are simply unfounded and based on a lack of knowledge and understanding.
  9. almostADORNO

    Press Release: MBI/Croft Group Merger

    4 out of the 5 members of the board are members of the CoC. Before Jonny Laz's passing it was five out of five. So, in fact, it's not the entire board anymore. If people had a problem with this, elections are every 3 months and they can run when prompted to by the CoC - yet no one has. And monopoly's don't work like you're suggesting, unfortunately. A monopoly is when one market is cornered, which is not the case here since the majority of our businesses offer different services... So, no, we're not breaking any laws.
  10. almostADORNO

    Press Release: MBI/Croft Group Merger

    Press Release Effective July 9th, 2018, Croft Group and McGill Brothers’ Industries have officially merged. With this merger, Mr. Paul Bamber will be taking a seat on the MBI Board of Directors as the Chief Financial Officer. Croft Group will not be dissolved, but will restructure and act as a management/consultant company for the MBI member businesses. McGill Brothers’ Industries will continue to operate as the parent company. Along with Mr. Bamber, Corrine Wilson joins the board of directors as the Chief Technology Officer. Ms. Wilson is a long standing member of the MBI family and has served the community and the company endlessly over the past year. We are happy to have her officially on our board of directors. This merger comes after long meetings, deliberation, and consideration. The vision of both companies seems to align and the respective board of directors agreed that this move would only benefit its partner businesses and the city as a whole. With a shared vision of growing our local community and enhancing the Los Santos experience for all citizens, MBI will continue to work closely with its partners, non-partners, and the state government in order to continue serving the community. The McGill Brothers’ Industries Board of Directors: Farquat McGill (CEO), Steven Sage (COO), Paul Bamber (CFO), Corrine Wilson (CTO) Angus McGill (President), and Royce McGee (Executive Director). The Croft Group Management Team consists of: Head of Human Resources: Jade Bamber Head of Logistics: Friedrich Gruber Head of Property/Acquisitions: Johnathan Landsalt Head of Public Relations: Sal Marino Event Managers: Farquat McGill and Steven Sage MBI Partner Businesses consist of: McGill Brothers’ Sports Book Sage Resort & Spa Royce Taxi Gruber’s Alcoholica Sal’s Italian Restaurant Badda Bing Boxing Bahama Mama Pacific Bluffs Country Club Flying Tiger Adventures J&J Holdings Wilson Technological Solutions Carbon Creative Dexter’s Custom Cars Lando’s Taco Truck Vanilla Unicorn Seewie Air Twoshoes Tokin’ Thrift Shop Lily’s Custom Autos Royce’s Lady Luck Casino
  11. almostADORNO

    EPCG now has MERCH!

    Good to know -- Thank you!
  12. almostADORNO

    EPCG now has MERCH!

    How’s the shirt quality? Mine still hasn’t arrived. I did my best to get a good brand for the price point.
  13. almostADORNO

    The Funeral of Jonny Laz

    From the desk of Farquat McGill: Due to increased security risk, Farquat McGill will not be in attendance for this event; however, a private ceremony to celebrate Jonny's life will be hosted for members of the MBI Family at an undisclosed date and time.
  14. almostADORNO

    EPCG now has MERCH!

    Wow, that was fast! Looks pretty damn good too.
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