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  1. justcfx2u


    Bruh, way to make City Engineers look "incompetent". Of course we have backups. And nobody here is impressed or flabbergasted. You must have interviewed the intern. The question is, were we told to not reapply them, do we simply choose not to? DUN DUN DUN
  2. The SoE administration has come together to create new rules as it pertains to killing your character. IN THE MAJORITY OF CASES, STANDARD RULES APPLY: Your character MUST NOT have debt of any kind (e.g., state debt, debts owned to the Chamber of Commerce, etc) Your character MUST NOT be in prison/have remaining jail time left on the clock. Your character MUST NOT have any active wants or warrants. Character death MUST NOT be "Death/Suicide By Cop". You MUST put in a Character Kill/Character Deletion request which will be reviewed and approved before character death will be granted. The rules above are existing, and not new. However, the SoE staff has come together to create a more flexible death system to supplement (not replace) the above. The additional conditions/considerations are as follows. Any whitelisted member of the community can kill their character within RP, provided: The character death was not an "RDM fest" (esp. one which could generate player reports against you or the character in question), and There must be a medic online, and The medic is the one who can pronounce death. LEOs cannot. The character in question must be known in the community. It cannot be a "throw-away" character, and The character's death must be roleplayed properly. A reasonable amount of effort must be put into the situation, scene, and death conditions. Avoid using death as an excuse to avoid consequences of your character's bad decision-making, and Any debts owed to the killed character will be transferred to the next-of-kin (i.e., another one of your characters, where applicable), and Failure to adhere to these additional guidelines will result in denial of death for the character. Continued attempts and abuse while breaking these guidelines will result in FailRP which will lead to a ban. Even after death, you must still post in the Character Deletion request to have the dead character removed from the database in order to free a character slot for sure on your account for use. The intent of the new guidelines is to allow less scripted, more "organic" character death within reason. We are allowing whitelisted members more flexibility in how their character can die under certain circumstances without preapproval. It is expected that whitelisted members bring a certain caliber of RP to the server and should be allowed more leeway if a situation presents itself where character death simply makes sense in the moment. We are pleased to allow these new guidelines on a trial basis.
  3. justcfx2u

    Weazel News BABY!!!!!!!

    "Apprentice" feels appropriate here.
  4. justcfx2u

    Preparing to close-up shop.

    For those of you who remain interested in the drama that is my life... rent has been paid, with hours to spare. I've also been in contact with 3 recruitment agencies and followed up with 3 personal contacts, and thankfully everyone I asked to be a professional reference was enthusiastic to put in a good word for me. I think I'm going to close this thread very soon, it doesn't need to be any more of a diary than it's already become. I have to say 'thank you' for the well-wishing and the community support. I'm adulting hardcore and promise to continue doing so. I'm not nearly out of the weeds yet, but I'm picking up right where I need to. Clearly, SoE updates will be much slower from me now, but my passion for the server and community has gone down one bit. I've just reshuffled my priorities so I can stand on my own two feet once again. I look forward to bringing you good news in the next couple weeks.
  5. justcfx2u

    Preparing to close-up shop.

    Hey. I just initiated transfer from PayPal to my bank account. The deadline is tomorrow, and I might actually make it. I can show the landlord that the transactions are in-progress. This will take the immediate stress away, but I'm still going to be taking care of hunting for jobs properly. It still means much reduced time here at EPCG, but I think I can manage to pull through now.
  6. justcfx2u

    Preparing to close-up shop.

    Too overt. But I do stream on Twitch from time to time.
  7. justcfx2u

    Preparing to close-up shop.

    What a bold reply! Can't just 'screw SOE' and throw everyone aside, but I CAN focus on getting my stuff straight.
  8. justcfx2u

    Preparing to close-up shop.

    Hey folks, I never wanted to create a post like this, but here we are. I have treated SoE like a full-time job for months, and you've been amazing to me. I appreciate you. Without your support over the last few months, this post would have come much sooner. I don't think I'm making rent this month, and I have just a couple more days before my Internet is going to be shut off. I think I can make it to the Friday the 13th event and that'll be "it" for me. I expect to be evicted, and I have no idea where I'm going to go. Job leads have been lukewarm at best. Which is weird! I have been doing follow-ups and have a couple of irons in the fire, but I really want more action on the job-front. I'm filling out profiles and listening for the phone to ring and e-mails to come in and there have been very few. I'm stepping up my game but it may be too late. I didn't jump on many early opportunities early enough, and many offers have expired. My fault; I was taking a much-needed mental holiday since beginning my career 14 years ago. Yeah, I never really had a break or sabbatical in 14 years, and then to fall into a community who appreciates me? Hard to resist riding that train for as long as possible. At least I'm better than I have been in probably... ever. So hey, enough about that. Assuming it's going to be my last days for a while, what can I do in the next few days? What should I work on? Sometimes the weather breaks/freezes. I think I fixed that this morning. We'll see. Other devs have documentation on how to run/update this. Ped injuries! Got a prototype knocked out in about a day. It was actually inspired by TFRP code, but in the end there aren't a ton of similarities anymore. I saw it for what it was and decided to add and change a bunch. In a pretty good state, some minor bugs and enhancements I want to add. Doesn't detect every scenario, though I'm hoping to add a few more today. (Drowning, animal attacks, being blown up by a fuel pump, crashing your car, yadda yadda.) Still want to persist this to the database for a medical journal of sorts, but we should probably discuss (internally, as staff) about a persistent calendar to tie into the time-weather controller system and track in-game days/months/year (etc) and even day-of-the-week before this happens. Also, it shouldn't conflict with other medical-journal applications which may or may not be being developed outside of me. Because right now if you disconnect or the server restarts, it all goes away. Vehicle Customization Menu is in-progress, but isn't done yet. The other developers have the code (so far) though, and can probably pick up the project. So many big plans. Also supposed to tie into the new supply-and-demand based stores. Ssh, it's a secret. 5 total phases of development rollout which should have been done within the next 3 weeks, if I weren't deciding which bridge I want to live under. Inventory. Still in pre-prototype, needs more design. I owe some newer data-design to people. Right now I think it's a little over-designed the way it's been proposed so far. But huge, huge plans/expectations for this. I just may not be the one to end up writing it. (UI/Graphical) Phone system. I was supposed to take over this project, but haven't gotten to it yet. Been doing other neat stuff. (Text) Phone call system. I have plans to make a PBX in FiveM. It'll be pretty cool, and solve all existing radio and phone communication bugs that everyone has been so patient with for 1yr+. Or should I just chill out, focus on job-hunting, and play (SoE or otherwise)? You've told me you miss me, even though I'm here. I can try just hanging out instead. What'cha think? Because even if I make rent this month, I won't be making enough to keep the lights on this coming billing-cycle, and then I'll fall behind next-month. So unless I actually get a job I'll be done inside of a month anyway. Probably best I just keep focusing on that and enjoy my "last days for a while" as best I know how.
  9. justcfx2u

    The End of Sir Buzz Cottonmouth

    RIP Buzz
  10. justcfx2u

    My time at SOE

    So nostalgic, and a lot of that was before my time!
  11. justcfx2u

    Community Meeting - 11/4/17 @ 1 PM EST

    Also available as a download: https://soe.fun/archive/SoE Community Meeting 2017-11-05.mp3 Chat log:
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