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Welcome to Evol PC Gaming and home of Advanced Simulation Products.  For whichever you are here for, you will need an account to see and post on the forums or to make your purchase.  If you are here to purchase a A.S.P. product, please visit the store here.

If you are here for our State of Emergency mod for GTA V using FiveM, please visit this page for everything you need to know about the mod.  Any information or questions you may have can probably be found in the forums or using the search function in the upper right.  

If you have any questions about SoE, please use the help section of the forums, but search for your answer first.  Thank you and welcome to EPCG! 


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  1. DreadfullyDespized

    I think.. I like it...

    mine is based on.. I have a 9 year old daughter. I work a salary position 45-50 hours a week. Though I often don't sleep enough. Weekdays 4-6 hours of sleep :P
  2. DreadfullyDespized

    I think.. I like it...

    So I work 8 hours a day and GTAVRP 8 hours a day. sweet. Started playing July 19th...
  3. DreadfullyDespized

    Noob Alert

    Welcome! Good tidings for you as well!
  4. DreadfullyDespized

    Buck Rogers Hospitalised

    I have not met you. Though I sincerely wish for a speedy recovery. Blessed be those in the family that are feeling the hardship to yet feel the grace of relief in a time of dire. restraint..
  5. DreadfullyDespized

    i guess i should introduce myself !

    Bento has not met you yet. Though Witnessed the good Bleet convo. Have many good day!!
  6. DreadfullyDespized

    A VERY late Introduction..

    Welcome!! I hope that all of your interactions are fruitful!
  7. DreadfullyDespized

    Design Document: /atm

    I like the standardization of the document. Very nice. Similar to a Test Case or Change Request. I assume the VCS is Git?
  8. DreadfullyDespized

    Marcus Raxal

    Hello and welcome!
  9. DreadfullyDespized

    Oh Hai Bento Dread

    @fastbutfurious189 Nope. Look at Favorite Snack :P
  10. DreadfullyDespized

    Oh Hai Bento Dread

    Don't normally do these kind of things. So why not. Myself I am Tom. I am 33 years of age. I have been a Systems Admin for a little over 10 years now. I am a Army Vet. Served for 8 years. I did fugitive recovery for about 4 years. I also have a 2 year degree in Criminal Justice. I have a daughter and she is soon to be 10 years of age. I dabble in various programming languages. I have a logic based mentality. I believe everything can be done and challenges are exciting. Jack of trades so to speak. Willing to learn anything new. Historically I have hosted various Minecraft/Ultima Online/EQ1 servers. First RP instances came from Ultima Online and EQ1. EQ2 was nice when they developed ingame voip and facial emotion movement to the character through webcam. Did various weird RP instances on DayZ mod and standalone. My GTA Character Name: Bento Dread Age: 33 Height: 5'11 Weight: 145 lbs. Personality: Lone Wolf. Keeps to himself. Happy to talk to others. Lawful Good in most situations. Favorite Snack: Haribo Favorite Drink: Potato Water Favorite Food: Bento Box Sushi, Hot Girl Sushi. Spicy Tuna. Background: Korean nationality. Very family oriented. Built on a foundation of respect for the common person. Desperately wants to get into law enforcement. May lie to an LEO once. Though after that his internal guilt floods and he spills the beans. Tries to do the right thing in all situations. Though what he may perceive to be the right thing may not be entirely the right thing in every scenario. Anyone that befriends Bento he considers to be family. Will do anything to preserve their existence. He takes a lot of notes since he is still learning English and new to the county. Fearful of any law breaking initiatives. Though willing to make friendships. (This can be a conflict at times since both instances can interlace with a unlawful act). Willing to go out of his way for his friends. Every instance of communication he learns a little more English. Known Phrases: "Big Buck Wow!", "Godzilla Roll", "Crack Cocun", "Potato Water" Tricks: Water Drip noise. Minor Voice Acting.
  11. DreadfullyDespized

    Is this true??

    Good information here. Appreciate it. I assume this also includes medical bills (state debt)?
  12. DreadfullyDespized

    Wireless headsets

    I want to add that the Logitech G933 is amazing. Very solid headset. Battery life is dependable. Same as that what was previously mentioned. 8-10 hours with led's on. 13-15 hours with them off. You could even purchase an extra battery so you could quick swap the batteries. Since the battery cover is magnetically sealed. I really like that you can have it connected to your phone and listen to a phone call while also listening to a game or any application on the computer.
  13. DreadfullyDespized

    Games of choice for RP (other then GTA V)

    DayZ mod/Standalone EverQuest2
  14. DreadfullyDespized

    What microphone do you use?

    AT2035LXR hooked up to Behringer XENYX 1204USB
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