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Blaine County Sheriff's Office Command Staff
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  1. RyanGA

    The Passing of Jonny Laz

    *crying* -Steven Sage
  2. RyanGA

    BCSO Press Release - June 18th, 2018

    I have no words that can express what the Sheriff meant to me. I started out with the department so many months ago fearing him, then once I was around a bit it turned to respecting him, and finally considering him a friend. No one can fill his shoes.
  3. RyanGA

    Live Execution June 16th, 2018.

    I am a amateur Google lawyer and I couldn't find where any state uses the death penalty for attempted murder. I found various forms of murder and I found repeat offenders for child rape in there but not attempted murder except for a state that can seek the death penalty for having a part to play in the attempted murder of a juror or judge handling their trial. I then reviewed the San Andreas law books and couldn't find anything in there about death penalty as a conviction for attempted murder or repeat offender. Lastly, I checked my local news website and couldn't find anything about a trial as it would most certainly be a trial of the century to seek the death penalty for attempted murder. I could not find anything so I am left to assume the defendant plead guilty in exchange for the death penalty in which case I feel he needs a mental evaluation for insanity or at the very least appoint a better lawyer to appeal this travesty. Something is amiss. I feel the state let this teenager down and now the blood thirsty public is going to line up to see him gunned down as a form of entertainment. "Come one come all! Come see the State of San Andreas gun down this bind-folded mentally deficient teenager that was railroaded by the legal system! Get here early to get up front where you can see his eyes as the life slips from him!"
  4. RyanGA

    Live Execution June 16th, 2018.

    Will there be a food truck provided or do we need to pack a meal?
  5. RyanGA


    I heard all about this on the radio this evening. You should be ashamed of yourself @MrBrando!
  6. RyanGA

    Application For Pilot License Blake/Parker

    Anything further I need to do to have a class scheduled? The deadline is fast approaching for all LEO to get the certificate.
  7. RyanGA

    Thanks to the BCSO

    Looks like you guys had fun, and who doesn't like fun, but I would only part a bit of advice and for you to take a step back and look at it from a out of game realistic sort of way and think about what you did or for the reason for which it was done. For example: If you stole it to get away from whatever situation you were in with the cops, wouldn't you ditch it the moment you are clear? If you stole it to accomplish a purpose or mission, then by all means do so, and plan for it's purpose before hand. For example, you plan to rob a bank at 5PM so your gang steals one at 3PM and hides it so the heat dies down and then rob the bank with it at 5PM. I only say this as a player (and not as a wannabe rp cop) who has seen how clowning around with no RP in sight other than for the lulz has led to deportations. Not that this scenario is that at all, but when I hear no clear direction or method to the madness other than 'lets see if we can run drugs in a cop car...oh wait, lets stop this guy because it'll be hilarious' it sounds like you had no idea what to do with the car other than the fact you wanted one like checking off a item on the ole bucket list. We all meta the fun factor by thinking to ourselves "this lulz entertainment for a hour will be well worth 20 minutes in prison if caught so lets do it" instead of thinking to ourselves, "this isn't worth being away from our family for almost two years!"
  8. RyanGA

    Corporal Awake!

  9. RyanGA

    Deputy Casey Ogden - End of Watch

    The BCSO will keep the flags at it's stations at half mast for yet another week. The day I can finally rise it up to full mast I will be happy.
  10. Captain Parker: "I've had a heavy heart since hearing the news. Trooper Mattis was an excellent example of true professionalism we at the BCSO work hard each and every day to try to achieve. I've ordered the flags at our stations be flown at half mast for a week in his honor." Scooter Lincoln: "Good riddance. Didn't know the fella but I'm sure he took the word of a city slicker over that of a poor country boy. You show me a honest cop and I'll show you a barking cow." Steven Sage: "So sad to hear. I met him once at that icky bar called the Yellow something. He accused me of helping that fierce drag queen like kill a guy inside but I was like whatever, I was outside the whoooole time. He talked to me like he was my dad which I found really hawt! I felt we were super close after that, even though we never saw each other again. I get phone calls all the time where someone hangs up when I answer so I'm sure that was him playing hard to get. Shy daddies are extra hawt! I'm really devastated and very sad now like my bestie just died. I'm going to call all my friends to come over and comfort me right now."
  11. Forum Name: RyanGA Character Name: Blake Parker Character Phone Number: 26070 Desired Pilot License: Rotary-wing license I am the AIR 2 Unit Lead Commander of the BCSO Air Support Division. I am applying to be in accordance with State and Federal Aviation Laws.
  12. RyanGA

    The End of Sir Buzz Cottonmouth

    Sorry I couldn't make it....people buying our pool table came right at the wrong time
  13. RyanGA

    The End of Sir Buzz Cottonmouth

    Lieutenant Parker @RyanGA, Sergeant Anderson @KennyH, and Trooper Noble @G.Noble would be attending as part of their ongoing investigation into the death of Buzz Cottonmouth.
  14. RyanGA

    News Station receives terror letter!

    News Station receives phone call from author of terror letter! (11-10-2017) Weazel News overnight received an after hours voice mail from someone claiming to be the author of the cut up alphabet 'ransom style' letter we received two days ago via mail. The person, using a voice changer to alter the sound of their natural voice, claimed responsibility for shooting the engine and tire of a LSPD SUV cruiser that was parked on the shoulder in Harmony with a long range rifle. They stated through screaming rants that they later saw on the news that the Harmony Bank was being robbed at the time and didn't want the robbers to get credit for what he/she did and that they were not part of that robbery; instead simply saw a Vinewood 'pig' in the county and took advantage of it. The voice also claims they called 311 afterwards from a payphone to demand justice for the charred remains of his sister or the level of violence would escalate. The recording ends there. The phone number of the call was later found to be that of a payphone in the Paleto area when we called it back this morning. Weazel News is continuing to investigate this claim about his/her deceased sister's unsolved murder and has reached out to state officials both in San Andreas and Ohio but so far has nothing to report. If you have any information that could help with this investigation, the San Andreas State Police urge you to contact them or your local law enforcement agency immediately.
  15. News Station receives terror letter! (11-8-2017) Weazel News this morning received a letter postmarked from Harmony which contained information about law enforcement in Ohio and San Andreas not properly investigating a murder and went on to threaten the public in general. Tracing the letter will prove difficult as the sender used magazine letters glued to paper to write the statement. The letter has been forwarded to law enforcement as evidence for review and forensic analysis. We urge anyone with information to please contact law enforcement or Weasel News immediately. Below is a scan of that letter:
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