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      Hello all Please use the new hostnames to connect to the servers instead of the IP:Port method. While that method is still working at this time, it will not work in the future For more information, visit this post  


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  1. Those few of you which voted that you were older than I, lets put together a business proposal for a nursing home so we can sit on the front steps and wait for no one to come visit us.
  2. There is someone older than me!!! They just won't make themselves known
  3. Ban #281 Illegal client?

    Do you have a genuine copy of GTAV purchased from Steam with Steam open when you try opening FiveM?
  4. I'm practically in a walker and screaming at kids to get off my lawn at the geezer age of 41, how about you? It's quite funny when other SOE members find out how old I am. Some gasp even....
  5. hi to every member here

    You are already off to a great start by asking before leaping!
  6. About my wife getting locked up....

    Sorry I couldn't give. My earlier donation to the site and then Ryan's charity stream tapped me out for the month. Make sure you carry a jar around her office to grab sympathy money!
  7. Today we say goodbye to Blake Parker

    You should enjoy the new hire Steven Sage In fact, I believe you have met him. Were you the trooper on scene at the bus accident in Paleto where he flattered you with how your blue uniform brought out those beautiful blue eyes? You were so flustered over it you immediately got hit by a car.
  8. Today we say goodbye to Blake Parker (8/15/2017) Weazel News is sad to report today that Blake Parker is no longer with us. He has decided to leave the news station to seek a career in law enforcement with the Blaine County Sheriff's Office. Blake wasn't with us long but during his tenure he covered current events within the city with such vigor and an uncanny eye for detail that he was instantly distinguishable from other journalists which came before him. Whether it was reporting an armed robbery from afar or actually being held at gunpoint himself, Blake never shied away from being there on the front lines to not only break the story first but for the story to be as accurate as possible even when that accuracy ruffled feathers within law enforcement or the criminal underground. It was that style of honest reporting that led to the trust from the community which Weazel News has not seen in many years. Blake's news desk was always full of letters from the community offering ideas for stories or anonymous tips on crime. Those same tips led to Blake talking to both sides of the two local motorcycle clubs which were hell bent on destroying each other earlier this month. This mayhem and destruction did not take place and perhaps Blake played a small part in preventing that. He of course being of modest character, shrugs that off saying the two MCs simply saw the futility in warring with each other. Weazel News again wishes Blake Parker the best and we hope he remembers us, for one day we very well might be calling on him at the sheriff's office for a 'scoop'. Replacing Blake as current events reporter will be Steven Sage. Steven, a recent college dropout, gambling addict, and current limousine driver; comes to the job with flamboyance, youth, inexperience, and almost to the point of annoying you level of excitement. We wish him the best as he hits the streets of Los Santos. You can contact Steven Sage with your story at 555-27258 or email him at @RyanGA.
  9. Legal gambling returns to San Andreas (8/12/2017) Nearly twenty years after former San Andreas Governor Arnie Swartz's embezzlement scheme that milked the state run lottery system dry, the federal government's moratorium on gambling within the state has expired as of the end of 2016. Since then, the area has seen race tracks and casinos built which have so far been a cash cow for the owners as well as the state coffers. Continuing those baby steps into different areas of legalizing gambling, the Los Santos city council this week approved 'McGill Brother's Sport Book' for a business license. According to their petition for the license, the McGill brothers wish to offer a place for Los Santos residents to wager bets on various sporting events ranging from college and professional sports to MMA and heavyweight boxing. If this sounds familiar, it's because twenty years ago there was a similar company running such a business, called 'Pay Up Beech' and run by the son of former state Congressman Alfred Beech, which over time strayed into other not-so-legal betting arenas with dog vs rooster fights, nursing home sudden death matches, and the infamous prostitutes vs battlebots cage match that somehow, despite being illegal, made it to Pay-Per-View and to this day still holds the record as the most watched PPV live broadcast. McGill Brother's Sport Book promises no such thing this time around with only legal betting taking place. Their highlight with the grand opening is the Connor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. boxing match due to take place at the end of the month but they also do other daily, weekly, and monthly bets covering most college and professional sports both inside and outside the United States. Their offices are located above the Fleeca Bank in Pillbox making betting transactions safe and convenient. All bets, which are paid in advance to prevent any busted kneecaps later, have a ten percent service fee. To go along with their grand opening and the state's return to legalized bookie gambling, the McGill Brothers are holding a $100,000 prize raffle at the end of August with any bet placed with them gaining a raffle ticket. One such raffle ticket went to Steven Sage, a recent college drop out Weazel News met in front of the Fleeca Bank offices. "Yeah, I totally just withdrew everything from my college fund bank account and bet it all on the McGregor guy," exclaimed Steve with apparent glee. "I mean, I don't know anything about fighting but I saw his picture and he is super cute so I went with him!" You can contact the McGill Brother's Sports Book by contacting either 555-27312 for Farquat or 555-27357 for Angus. - Blake Parker 555-26070 / @RyanGA
  10. To dive even deeper, do they actually? Or are they simply milking the federal research money and when it does finally run out, they pack their bags said say on the way out, "Oh yeah, that one guy with the massive dick with a rape fetish is the cause." Anyway, this article was my attempt at classic 'GTAV logic' writing.
  11. It was a real treat to meet Alec last night.
  12. Did he ever mention the name Tyrone to you? lol

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