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  1. RyanGA

    Still active?

    I enjoy the work involved with BioGas but did not enjoy the very small tick of 10 units per second (50 units per second at X5 speed) when you have 300,000+ units to dump and that number climbs as more fields are owned. Because of that, I found it better for my mental health and sanity to play on a server where I could manipulate time myself so I could spend an hour doing it rather than 6 hours. Both accomplish the same thing but one is not a complete time sink to my entire evening. There were other small factors (leases are lame, holding contracts for very long periods cock blocking other farms from partaking in contracts, etc) as well for moving to another server but time constraints of either being too fast or too slow based on what the workers were doing was a major factor. There are times where anything more than X1 is a pain and other times anything short of X120 is a teeth grinding experience. I do not know if anyone else from Savage Gardens plays on this server vs the other one, but I have moved on. Loved the community of the server, just the mechanics didn't fit my needs.
  2. RyanGA

    Server restart

    @Nyala @J Kelly Restart required as newly purchased vehicles can't be entered by the players.
  3. RyanGA

    Server restart

    @Nyala might also be able to start it for you
  4. RyanGA

    Server restart

    And the server crashed.
  5. RyanGA

    Server restart

    Server went south quick with equipment not letting us enter it, reset vehicle not working, and frozen in place at times and game running 1 frame a second at other times. This all started when we bought a seeder trailer. We tried deleting it thinking it maybe was a broken mod but it wont even do that. We need a restart I think @J Kelly @nicktrick92
  6. RyanGA

    Mod Suggestion Thread

    With over 2000 hours in farm simulator, I agree with this. Giants tests mods and only those they feel don't break 'realism' and don't have bugs are added by them. Adding mods from outside sources leads down a path of editing/fixing/constant updates/dealing with more glitches than we already do. Similar to SOE, you deal with mods with too high a poly count bringing frame rates down once 3-4 were on the map, broken code that causes other things unrelated to the actual mod to not work correctly, works flawless in single player but utterly broken in multiplayer, etc. I hosted a server for a long time and can say with experience, it works when you have a very active server owner testing, editing mods so they work better than default, and otherwise staying on top of mod updates to fix glitches with previous versions. We won't have that here so using Giant's recommended mods, while not fulfilling all your dreams, is a whole lot less of a headache.
  7. The viable farm land is drying up as people purchase the flat lands for tree farms yet the forests go un-bought. I get it, its easier to mass harvest trees on flat farm field vs hilly woods but we can't farm at all in the hills.
  8. RyanGA


    I've been watching streams of people playing on servers and I'm not seeing constant lag on any stream I'm watching. Is this related to our server, or the number of people playing at the same time, or what exactly? I assumed it was just the state of the game until I spent the day watching others playing online and it all seems trouble free for them. Last night was my first time playing and the herky jerky was pretty bad and very common the hours I spent in the game.
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