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  1. JAckh45

    Wireless headsets

    Ive been a Logitect fanboi for years when it comes to keyboard mouse and headsets. I've never had a single issue with them and even have all my old keyboards/mouse/headsets sitting on a shelf for a just incase scenario. I'm currently using the G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset. The only problem i had was this headset would go to sleep if no audio/sound was present for 5 minutes to save battery life... however Logitect patched that and you can now turn that feature off or set a time you feel suitable instead. Battery life is great and it comes with a 3 metre charging cable that can be connected while in use and charges the unit. Takes around an hour to fully charge while turned off, about 2 while still in use. All up gives you around 13-15 hours... 8-10 if you have the lights on the side on, but again you can turn them off easily. Fit firm on my head and does come with noise cancelling pretty good ones so you may want to avoid that if you are serious about ditching it. Mic quality is great, can fold up and completely push into the headset making it hidden from the outside or pull out and be very adjustable. As for sound well im biased as hell and would say ive never heard anything better... so take what i say with a grain of salt. But all in all I cant recommend these babies enough. Hope this helps!
  2. Missed the link, that was done so quickly! You all rock! If you need some more don't be afraid to put it back, I'm sure there are people like me totally missed it and would of gladly helped! Also good on you @Amok6646 for reaching out to him!
  3. JAckh45

    Bye guys/Gals :/

    It sucks that our last encounter was probably my worst RP quality wise... I believe back in the old data base (before the hack) you were the first to ever give me a ticket... that or Bucky... first or second, either way it was always scary knowing Blasko was on your ass... I don't think I ever successfully escaped you and when I got caught I knew the book was getting thrown my way and I would fail talking myself out of some time/fines... The hard cop... you honestly will be missed dude! I hope you are able to return to us again in the not to distant future! With Cain and now yourself leaving, there isn't many old vets around and that's truly saddening. All the best! -JAckh45
  4. JAckh45

    Any wrestling fans?

    WWE fan, only watch Raw/SDL tho... no time to watch anything else. Aint missed an ep of either for over 11 years.
  5. JAckh45

    BCSO Press Release - June 18th, 2018

    I am lost for words... Not only were you my 'forever Chief of police', but in the last nine months I honestly cant see the BCSO without thinking of its Sheriff Cain... D-1. From giving me my golden train ticket in my first few weeks upon joining the city, to pulling me up at Sandy Shores Airfield last weekend... I will never forget the respect you made me have for the badge sir. I got my licence sorted Sheriff... You promised we would put mustang against mustang once I did... I will wait for you at the start line... Rest In Peace D-1.... My Sheriff. -Jackious Edwinston.
  6. JAckh45

    City Que

    Should add an auto shut off... if the server is full and there is more than 10 people in que close the server down to new connects for an hour. That will force people to join the other server because the one they wanted is now closed. Only leave it open for LEO/Admin connections if need.
  7. Cameras weren't turned on.... but you will supply your body cams? hmmmmmm Seems like Weazel News is indeed FAKE NEWS... contradicting itself once again.... No wonder your ratings are falling! BCSO are alright in my book! Hell, there are some cool cats in LSPD too, dunno about the Troopers tho... seems like they have a carrot up their arse 1/2 the time, apart from the hunky one BCSO should counter sue for defamation! Would be a open and close case in my legal opinion! Again people of this city are confused at who they should be angry at... instead of attacking the criminals that caused this mess, you lot are attacking the fine men and women who are doing all they can to hold onto the few little threads of goodness this state has... It boggles my mind the thought process some of you have... Ya'll might be dumb enough to run into heavy gun fire... thankfully the people trying to stop the criminals arn't and know when to hold back in certain instances. Otherwise real reporters would be reporting a much larger body count... You can't expect them to be everywhere at once... they ain't nosey news "journalist" afterall. I know most of you down at the SO wont even give this a second thought, but to the ones that might take this bullshit to heart, stand tall! We sane citizens know just how much of a fundamental part of this community you lot are! You are a pillar of this state and yes even tho I am often on the wrong side of the law, there is always ALWAYS respect given towards me and I hope you notice the respect I return... usually when you finally catch me that is . You are all brave SOBs and I salute yall, LSPD and SASP included. Don't let a bunch of cereal box journalists discredit/pull you down. -Jackious Edwinston.
  8. JAckh45

    Live Execution June 16th, 2018.

    If ya'll don't want to see it then don't!!!... No one is saying you have to be there, no one is forcing you to witness it, no one is even suggesting you go there... Stay the fuck away if you want... No one is going to lose sleep over who is and isn't there to watch! The 19 year old adult requested it... and I for one will respect his wishes and watch his body fill with lead! Maybe the individual sees a life behind bars, not worth living and wants to end it quickly... I don't see any problem with his decision at all... tbh I'd want to end my life as well if i knew there was no chance for me to ever see daylight again or breath fresh freedom! Its his decision as it was his decisions that led him into this position. Ya'll are up in arms over this but I don't see any of you protesting the EXTREMELY high violent crime our state is facing... Where is the outcry for safer streets?? Where is the sit in protests for getting drugs out of out city?! Instead we get protest for sitting in a park after hours.... like really?? I think this place needs to re-evaluate what gets its knickers in a bunch.... ((satire, don't take this seriously.))
  9. JAckh45

    Live Execution June 16th, 2018.

    If I'm in the city at the time, I'm so there!! Its not every day you get to see something like this! Would of preferred the chair tbh, but firing squad will do it for me! Is there a dress code?
  10. JAckh45


    I havent always seen eye-eye with Maverick, what with him sticking his teeth into my leg as I tried to johnny bolt away... but I will always remember that his teeth were clean and left very minimal scaring! Also the fact he tackled Mclane after subduing me will forever be a fond memory! I hope for a speedy recovery... Although the longer he takes all the better for me! Bork Bork Nom Nom!!
  11. JAckh45


    OMG I might be able to apply for a pilots licence now!!!! HAZAR!!! Where is this hacker at? ima send him all my moneys!!!
  12. JAckh45

    RIP GiGi

    I didn't do it....
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