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  1. Leonard French, a copyright attorney and small time youtuber (most famous for covering a lot of the H3H3 copyright incident) got pulled over by a fake cop just the other day. Pisses me off that some people try to do some crap like this. Thankfully no one got injured this time.
  2. Eilytres

    Do mods/admins get rewards for banning?

    Do we get payments? No, my current life position makes it impossible to accept any form of money from any other source then the state at the moment. I think we all agree that if we could, we wouldn't want to ban anyone, because banning someone is so much more then us doing /ban To put it into perspective: 1. I am roleplaying and someone is telling me that someone is breaking a lot of rules 2. I activate my admin powers and see someone driving like an idiot through the city at about 150mph for no rp reason at all. This means two things. A: i have to apologize to my fellow peeps that I have to stop the RP and poof away. I then contact the person, let's say he tells me to "fuck off cause his mom works at IT (© Copyright of @Ryan Huntington). So this leads to a ban. It doesn't stop there though, this means to start with, I ban him to just remove him or her out of the server. After that, I start looking through the logs. which is a very nice tool but depending on the case it can take me 10 minutes or hours (complaints generally takes longer because it's way harder, at least for me to look up an event that I wasn't involved in) After that comes documentation. we document EVERY ban and assign points/ad notes etc. This is so if this person gets unbanned or claim that the ban was unjust I have to make sure my notes are there otherwise I will look like the jackass. All this can be either 20 minutes or 3 - 6 hours out of my day. I think the worst complaint took me (a total of) about 16 hours, and that was for metagaming. Which ALWAYS takes AGES to research and investigate. There you go, we don't enjoy banning people. But will we ban you for a minor thing? Yes, it depends on way more values then I am willing to share here. -Eilytres
  3. Eilytres

    Wireless headsets

    Made me think of an old classic:
  4. My one-year anniversary Hello people. I have officially been on this server for a year. A lot of things has happened, and I’ve learn quite a lot of stuff, I’ve gained friends and more self confidence then I can imagine. I feel like not a lot of people know me personally, I’ve been avoiding this subject purposefully since I had a rough background. I’ll start with some info about myself. That since I never actually did an introduction topic for myself when I was new I’m 30 years old. I come from a rough background of Alcohol, Drugs and Abuse. This is really the only thing that comes to mind when I think back on my life. Here’s the positive stuff that EvolPCGaming and SoE has helped me with: When I started out on this server I was not in a good mindset, but I decided to try this server out even though I had read some questionable stuff on other forums and reddit (Back then certain dramas were still fresh on the server). I joined in since I do have a bit of RP background. First day I created a character with a Lost vest, found out that the old lost mc were there and were going beat the shit out of me. So I recreated him and he’s today known as Lennart Varg who funny enough became a member of the Lost MC. I joined roughly at the same time as AlmostAdorno. For some reason I though he was a prick. I can’t remember why, he probably said something stupid. Now I see him as a great friend and college. When I joined the server “Black Biker Helmets” was a real issue. I worked as a tow guy and the Swede in me were not really into the gun fighting. Back then EVERYONE was hanging around Alta Street. EVERYONE. I got tired of it. GamerJules was a really the one person that made me move out to the county with the help of her character. I also by that time met @EgoViking who I also became really good friends with. I managed to create the SSRP and had weekly tournaments for a while. I loved the fact that the county was becoming more alive. EgoViking took the initiative of getting more stuff in Harmony and Sandy shores. Back then we only had 2 mechanics and 2 repair shops. And yes, I was a tow driver back then. And you could ONLY repair your tow truck in Glass heroes in the city. (If anyone remembers the fishing competitions, raise your hands!) Thankfully, through time with the help of the amazing CFX. Harmony bloomed and people finally left Alta Street to hang out even out in Harmony. I became the owner of the Yellow Jack Inn and we had 12 – 15 people hanging there some days. Time flew, and suddenly, I created a new character. Doctor Eric Garden. I wasn’t even hired by SAFR. I did it to RP as a doctor. Until SAFR found out what I was doing. I was actually doing something bad, but they also liked it so much that I was able to create a whole new department within SAFR. Sometimes ballsy moves might work. However, I don’t recommend doing it what I did, cause if they didn’t like me. I could’ve faced a ban that day. As time went along I was enjoying Doctor Garden and Lenny having the Yellow Jack Open. It kept me busy from my really shitty IRL situation. Egoviking started the CoC I was there to help him with anything he needed. Back in the old system. Everything had be running through Huntington or Kelly. And I appericiate all their work but the CoC was a game changer for the server. I am glad I was able to help out on it, but I won’t take the credit for it. It all goes to EgoViking on that part. The only thing I’ll take some credit for is the clockin function. But I guess I wasn’t the first one thinking about it either. More time went on and me and a bunch of other players felt like the server needed a new type of gang. We decided to re-create The Lost MC since the old gang had abandoned the name. We created it, shortly after Me, Adorno, EgoViking and Pink became staff as GameAdmins and Full blown Devs. We had a hard time dealing with it because we also existed at the same time that SoE was publicly listed on FiveM. Being a newly position game admin during those time sucked ass. And I really got spiteful. Thankfully great co-workers like Huntington and Bella helped me get down on my feet. How did I get a Game Admin position? Well I applied as a PR. And I remember Kelly and Huntington was asking to do an interview with me. I haven’t had much interactions with these fellows and I was nervous. And I didn’t hear a thing they told me more then “Do you want the title?” I said “Yeah I want to help out the community”. I noticed that they put Game Admin on teamspeak. The only thing I said was “I think you put the wrong thing on me cause I got the Game Admin rank”. I remember Kelly telling me “Yeah that’s what you signed up for” and I honestly haven’t felt such embarrassment for missing out on what they were telling me that whole time in years. Right now I want to try and make the court move. I won’t be able to do it with myself. I’ve never been able to achieve anything by myself. There’s been lots of people helping me out these years and only a few of them are mentioned here. You all who has supported me has been wonderful. A special shout out to Valkyrie-Spirit who later became something more then a friend. She became a girlfriend. I remember screaming at her in shock after my interview was done and I got my Game Admin tag. Since I expected a PR job and I would’ve taken it with just as much pride. So what has EvolPCGaming done for me? Thanks to all the wonderful people both believing in me, and entrusting me with responsibilities my urges to make a better life for myself has re-awakened. I want to try and figure out a way for me and Valkyrie-Spirit to live together. I want to get a license to drive motorcycles IRL. I want to go back and get a job. All these things seemed like something I couldn’t do before I started out here. Between being a druggie and to much Alcohol in my past life due to people who weren’t that nice to me. I finally feel like I have some dignity again. And I had that even back when Lenny was running the SSRP with The Yellow Jack Inn. I want to give everyone here who’s trying their best to make this server a better and better each day a huge thank you. A thank you to SoE Staff for believing in me and giving me something to work on that has re-awokened my wish to get a job again. I want to thank all the new friends that I’ve made here. I want to thank my girlfriend for keeping up with my shit (there’s a lot of it) I hope that you forgive me if i missed out tons of stuff that happened in between. There's a lot that has happened this year and my memory isn't the greatest. Just know that once I realise I left you out. I will feel increadibly bad for it. And lastly. Thank you who ever actually read all this crap. -Eilytres
  5. Eilytres

    Ban Appeal: billyboi / Jonas Razo

    TOPIC LOCKED Inproper format. you need to go to our team speak: ts.evolpcgaming.com and get a hold of a PR and speak to them. You won't get unbanned via an appeal. -Eilytres
  6. Eilytres

    Games of choice for RP (other then GTA V)

    I used to RP and enjoy it very much on WoW but it all turned into erotic role playing... Not sure what I'd choose right now. I would love to get a Skyrim server up and rp there. There's been progress in using it as a multiplayer platform.
  7. Eilytres

    Syndicate Information on Flyers Around Town

    Oh yeah! That'll work out great. Blacked out fucking crazy assholes with guns. Those ALWAYS gets caught. I'd rather trust some random shit head with this info then you guys. Ask the people. How many fucking times have the pigs actually caught people wearing all black? Everytime I called it's always the same shit "well you know there's really not much we can do." The BCSO has failed. Don't get yourself involved in this shitstorm LSPD. - Lennart Varg.
  8. Eilytres

    Syndicate Information on Flyers Around Town

    Make sure to use either your character name or bleeter name at the end of your post -Hid Comment who failed to read simple English-
  9. Eilytres

    Hey there. Im don Wier

    Feel free to hop into our Teamspeak: ts.evolpcgaming.com There's an "SOE HELP" right a the top, sit there and wait for one of our lovely PR's to see if they can help you. Also right now we're experiencing some database issues so that might be it We've contacted high level experts, cave dwellers and trolls to look into it
  10. Eilytres

    Live Execution June 16th, 2018.

    I will not attend to this as it is Taste Less and outragouse to the fine state of San Andreas - D. Black. *reads it on the news paper, turns the next page to new bikes for sale* - Lenny Thank god they didn't ask me to inject shit to him. I went to harvard after all - Dr, E. Garden. Shiiit dude time for me to move out of this state dude. This is totally not chill. - Nicolai Suthern.
  11. Eilytres


    wished i could go <3
  12. Eilytres

    TS Donor Room clean up

    Sandy Shores Restoration Project
  13. Eilytres

    Community Meeting - 11/4/17 @ 1 PM EST

    that last thing is all on the FiveM part. it needs to be tester more before it becomes released. that's what I heard
  14. Eilytres

    Community Meeting - 11/4/17 @ 1 PM EST

    Hello @J Kelly and other staff members of the community! =) My question is regarding our current housing problems, especially around Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay. could we ask if it's not the time for another wipe? I keep quite a good track on a lot of the houses in Sandy Shores and I can tell you with confidence that at least 40% of the houses are by either very inactive players, or banned individuals. Hopefully we will soon(TM) see the day of house fines and stuff to sort these people out automatically, but until then we could really badly need a house wipe. My next question : How is the court developing? Currently I'm really interested in increasing the availability for my civ to continue his work. For a long time as an owner a bar I've had issues with people repeating offenses and brushing it off like nothing. One of the best ways for me and my character to put an end to it would be to hit them where it hurts : Sue them. I know the court is still under heavy development, it's been nice to see it progressing and I'm happy for that! but hopefully we can see the day where civil court will be available? Thank you for everything you guys do for the community. TL;DR : can we wipe houses out of their owners again? Any plans for a civil court for lawsuits? Many x's ~ Elly.
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