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  1. Gassy

    Old screenshots?

    That was one of my first thoughts when seeing those icons. I've seen much more obvious implementations on other servers and was soooo happy when the chevron persistence was removed here.
  2. Gassy

    Old screenshots?

    I'm sure some of you have old screenshots lying around such as ones from last year or the year before. Care to share? I was looking in my fivem folder for screenshots I took today and found some oldies. So many memories! A few of you might recognize yourselves or other characters you remember. One of Butch's motocross outings: Some of us climbed the crane to wait out the rapture: Attempting a synchronized dive: I was hiding from the cops for some reason (probably lockpicks) but someone kept texting me while I was trying to hide. One of our many parties at what we used to call the playboy mansion: The wedding. There was an insane amount of RP from many people that led up to this event.
  3. So sad. I hope all three recovery quickly and without more complications. What's even sadder is that the people who go around whipping out their guns shooting innocent people don't realize they're accomplishing absolutely nothing. People don't suddenly start to panic and hide in their homes, and they never will. Mission failed. Again.
  4. Gassy

    Orbry Foxworthy Hospitalized

    More senseless violence by cowards. I hope Fox recovers quickly and gets out of the hospital soon.
  5. Thanks for sharing that! What an enlightening read, especially since I didn't know anything about the man behind two characters who had a significant positive impact on my main character (although Lenny doesn't know it yet). I'm genuinely glad you stayed with the community and hope you stick around for years to come. You're appreciated probably more than you could ever realize.
  6. Gassy

    Buck Rogers Hospitalised

    I left a box of DVDs by the TV... romance and horror movies just as you requested.
  7. Gassy

    Buck Rogers Hospitalised

    Buck flatlined during surgery but pulled through thanks to Doctor Redwood. A vein was moved from Buck's leg to his heart as the initial planned procedure of a heart stent was determined to be not viable once further examination of the heart was performed. Apologies for knocking out the green-haired man in the recovery room.
  8. Gassy

    The Funeral of Jonny Laz

    Not sure if we need to RSVP as that's unusual for a funeral, but those trains have so few seats. I will be attending. Marta Webb
  9. Gassy

    The Passing of Jonny Laz

    I was (and still am) shocked and saddened by what happened. Jonny was a genuinely good person. I miss his presence, but I also miss the little things like calling him a local or teasing him about getting tickets. My condolences to his loved ones.
  10. Gassy

    Your best SoE Memories?

    I'm not a streamer and it would take too long to go through hundreds of videos, but several moments come to mind. Most of these are from last year, probably because when I think of "memories" I think of stuff that isn't recent. - robbing Pillbox bank with a few other people when we all had golf clubs as weapons - getting caught by J Kelly and Fulltilt *twice* while on the same weed run (the old kind of weed run) - when Marta said "I love you Tony" or something like that while talking to her then-boyfriend who wasn't named Tony. Oops. - getting into a fight with Fanny Dumpling about her husband Harry, then breaking into prison with Harry to kill Fanny, then marrying Harry with Fanny as one of the bridesmaids (after they divorced) - the PG-rated "bang bus" where there was zero action - getting caught trespassing on Harrison's property. He was pretty cool about the whole thing. - meeting Randy Mage and Cooter Jackson - when Schmitz almost caught me in a stolen Issi and his subsequent attempts to get me to confess - being stopped by Blasko when I was on my senile 92-year old male character looking for "my red car"
  11. Gassy

    Any wrestling fans?

    Edited just for you, Lucky.
  12. Gassy

    Any wrestling fans?

    I've watched it a few times here and there. Psssstttt.... it really is real. Not staged at all.
  13. Gassy

    BCSO Press Release - June 18th, 2018

    Please tell me this is some kind of really sick joke.
  14. Gassy

    A message to the people of San Andreas

    Oh fuck off. While I object to public executions, trying to kill cops and anyone who happened to be in the area just to try to stop another person from dying is moronic. Apparently you didn't even stop the execution, so you accomplished absolutely nothing. Using voice changers and adding dramatic music like you're some kind of Anonymous offshoot does not make people fear you. Shooting cops and possibly others does not make people fear you. It just makes you look like the average goobers who move to the city and try to be be badasses by waving their big guns around and shooting anyone in their paths. Take your guns and your video editing "skills" and shove them up your collective asshole. I despised the public execution of Richard Bobby, but I do so very much look forward to watching yours. I'll be sure to bring popcorn. Contact me any time if you wish more public berating. I'll be happy to oblige. Marta Webb 555-14320
  15. Gassy

    City Que

    This has been discussed ever since we had both a queue and multiple servers. People have their reasons for staying in a queue, whether it be to RP with friends, to continue RP they were engaging in previously, to do things that can only be done with police on the server (such as some criminal activities), to be on a server with cops just because there's someone to deal with the dolts that we occasionally get, etc. Each person has their reasons, and queues might not bother some people if they have things to do while they wait. Why do I stay in a queue? For the reasons I listed. The only time I go to a server that has only a few people whose names I don't recognize is if I'm doing something like clothes shopping or moving cars around and I don't plan on RPing while on the server.
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